Are you a affiliate marketer or a business that use to run campaigns on day to day basis on more than one platform or planning to do the same in the upcoming future?

If yes, then, you are in the best place as in this article, we are going to test the best ad tracking software and tools that is going to help you. First of All, I must clarify that these ad trackers build for advertisers are almost equally powerful that come in a different price range with some pros and cons as add-ons.

What is an Ad Tracker?

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Ad trackers are digital tools built as software for advertisers as well as a publisher to enhance the optimization level of yield generated by the ad campaigns.

In the case of advertisers, These ad tracking tools are built to get the maximum of the advertiser budget by getting the real raw data on “How visitors have reacted to your ad campaigns?” and it helps you to remove the money-suckers that is depleting your ad campaigns by making false clicks.

The Ad tracking software also helps advertisers to advertise on all possible advertising platforms through a single dashboard. Thus, this ad tracking tool is going to save 1000s of dollars by reducing the time taken to launch a single ad campaign.

If we talk about the use case of the publisher, ad tracking tools help to get the maximum possible CPA from the ad or affiliate campaigns running on its website or platform. Thus, these tools become a must to have software for every content creator.

Parameters to Consider for Ad Tracker:

Are going to buy ad tracking tools for your business? If yes, then, you must have to take care of the following parameters or functionality. These parameters are listed below:

New Visitors Matrix:

How fast you are acquiring new visitors? is the most important matrix which is considered as a digital growth engine for your business. The important thing behind your ad tracking technology is “how accurate your tracker is”.

For Example:- Ad Tracker which comes from the Ezoic is the worst ad tracker or tracker I used as Ezoic’s ad tracker has a error rate of more than 30% in respect of other trackers. While if we talk about Google Analytics which is a Advertiser oriented tracker that has a error rate of 0.03% which is about to be accurate.


If your Ad tracker is calculating Engagement perfectly as it is a Important Key Performance Index for your business. Ad Trackers like Adroll is one of the most accurate Engagement trackers for websites.

This Engagement tracker helps your ad network to find new customers more effective manner to sustain your growth pattern.

View-through conversions (VTCs):

VTCs are usually a KPI that determine how your visitors has engaged with your ad. Thus, it helps you to close all of your loopholes while increasing the productivity of your ad Budgets.

Attributed closed deals and new sales:

Think a lead is attributed on the basis of the potential of Conversions like Potential deals, New Deal, Closed deals and many others. This attribution is going to save a lot of your revenue and time for your business.

In my case, I always get confused by deal types and lost lots of my customers.

Cost-per-acquisition (CPA):

The ROI is a very important Key performance index as helps you to understand how well your ad is performing. ROI also helps you to determine which is a useful and profitable way for your business.

Best Ad Tracker Tools/Software:

There are tons of Advertiser tracker software or tools around the globe. Some of the most powerful and easy to use ad trackers are listed below:


bemob review

BeMob is a performance marketing tracking software for media buyers, affiliates and performance marketers. This cloud-based platform is a reliable product with the complete set of advanced tools to analyze and optimize your advertising campaigns in the most efficient way.


Voluum Pricing

Voluum is a third-party ad tracker solution for AD house. Through this tracking tool, the Most famous features of voluum are Direct Tracking Pixel, Impression Tracking, Traffic Source & Affiliate Network Templates, Custom Conversion Tracking, Tracking Domains with SSL, Multiple Cost Models, Manual Conversion Upload, Manual Cost Update, and Lander Protection Script.

While we can analyze reporting by voluum through Extensive reporting, Data Grouping & Drilldown, Traffic Log, Mobile App, Dashboard, Reporting API, and Multicurrency.

While we can optimize reports through voluum through Traffic Distribution AI, Rule-based Targeting, A/B Testing for Flows, Notifications, IP/UA Filtering, Conversion Cap, and Redirect Webhook.

We can scale our campaigns or network through Anti-Fraud Kit, Shared Reports, Workspaces, Multi-user, and Listicle Tracking. (Here is a detailed review of voluum with the best alternative.)


mautic review

Mautic began with a single focus. Equality. The Mautic community believes in giving every person the power to understand, manage, and grow their business or organization. Mautic is focused on helping this belief become a reality by getting powerful marketing automation software into the hands of everyone.

Google Analytics:


Google Analytics is one of the most powerful trackers made for advertisers. It works on the concept of “UTM”.

For referral utm=referal, For source Source=”domain” and many other parameters.

Most importantly, it is installed on more than 95% of your website as it offers great integration with every type of advertising as well as monetizing ad solutions. In other words, it is a universal solution for content creators.

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