This is 2022, more than 10k blogs used to be launched every day but 99% of these websites or Blogs does not have a life span of 1 year and 99% of that 1% does not have a lifespan of more than 2 years.

or in other words,

When we check Seo optimization tools like SEmrush, we find only 1 website out of 10 thousand used to get only 500 organic traffic even after three years of operations. It is almost the same in every niche.

So, a question must arise in our minds. and the question “is it okay to launch a blog or website in 2022?“.

My answer to this question is YES, let us celebrate the question in a detailed manner?

How to launch a successful Blog in 2022?

start blogging

The internet is full of content that has done a massive discussion on the Blog launch checklist.

Launch of the blog is just like Buy a domain > Buy a Hosting > Propagate Your DNS (A record to the Hosting). You are done as you are with a brand new blog.

But the most important question behind this whole scenario is “How you can make your blog successful?”

That’s why we have written this article “How to make a blog Successful?”

This article will contain all checklist that will help your new blog launch into success blog. A successful blog can help you to earn 1000s of dollars passively.

Checklist: Make Your Blog – Money Making Machine

This section of the article contains checklists to make our website successful in every matter (Economically as Branding). Let’s start this with a Quote:

Buy a Domain – Connect With Your Emotion


Many of us buy domains according to the niche of the blog. In most cases, the name of the domain doesn’t give the energy to run your business activities for more than 2 years with loss. If the domain connects with you emotionally, then, you will wait and attend to the daily operations of the website.

For example, My name is Ankur patel and I want to become popular. so, I need to build Ankur Patel as a brand. To create Ankur Patel as a Brand, I need to work on the day to day basis to make my domain powerful and rank in the SERPs.

If I bought a domain that doesn’t connect with my Emotion, then, I will not work day-long and left this 300 billion dollar industry.

So, Always buy a domain that use to connect with your Emotions.

Buy Hosting – Cost-Efficient, Supportive, and Userfriendly Host

microhost review

If you are new to this massive $300 billion dollar Blogging Industry. You need a hosting solution that is a reliable, secure, cost-efficient, and supportive hosting solution like Bluehost, cloudways, and chemicloud.

Whom do we call reliable Hosting?

When we buy a hosting solution to host our website or apps, we must ensure to check the review regarding the uptime of the hosting provider.

For example, We have to host a WordPress website. We can take a look at almost every hosting provider – we know.

Out of all wordpress hosting solutions, you know. You must host your website in the hosting solution that offers 99.99% to 100% uptime.

The most efficient reason for this is “Google use to de-rank websites which has less than 99.95% uptime“. This is the most important reason to consider it as a blog launch checklist.

If you ask us, “we recommend Cloudways for VPS Hosting and Bluehost for shared hosting.”

Whom do we call supportive Hosting?

While starting our carrier as webmasters, we always face server problems like invalid JSON Error, Slow Server, and many more.

To ease these problems, You need a supportive hosting solution.

A question might appear in your mind – How to check “which is a supportive hosting solution?

To check how much a host is supportive, You need to talk with them (technical support).

To check “How much a host is supportive?”. You need to consider the following checklist while launch a Blog.

  • How much time does your host take to answer your question?
  • Are they informative?
  • What are the ways to communicate with them?

If the hosting provider is good in all three, you can choose the hosting provider to host your website.

If you ask us, “we recommend Cloudways for VPS Hosting and Bluehost for shared hosting.”

Whom do we call Userfriendly Hosting?

More than 60% people who has selected blogging as its carrier belongs to non-technical studies. Many of them even does not know a little about the server, Hosting, or domain.

So, a hosting solution that has a great user-friendly UI with a great explanation along with every step.

Whom do we call Pocket-friendly Hosting?

Hosting solution ask from $1 to $100s of dollars per month as their starter plan to host your WordPress website.

As a initial webmaster, you does not have much traffic as well as funds to support day to day activity.

So, you start with the $1 hosting and we recommend Bluehost for shared hosting.

Choose Niche and Set Your Goals:

choose Your niche

What you like by passion or economically is the most prominent base to select your niche.

For Example – You like hacking, then, you select hacking content as your prominent stream for your content. But blogs containing ethical hacking has very little revenue if it only goes to legal contents.

So, you must select a niche that have a great return like Gardening, Book Reviews, tech and many other.

After successful selection of the Niche “You should must consider what you have to do and what you want from that content in next two years?

So, this is very crucial as you are not going to be profitable in first two year.

After consider the goal, you have dive hard to build the brand.

Build Your Brand:

How to Build Your Brand Online

There is one rule in the business world “Either first or best”. When you are launching the blog, you are not alone – You are not first but you can try hard to become best in your niche.

For Example – I try to build this blog related to ad networks and marketing of the content digitally. I try to be best in both fields of the blog.

Create a brand with your content and sell your products and boom – you make enormous amount of the profit.

Things to Read:

Create Awesome Content:

Content Marketing strategy

Content Marketing is nothing but the video or article we publish to engage with our audience. The approach behind content marketing is expertise, promotes brand awareness, and keeps your business top of mind when it’s time to buy what you sell. I consider as the leading blog launch checklist.

In Content Marketing, webmasters use to post content not only to boost sales but to solve the problems of the audience.

For Example:

I want to search best SEO tips in Hindi, then, many of the articles will be written around the SEO tips. But there is a very low chance the article to find a article that defines every segment of the SEO.

Now, we are going to learn the best 10 methods to optimize content marketing for your blog or business.

10 Tips to optimize your content marketing strategy

We want to help you better manage each sector of your company. That is why we decided to give you the best and most promising advice to apply in your digital and content marketing strategy. Please take notes, put them into practice, and surprise yourself with the best results.

1. Identify and understand where your business is

Taking a general but in-depth look at all the factors that affect your business is the basis for an optimal content marketing strategy. How to do it correctly? Carrying out an analysis of all the internal factors of your company, that is, the behaviour of your products and/or services within the current market, its prices, your target, and the way in which you reach your customers. It would help if you also analyze the behaviour of the competition through studies and metrics of external actions to recognize where you are in the current market.

Finally, analyzing the social situation of the territory where you are is also very important to know how and when to transmit the message of your content.

2. Dominate your target audience

You must be clear to whom the information you provide is directed since the content of each company varies depending on the target audience. Identifying the buyer persona, that is, a profile that represents your ideal audience is essential to prevent your content from reaching people with little interest, receiving fewer visits, and reducing the number of sales. Remember that all the types of content you make must provide added value to your users, the user is the centre of attention, and for this, you must know them as well as possible.

So here, the exercise consists of compiling information on the personality of the users you are looking to reach, knowing their age, gender, position, and what needs they have. In this way, you can generate content according to their characteristics.

3. Plan your content

Like any project, your content marketing strategy needs a plan to organize the actions to be carried out, both in the short and long term. Establish dates, types of content, priorities, managers, dissemination channels, etc. It will help you to be constant and active, which will maintain the interest of your users, making your audience loyal and obtaining potential clients.

If you have a team of professionals who support your marketing plan by carrying out different types and formats of content, it is important that you find a tool for communication and organization of tasks so that everyone focuses and directs them to meet the main objective of organizing priorities and action times.

4. Take advantage of visual resources

The preference for visual content among Internet users is increasing more and more. Users are more drawn to an infographic video that they can capture in minutes than they are to long, flat text.

To increase visibility in online broadcast channels, you must include visual formats, from photographs in your blog post to the tutorial or promotional videos on your social networks, since these resources reinforce your content by providing information in a dynamic, original and entertaining way.

The best thing is that you will increase web traffic thanks to these formats, since they are very valuable to Google, as they are the ones that Internet users like the most.

5. Tailor the content to your customers

When you know your objectives, your buyer persona, and your content marketing plan, you must adapt them based on the life cycle of each client. All users are different, and depending on the knowledge they have of your company.

They will need a type of different content. For this reason, it is important to sectorize the contents of your blog, or your YouTube channel, by themes or labels, as well as the sending of your newsletters and mailings. The organization of your content will depend on what each of your users is looking for at a certain moment.

6. Update your Old content

Although one of the keys to the success of your content is to innovate, it is also to update and keep them up to date. This will enhance your SEO strategy and make users find you easily thanks to your current content, also fostering their interest in the resources you provide, with quality content.

7. Plan your SEO content strategy

Have you heard of SEO and keywords? Aspects that you should incorporate into your content with which you will identify numerous benefits.

One of the most relevant aspects of optimizing online and content marketing strategies is SEO – Search Engine Optimization – which helps the positioning of a website in search results.

If you want a good positioning in search engines, you’d better develop different actions within the framework of an SEO strategy, thus promoting traffic growth and monetizing your content. In addition, by working with an SEO strategy, you can increase the conversion rate and return on investment in your web pages.

8. Link own and external pages

When you have extensive content within your business blog, the best option to make it known to your users is to link your posts with each other and complement them with different related topics. So your users do not lose the information you provide, and your content continues to be visited frequently.

On the other hand, you can also link your content to third-party web pages, so you create a supportive space that encourages the creation of new relationships to reach new users and expand your audience. In addition, by establishing links with other web pages, you facilitate the positioning of your post and strengthen your SEO exercise.

9. Properly disseminate your content

Surely you have quality content, very original and suitable for each client, but to have the desired success, you need to carry out an appropriate dissemination strategy and share what you have created.

Take advantage of all the programming and dissemination tools that exist in the market, so your content will reach the largest number of people within your target audience, which benefits your client portfolio and enhances the good reputation of your company.

10. Analyze your results and identify points for improvement

As we usually comment, only what we can measure can be improved. That is why the results metrics are so important.

Use project measurement tools to know how your content has behaved within your target audience, discover the percentage of traffic to your website, leads, conversions, visits, etc. All the KPI’s necessary for a complete analysis. Thus, by detecting what works best and what doesn’t, you will improve your content campaigns and creation efforts.

All these combindely makes a great blog launch checklist in terms of creating awesome content.

Way Forward: Blog Launch checklist

Many of you may include a social promotion, Leverage SEO, and many more in the blog launch checklist. But the most important checklist to consider is listed above.

If you meant, I left anything – Please comment below….

Sharing is Caring…….

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