Hey guys, we are here to discuss the term “SEO’ in a very very broad manner and we will try to find out every myth and the theories that are carried out in the market.

Some theories are the rumours while some theories are true in this digital market.

So, you and I will try to find out the actual optimization methods that we can do with our websites to rank higher in the SERPs. In other words, you have to overcome your weakness to rank your website on the 1st page of SERPs and outrank your competitor’s website.

Let’s start the discussion of SEO in detail:

What is SEO?

multilingual seo

Defining the term SEO is very very tough for you and me. Although the great Content Marketer as like Neil Patel(neilpatel.com), Brian Dean(Owner of Backlinko), and many others have set Benchmarks in this Terminology. Let’s start the discussion on ”what is SEO?” by discussing the definitions given by these great people.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of getting targeted traffic to a website from a search engine’s organic rankings. Common tasks associated with SEO include creating high-quality content, optimizing content around specific keywords, and building backlinks.

Source – Backlinko

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. Let me break that down even further: When it comes to SEO, there’s you, the search engine, and the searcher.

Source – Neil Patel

Every Content Marketer around the Globe has used a different technique. Most Successful persons in this Industry set their own benchmarks. Usually, These benchmarks are driven by the algorithm update of mighty google and hit and tail done by that content marketer.

If I talk about myself in the reference to the SEO, then, I must say my optimization is only based on Hit and Tail method. When I bring some change in strategy to my website, I cross-check or compare my new data with the older ones in the search console. I prefer the go with the method which brings a higher impression on my website.

Are you getting bored, let’s come to the point.

Things To Read:

SEO In Detail:-

The full form of the term SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is mainly a technique to supercharge your website to bring massive traffic to your website from different types of Search Engine by bringing some optimization to your website as like Keyword Research, Server Selection, Use of HTML Tags (header Tags, Schema, Meta Description), Image optimization and many more.

Usually, these techniques originated from the core algorithm update done by major Search Engines mainly Google.

Major Algorithm Update till Now by Google:

In this Section of the article, you and I will try to find out the Major core algorithm updates done in the past by Google that creates a great volatility in the minds of the webmasters in the globe. These core algorithm update with its effects are listed below:

  1. Panda
  2. Penguin
  3. Hummingbird
  4. Mobile
  5. RankBrain
  6. Medic
  7. Bert
  8. Core Updates 2019

Although, too many minor updates also arrive on daily basis. Approximately more 1000 google minor algorithm update arrive on the monthly basis. This algorithm update has no or very little effect on the billion of search Query on the internet.

However, these small algorithm updates do not bring any major change in the webmaster’s strategy of SEO around the globe. If we talk about the Major Algorithm update, major algorithm updates happened in the past bring a lot of strategy change in the webmaster.

There are almost 8 Major Google Algorithm update arrived till now. These Major Google Algorithm update caused a great lift in the User Experience of visitors in millions of websites and greater query results from the Google search engine.

So, let’s start the discussion in detail of all these Major algorithm update.

Panda Google Algorithm Update: #1 Major Algorithm update

The Panda algorithm update has arrived in yearly 2011. It is the 1st algorithm update that brings a great shift in the strategy. Due to Panda Algorithm update “Duplicate, plagiarized or thin content; user-generated spam; keyword stuffing” has vanished from the Google Search Engine. This algorithm update gives a base to all algorithm update from 2011. In another word, this Panda Algorithm update is the father of all algorithm update that arrived then after.

How Panda Algorithm update Works?

It ranks each and every Webpage available as answer to any query in the Internet. Highest rank holder webpage gets #1 position in the SERPs of the Google. From 2012 to 2015, the effect of the Panda Algorithm update was very very mild but in January 2016 it becomes core algorithm of the google.

On Whom Panda Algorithm Update is named?

Google’s Panda is named after a great Indian National “Navneet Panda”. He made an algorithm primarily focused to Increase the Quality of google search result by removing the webpages containing “Duplicate, plagiarized or thin content; user-generated spam; keyword stuffing”.

How to tackle with Panda Algorithm update:

To Tackle with the Panda algorithm update, You must have to use SEO Crawler as like Semrush, Mangools, SEO Powersuite or any SEO tool. Through these SEO tools, you can crawl your website. These crawlers will help you to find “Duplicate, plagiarized or thin content; user-generated spam; keyword stuffing” like content in your website.

Penguin Google Algorithm Update: #2 Major Algorithm update

The Penguin algorithm update has arrived in yearly 2012. It is the 2nd algorithm update that brings a great shift in the strategy of the content marketer. Due to the Penguin Algorithm update “Spammy or irrelevant links; links with the over-optimized anchor text” has vanished from the Google Search Engine. Before this algorithm update, anyone can rank its website with tons of the links.

How Penguin Algorithm update Works?

Penguin Algorithm update helps to downrank the websites which created backlink through PBNs backlink or through automated software.

How to tackle with Penguin Algorithm update?

To Tackle with the Penguin algorithm update. You must have to use SEO Backlink auditors like Semrush, Mangools, SEO Powersuite or any SEO tool. Through these SEO tools, you can audit the backlink of your website. These crawlers will help you to find “Spammy or irrelevant links; links with the over-optimized anchor text” like a link with its spam score in your website. If you have a spam score of more than 10 spam score. Then, try to remove the backlinks of your website. Thus, it’s a great chance to be in the upper hand of the SERPs.

Hummingbird Google Algorithm Update: #3 Major Algorithm update

The Hummingbird algorithm update has arrived in yearly 2013. It is the 3rd algorithm update that brings a great shift in the strategy of the content marketer. Due to the Hummingbird Algorithm update, “human past search behaviour become an integral part of the Google Search results” has been integrated into the Google Search Engine’s Queries. Before this algorithm update, anyone can rank its website with Keyword stuffing and user experience in google become too worst.

Mobile Mobilegeddon Google Algorithm Update: #4 Major Algorithm update

The Mobile Mobilegedd algorithm update has arrived in yearly 2015. It is the 4th and biggest algorithm update that brings a greater than the great shift in the strategy of the content marketer. Due to the Mobile Mobilegedd Algorithm update, “websites are being created for mobile-based UI” has been integrated into the Google Search Engine’s billion of Queries. Before this algorithm update, anyone can rank its website without optimization in its mobile UI.

How Mobile Mobilegeddon algorithm update changed whole content marketing Scenerio?

Before this algorithm update, out of 10 websites 9 websites has not optimized its user experience for the mobile. This algorithm update, drop down there ranks in the SERPs and compelled the webmasters of these website to spercharge there websites for mobile devices.

This is the time-frame where people started to shift from desktop to mobile. This shift and a large crackdown in the SERPs due to this algorithm tends to a great decrease in revenue.

RankBrain Google Algorithm Update: #5 Major Algorithm update

The RankBrain algorithm update has arrived in yearly 2015. It is the 5th and biggest algorithm update that brings a greater than the great shift in the strategy of the content marketer. Due to the RankBrain Algorithm update, “The Results in Google’s SERPs become more query specific and results of queries become more informative” has been integrated into the Google Search Engine’s billion of Queries. Before this algorithm update, the results of the queries was less user specific.

MedicGoogle Algorithm Update: #6 Major Algorithm update

Media Google algorithm update is a algorithm update related to human’s Physical or Mental status. Due to this algorithm update, need of authoritative website has arisen to rank in the SERPs. Before this, many websites has a very high potential to destroy human health.

Bert Algorithm Update: #7 Major Algorithm update

The full form BERT is Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It is a open source software adopted by almost every search engine.

Through BERT algorithm update, Search engine become so intelligent as it can able to read the Keyword or Queries through suffix or prefixes almost like human. During its rollout approximately 60% website’s search traffic Impact.

Intrusive Interstitials Update Algorithm Update: #8 Major Algorithm update

During Intrusive Interstitials Update website containg Intrusive Interstitials ads is de-ranked. Actually, these intrusive show very large commutative layout shift.

Most of websites suffered from This algorithm update is illegal movie, Video, or song downloader websites. Ads network which offers Intrusive Interstitials are most affected website world wide.

Let’s move towards The Broad Term SEO. Now, we are going to discuss types of SEO, popular technique or terminology of the SEO.

Types of SEO: Techniques

In this section, we are going to learn about the different-different type of SEO. Actually, these are technique whom we called black or white or Grey hat SEO. Let’s talk about these types of SEO in detail:

White Hat SEO:

White hat SEO is a type of SEO technique that usually whitelisted by the Major Search Engine as like Meta Tag, Meta description and many more techniques.

Black Hat SEO:

Black hat SEO is a type of SEO technique that usually Blacklisted by the Major Search Engine as like PBN networks, Keyword Density and many more technniques.

Grey Hat SEO:

Grey HAT SEO is a mixture of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. This SEO nothing but the Technique originated to Fool the Mighty Search Engines. Search engine is investing in itself to crack down this type of SEO techniques.

White hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

Comparison of these two types of SEO technique is nothing but comparing two different poles that is north poles and the south poles. The basic difference in both SEO technique is “White Hat SEO meant for the technique referred to the webmaster as the guidelines by the Search Engines while Black hat SEO is nothing but the technique which causes the major search engines to rollout their algorithms.

Types of SEO: Where we apply

There are two types of SEO namely On-Page SEO and OFF-Page SEO. Later on, In this article, we are going to discus these two types of SEO:

On-page SEO vs Off-page SEO

On-Page SEO and OFF Page SEO techniques are very different in Itself. We use On-page SEO on our own pages while we use off-page SEO on others website. Later on in this article, we are going to discuss both types of SEO one by One in detail:

On-page SEO:

On-page SEO is nothing but these are SEO technique we use in our websites as like Keyword Selection, Keyword Research, Analytic Installation, Server selection and many more. Let’s drill these SEO techniques in detail.

Server Selection:

Good Server selection is very very important for any website. We all known that Everything in your website only and only depends on the Sever. Good Server means High website speed while Bad server Speed means low website speed.

Till now, we worked with more than 10 hosting providers for my website around the world. These hosting Providers are Godaddy, WordPress.com, AWS, Digital Ocean, GCP, Cloudways, Linode, Dream Host, Hostinger and EASYWP (NameCheap).

During my interaction with these servers I came across many problems. Out of these problems, TTFB (Time To First Byte) is most Important problem in terms of the SEO that you and I have suffered from our early age of webmaster-ship.


High TTFB means Low website speed while Low time to the first byte means website loads in a very high speed as we all know when our website connects with a user, the user sends a request to the server and in return of the request, server use to send some files in form of packets. So, delay in the first packet makes a delay in the second packet and so on.

According to google Time to First Byte should not be more than 200 ms. Less than 200ms website is fast while 200-500ms response time reflect moderately fast website and more 500ms speed of the website is very very slow.

One more problem, you have to think while selecting server for your website. The Problem is server location.

Server Location:

Finding Server location of your website is very very useful for every one.

Suppose, your website’s primary traffic is coming from India and we have our servers in India, but, there is a trap in this scenario. The trap in this scenario is your websites will have LOW TTFB for the end-user but it has very high TTFB for search Engine Crawler Boats as Google’s bot, Yahoo’s bot, and bing’s bot. Thus, you have a low rank in the SERPs.

If we talk about another scenario, your website’s primary traffic is coming from India and we have our servers in USA, but, there is a trap in this scenario. The trap in this scenario is your websites will have HIgh TTFB for the end-user but it has very low TTFB for search Engine Crawler Boats as like Google’s bot, Yahoo’s bot, and bing’s bot. Thus, you have a high rank in the SERPs but very low user-exprience to your users.

What we can do, we cannot want to be in this trap?

Answer to this question is very very simple. Either we have to maintain our servers in two locations with a load balancer or we have to use the highly powerful CDNs as like Securi, Cloudflare, and other CDNs.


As like Server, selection of perfect domain is also important for you. In this market there is a lot of myth that is available in this market. These myths are so popular, a newbie usually thinks this myth is true in itself.

You can use any domain name with any TDLs. Every domain that is beneficial for users will ranks in the Search Engine’s SERPs

At last, I only want to say use highly reputable domain DNS provider for your domain as like Bigrock, Google Domains, Namecheap, or anyone.

Keyword Research:

In my journey of content marketing, my whole trajectory has changed when I started learning about the keyword research. After a slight knowledge of keyword research, my organic traffic from the search engine as well as Social Media starts growing. In this section, I am going to share my methods or technique I Learned during my lifecycle of the keyword research. These techniques are listed below:

Keyword Selection:

Keyword selection is the most important part of the keyword research that will affect the SEO of your website. It has the ability to increase your search traffic. If you are working day and night while applying white Hat SEO techniques. After all this hard work, your organic traffic is not growing.

The most prominent thing that is back-lashing you is your keyword selection. As you are new, you do not have a high authority website. You should target a keyword with low keyword difficulty. You should work on the status of your website.

How you can find the status or keyword difficulty your website can tolerate?

The answer to this simple question is powerful SEO tools. You can use SEMrush or Alexa to find the keyword difficulty your website can tolerate.

Skyscraper Technique :

Most of the webmaster use Skyscraper Technique in the process of increasing visibility of your website. Actually, articles are written on the base of social sharing. Actually, Webmaster uses SemrushBuzzsumoscoop.it like tools to curate content, and, write a more detailed article on the keyword which has the maximum social share.

Thus, Your Article gets a maximum social share. High visibility of your article means a high chance of the Backlink. Thus, the domain authority of your website has increased. If your domain authority has increased, there is a high chance of increasing your domain authority.

Long Tail keyword:

Working on the long Tail Keyword is a Good Idea for You as these keywords are very less competitive in nature. Very less competition means a high possibility of Rank higher in the SERPs.


Installation of Analytics in your website has equal importance in comparison with other SEO. All other techniques has ability to enhance your SERPs in the Search Engine or Improve user experience in your website. But, Installation helps you to determine, how your hard work helped you in the process of increasing your SERPs.

Nowadays, there are almost three type analytics tools are ruling the world. These Analytics tools are Google analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Microsoft Clarity. These Analytics tool are great in itself. I personally recommend Microsoft Clarity as a analytics tool for your website. Let’s discuss these tools in detail:

Google Analytics:

If we talk about the analytic tool in the digital world. Then, everyone who is either webmaster or content creator must work with Google analytics.

About 80% of the websites use Google Analytics to track visitors on its website. This huge user base makes google Analytics biggest analytics tool provider in the world.

Facebook Pixel:

Facebook Pixel is an analytic tool backed by Social media Gaint Facebook. It has a market share of 18℅.

Microsoft Clarity:

Microsoft Clarity has been launched in mid-2020. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel use to measure analytic of the user as like Page View, Bounce Rate and many other things but Microsoft Clarity use to measure user experience. Microsoft Clarity is becoming as popular as the greatest alternative to Google Analytics.

User Exprience:

Suppose Your website is getting traffic from many different sources but there is a high chance those users never return to your website. This is an obvious scenario as you are not offering a good user experience. This may be caused by the highly loaded ads on your website or Slow website, Unoptimized themes and many other things.


Great Theme is a must to have tool for great user experience in your website for your users. Some of the great theme you can install in your website the has ability to exploit the full potential of the website in process of serving a great user experience and enhancing SEO are listed below:

  • Genesis Theme: Genesis theme is a highly customizable, ultra-fast theme usually come at a price of 50$. This theme used to provide the greatest user experience in comparison to other themes.
  • Generatepress: During my review of Generatepress, we found it is a light-weight (10kb) WordPress theme. Only use paid generatepress theme. As paid generate press theme has more customization options in compression of the free one.
  • Astra: Astra is a light-weight and highly responsive WordPress theme.

Out of these 3 WordPress themes, you can use any theme to enhance your user experience. As these three themes have a great ability to improve your SEO.


In this world of content marketing, it is well known for us, “Content is the King”. After all SEO and a lot of hard work, your content is not ranking in the Search Engine’s SERPs. This is because you don’t have standard content. There a lot of factors that make your content good content.


If your website is a Newspaper then your content must be greater than 200 words, if your website use to target Long Trail Keyword then word count should must range in between 200 words to 800 words while If you have a blog that target a lot of keyword then it must be in the range of 1,000-10,000 words.

Quality Content:

You must have to write in-depth content that is very knowledge worthy to your user. A detail article has ability to carry a lot of organic traffic to your website.

Keyword stuffing:

This is a very tricky segment of Quality content writing on your website. Another similar word related to keyword stuffing is keyword density. High keyword density let your website to be a part of google’s punishment while low keyword density will not rank your webpage for that specific keyword in the SERPs.

The healthy keyword density of 2-6% is good for the SEO.

Freshness of content:

We often see the article published today will rank higher in SERPs if both websites have the same stamina in terms of the SEOs. So, always update your content in regular interval.

Duplicate Content:

We often see the content that explains an article that has duplicate content does not rank in the SERPs but this is a fully fake myth. Your content has a great chance of the copyright claim by the original content creator.

However, if we compare the SERPs of original content ranking. The duplicate content has better Search Engine Optimization results. At last, I only want to say don’t be with an article which has more than 10% duplicate content.

SERPs Direct Answer:

Nowadays, Search engine like Google, Bing use schema to answer directly in their SERPs to the users. This is however to chose content creator which does not optimize their content for the question related to the keyword on which the article is written.


The basic HTML of your WordPress website has a lot of the potential in process of improving your SEO. These basic HTML includes Title Tag, Meta description, schema, canonical URLs, sub-heading and many more. These basic HTML enhancements are very very important for SEO.

The background behind this enhancement is Schema which is a combined project of majority of the search engines.


Schema is the HTML enhancement through which webmaster tells search engine, some information as like Pros and Cons, Some answers to the question and many more. These enhancements done by the webmaster are very very necessary and helpful in the process of the upgrading of CTRs in Search engine’s SERPs.

Title tag:

The title tag is the basic HTML done by the HTML enhancement tools or SEO plugins or Schema Plugins. Normally, the Title tag is basically H1 or level one Headline. For better Search Engine Optimization results character must be in between 30-60 words.

Meta description:

The Meta description is the basic HTML done by the HTML enhancement tools or SEO plugins or Schema Plugins. Normally, the Meta description is basically an excerpt of the article. For better Search Engine Optimization results character must be in between 120-220 words.

On-page SEO plugin for WordPress:

For All these enhancement in the HTML, there are many SEO plugin. Some of these Search Engine Optimization Plugins are very very famous in itself. Some of These famous SEO plugins are listed below:


Yoast is one of the most popular plugins in the market for Search Engine Optimization. Approx 50% of the total userbase of the webmaster uses Yoast for SEO optimization on their website. However, the basic feature a webmaster need is only available in its paid feature.

Rank Math:

Rank Math Plugin is one of the leading Search Engine Optimization in the Market. It has 2nd most popular plugin with approx 30% market share. The free version of this plugin is sufficient enough for every type of optimization a publisher needs. It’s paid version comes up with rank tracking feature. Combinedly, the free and paid feature makes it a great SEO plugin.

All In one SEO Plugin:

There are two versions of all in one WordPress Search Engine optimization plugin. The free and Paid version makes a great plugin. It is one of the fastest-growing WordPress plugin around the world. currently, it has a market share of approx 5% website.

Cononical Url:

Canonical URL is very very important in the Eye of Search Engine optimization as a webmaster we must face a challenge. Search Engine may select an archive or tag version of a webpage as a Canonical URL. These archive versions are very very dynamic in nature. So, these dynamic content are very very bad for user experience in your website.

To Stay away from this tension, webmaster may declare itself in the name “User declare Canonical URL”.

Internal or External broken links are very very bad for the SEO as these links come with the error. A website with a maximum number of the errors, get deranked from the Majority of the Search Engine.


Subheads are very very useful for Search Engine Optimization as well as the User interface of your website. It helps users to read articles accordingly and what they need. Headlines should be in between 200-250 words for a great SEO.

How to diagnose these HTML improvements:

There are many paid as well as free tools which can help you in process of checking of HTML enhancement for the most popular tool is google rich result by GoogleSemrush SEO tool and many more.


During 2014-15, the websites with mobile optimization were very very less but nowadays no of websites which are optimized for Mobile is approx 99%. This large shift in webmaster’s strategy is because of Google’s algorithm update for Mobile.

The whole shift has happened due to shift in the Search Engine’s crawling technology. Before the shift search engine use to crawl website through Desktop crawler but in 2016 google started crawling website with a crawler made for Mobile.

Page speed:

Greater Speed of the page is very very important for you and Your visitors for greater user experience on your website. Delay in one second of the website above 3 seconds tends to loss 11% of the total revenue. Delay of 2 seconds let your website a lends to a loss of 25% of your revenue. So, You have to work with great hosting Provider if your website has very low TTFB. We recommend CloudwaysChemicloud.

Keywords in URLs:

Normally, Keywords in the URL of your website’s WebPage is good for the Search engine Optimization while rigid optimization is very bad for Your website’s SEO.

HTTPs and SSL:

Security of your website is very very mandatory for your visitors, You and Search Engine. The unsecured website uses to be deranked in the SERPs by the search engine. However, HTTPS or SSL give a great ranking in the Search Engine and trust with the visitors of your website.

Off-page SEO:

Off-page SEO is a very very essential part of Search Engine optimization. An Off-page SEO includes Backlinks creation, Domain age and many more things. We are going to discuss off-page SEO below:-

Trust or Authority:

Trust on your website or blog can be done by higher visibility to your users and the Search Engine. It mean you should have a great number of web Post and Backink from high authoritative Website.

The Basic mean to website authority how much your website is visible in the SERPs. High Authority is very very needy for the good rank in the search engine as it is greatest part of off-page SEO.

Bounce rate:

Bounce Rate has a very very crucial part of the Search Engine optimization as a higher bounce rate means your visitors do not like your website’s content. This higher bounce rate led your website to decrease your website’s rank in the SERPs.

Domain Age:

Year old Domain are very very crucial for the Webmaster in considering the Strategy of your website. However, the older domain has a lot of the backlinks made through automated system. These automated have very less significance in the Search Engine optimization.

Google Sandbox:

It has a Belief of the well established webmaster or SEO optimizer around the world. The belief is Google use to consider the activity of your website for 10 to 12 months. After this buffer period your website will get good rank in the SERPs.

Many SEO optimizers may consider making Backlinks for higher ranking in the SERPs of different Search Engine. Though Creation of the backlink must be at the very slow pace. If Creation of backlink is at a fast pace, then your website may become eligible for penalties granted by Search Engine of Google.


If we think about the backlink from the existing page or a new webpage. Then, there is basic understanding will arrive for your web-page in these two different contexts. The basic Outcome of these two different scenarios have pre-existing page higher authority in comprision of newly existed webpage.

Anchor text:

Anchor Text is nothing but a Extra definition of a web-page for Search Engine. It has a great effect for the Search Engine as this anchor text will increase your SERPs as like Rocket.

Number of Links pointing to your domain may be in very large or too small in number. The numbers of the backlink pointed to your domain does not reflect the authority of your domain. The authority of your domain use to be determined by backlink acquired from the authoritative website.


Locale is nothing but the market you are targeting. In Simple, countries like Europe, USA, japan has a very competition in their digital market while countries like India, Africa, Nepal has very Very low competition in their market.


For example, we have our website contains Hindi as it’s a primary language. This means we are targeting Indian Sub-continent as our primary market, but, If we have content of our website is only English language then it means we are targeting the market which has a high number of English speaking people.


Multi-linguality of your website will help you a lot in the process of generating high traffic and backlink of your website. As through Multi-linguity, you can target multiple local from a single website for free.


From 2016, Search Engine Started to prefer SERP’s content more locally. If you have a business and the business is listed in a locale, The business will rank in that locale only in the search result. We often called these types of SEO as Local SEO.

Searcher’s History:

In 2017, Google started personalization of the Search Results. These personalization are often done through the analysis of the searcher’s searched history in the Search Engine. Thus, this feature of google makes Search engine optimization make a heavy task.

Social Signal:

Social Signal is usually pictured as human engagement in the article. The article having the highest social share use to be rated highest in the Search Engine. thus, get a good rank in the Search engine.

Quality of share:

Quality of the share of your website use to be done through two ways. 1st way is automated while second one is human sharing. Although for big website sharing to the Social media use to be done through automated system while automated sharing in the blogs may offer you a gift from the social media as these gifts are in the perform of penalties.

Tools to optimize social Media:

There are mainly two tools which are recommended by us. These two social media optimization tools are listed below:

  • Poweradspy: With the Help of this Social Media optimization tool, you can analyze the ads available in the Social Media Platform. With the help of these, you can research the content available in any niche.
  • Analisa.io: With the help of this tool, you can master or you can increase your visibility within Instagram and Tiktok in a click.

How to crawl your website:

Most Important problem arises with a search engine optimization is how we find the problem. these problems can be easily tackled through SEO tools. Some of the paid and free search Engine tools are listed below:

whom we can call a Seo tools?

The basic and very simple answer to this question is “The tools which can help you in the process of SEO optimization”.

Best Paid SEO Tool:

In this section of article, we will discuss best and most popular paid seo tools available in the market. Here a list containing these popular tools:

  • Semrush: It is one of the leading Search Engine management tool. It offers every type of SEO tools as like Content Curation, Backlink Audit, Technical Audit, On-page Seo Checkup, Off-page SEO checkup and many more. Here a review of Semrush SEO tool in detail.
  • Mangools: It is my favourite PAID SEO tool. It Offers Keyword Research, SERP Analysis, Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis, and SEO Matrix and Insight. However, it has a lot of data but fewer than Semrush, Ahref SEO tools.

Best free SEO Tool:

In this section, we will talk about the leading free SEO tool which is very Very beneficial for webmaster around the world. Some of the most beneficial free SEO TOOLS are listed below:

  1. Google Trends: Google trend is a leading Content insight tool by the mighty google. It will give you the keyword trend in the range of the last 24 hour to 5 years.
  2. Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest is a leading SEO tool offers limited result to its users. It answers up to 10 in every query
  3. Semrush: Semrush is a leading SEO tool offers results of 10 queries on daily basis. That’s great in it.


In this article, I have shared my journey in the field of Search Engine Management, till now. However, this SEO optimization is very very great in nature and have the ability to drive enormous traffic to your website.

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