Many of us always get tired while buying an old domain or researching for a domain to rank the SERPs of the search engine for clients or ourselves.

There is always the risk that somebody will alter a DNS record onto a site and then need to change it back again. Sometimes people forget to record things, and that means you may arrive at a circumstance where you’re working to learn what the previous nameservers were, or exactly what IPs your custom nameservers were pointing to.

In all these scenarios, digging into domain History can also save a lot of time for you in the process of you buying a new domain and SEO.

Best tools to find DNS History


Below are a number of sites that will show you your DNS history at no cost plus a premium choice if you have to dig deeper.

SecurityTrails (free)

SecurityTrails (previously DNS Trails) is an awesome free remedy to lookup DNS history. This site includes access to a database of approximately 3.4 trillion DNS records, 3 billion WHOIS records, and 418 million hostnames. All of that has been collected daily because of mid-2008.

SecurityTrails is our personal favourite and appears to have the most accurate historical records. This should also yield the maximum information for you.

Spyse (Free)

Spyse includes a massive record of 4.5+ billion domain names, 50+ million WHOIS records, and procedure 1 PB of data every month. Their free program enables you to regain up to 4 outcomes. Concerning DNS history documents, it may work well to locate what you’re needing. You can view history for A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, and TXT records.

Complete DNS:

Complete DNS is a fantastic quick, easy, and free way to easily see changes on your nameservers, etc.. They have over 2.2 billion nameserver change documents. Note: They may limit you to 3 free lookups within a particular length of time.

WhoISrequest is a website we discovered that provides a fantastic view of a domain’s DNS history in regards to nameservers. In reality, they’ve been monitoring nameserver changes since 2002. Note: They will restrict you to 5 free lookups in a certain period of time.

DNS History:

DNS History has been running DNS records because 2009. Their database now comprises over 650 million domain names and more than 2 billion DNS records. The data does not appear to be as precise in our view but has the potential to offer another fantastic reference.

Domain Tools (Premium):

We’ve always found exactly what we desire between another free website mentioned previously. However, if for any reason you can not, there’s also a superior service from Domain Name Tools in which you are able to purchase a ”Hosting History” report. This enables you to see historic IP addresses, name servers, and registrars. (free): includes a surprising number of information out there at no cost. As of writing this, they’ve over 364 million domain names. This site is useful for seeing old nameserver documents, together with domain possession change background.

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