Are you thinking about switching jobs in India, are you thinking about searching for carriers to get a well-paying job? Not sure about the education or experience you would need to grab one. Here is the list of best and High paying Job in India. These Best Paying Jobs are listed below:

Management Consultant:

Management Consultant is those guys who have to identify and solve problems, improve performance, think corporate strategy and increasing efficiency if you are good in problem-solving and not intermediate skills.

How you can get Hired as Management Consultant?

For starters, you need a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, finance or management, and MBA is a plus. Successful management consultants have years of industry experience but the payoff is worth it.

How much you will get Paid as Management Consultant?

When you are working as Management consultants, You will get 6 Lakh as a Fresher while after working 5 to 6 year, You will get paid Approx 10 lakhs.

RBI Grade B:

The RBI is the supreme leader or the Banker of the Banks in India. The RBI use to regulate the currency of INDIA and it also uses to set the monetary policy of India. Job isn’t to get to a secure future, one of the most preferred options for the fresh graduate is the great day of the officer.

How to Get Hired as RBI Grade B officer in RBI?

If you want to Get Hired as RBI Grade B in the Bank of Bankers, you must have to clear Your Graduation, Intermediates, and Matriculation with 60% Marks. After this, You Must have to clear an online-based Exam conducted by RBI.

How Much RBI Will Pay for RBI Grade B?

When you Join RBI, RBI will pay approx 77,000 for your first month. You will also get off bankers holiday. Thus, it makes RBI Grade B a High Paying Job in India.

Full Stack Developer:

Full Stack Developers are the coders that love to create both different elements(Backend and Frontend) of software or apps or website. The ability to learn new technologies is absolutely necessary, along with designing prototypes and stick into the line.

How to Get Hired as Full Stack Developer?

You have the ability to learn new technologies is absolutely necessary, along with designing prototypes and stick to the line. You will have a plus point if you have cleared your Graduation on computer technology, and Information Technology.

What will be your salary, if you get hired as Full Stack Developer?

Full Stack Developer is a High Paying Job in India. You will get approx 6 Lakh per month in your Initial Phase of Carrier while after 5 to 9 year of Experience, you will get 10-15 Lakh per month.

Project Manager:

The Project Manager is a Highest Paying Job in India. The Product Managers are responsible for Launching a Product into the market. The Project manager is also responsible for converting the customer’s ideas into reality by building features or designing the product. Thus, they have also a responsibility of creating a great marketing strategy for the Product by taking feedback from the market.

How Can you become a product manager?

Any one who have a great market exprience and ability to enhance the sales of the product can easily become a Product manager. If you have a MBA degree, Then, you will have plus point.

How Much You Will Get Paid as Product Manager?

In the initial phase of your carrier as a product manager, you will get paid in the range of 6 Lakh to 10 Lakh while a 8-9 year of Experience, you can easily earn 35-40 lakh rupees.

Petroleum Engineer:

if you do not want a Desk Job, then, this is the perfect job for you. As a Petroleum manager, you have to work in refineries, Petrorellum Wells, Coals and many others. you need to have strong math, communication and problem-solving skills as you have work with heavy Machinery. The industry is always in search of petroleum engineers, production engineers, drilling specialists and more, a bachelor degree in engineering.

How can you become petroleum Engineer?

To Become a Petroleum Engineer, you must have to pass your graduation on Petroleum Engineering.

How much you get paid as petroleum Engineer?

In the initial phase of petroleum engineer you will have a salary of 5-7 Lakh while after 8-9 year of experience, you will get a salary of 30 to 40 Lakhs.

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