Hey guys, we are here with another ads network popularly known as vimmy. In this article, we are going to review the vimmy ad network. In this review, we will touch on many aspects of this ad network as like “What is vimmy?, How to signup in to the vimmy ad network?, What are the features of vimmy? or What is the CPM or CPC of vimmy ad Network? or What is the best alternative to this ad network? and many more. Let’s start the vimmy review:

What is vimmy?

Vimmy review

Vimmy is a DSP ad network founded in 2018 by a team of IT professionals based in the Netherlands. It uses to offer a solution to the advertiser as well as the publisher. The ads offer by the vimmy is white label ads. These ads are of high quality that we find during vimmy review.

How to integrate or Signup vimmy with your website?

During our review, we find the following easy steps to be needed during integration or signup or signup with the vimmy ad network. These steps are listed below:

  • Go to the official website of vimmy.co
  • Fill your Email and click on signup through Facebook or Email.
  • Get your Email verified
  • Open the portal of Adcombo
  • Submit your ads for approval to the vimmy.co ad network.

What is the CPC or CPM of vimmy ad netwok?

During our vimmy review, we find it offers CPC in a range of .03-2$ while CPM ranges between .2-5$.

What are the basic requirements of vimmy media?

During vimmy Review, we find too many Requirements. These requirements are obvious, since, it is one of the high paying ads networks. Some of the Requirements of vimmy are Listed below:

  • They does not need any traffic.
  • They don’t accept Free hosting as well as domain. (We recommend cloudways as it offers the best hosting starting from $10 per month.)
  • They require high TDL domains/ Free subdomain not allowed.
  • The website Doesn’t contain any exotic content.
  • They only need a website hosted by you.

vimmy Alternative: Best vimmy Alternative

In this section, we will discuss the best alternative vimmy. The best vimmy alternative we during the review are listed below:

  • Adultforce: Adultforce is a adult affiliate based helping content creators to earn crypto through Affiliate Marketing around the Globe. It has more than 3692 publishers, 20 brands, and 254 campaigns.
  • GothamAds: Gothamads offer CPM based tool to optimized Desktop Display, Desktop Video, Mobile Display, Social, and Email.
  • Affmy: Affmy is a CPA based Affiliate Network based in Wilmington whereas established by Affmy LTD in 2010. Affmy mainly offers LINKS of Affiliate Product, Content Locking, CPA, CPS, and Many Affiliate Earning types. I think Nutracaash offers the best payout terms to the Publisher and the best traffic to the web publisher around the globe.
  • Polarads: Polarads is a CPA based ad network based in Scandinavia. Actually, Polarads offers app install which is great for app publisher. The CPA of this ads network ranges between $5 to $25.
  • Upmyrevs: Upmyrevs is a CPA based Affiliate Network based in INDIA whereas established by Times Internet in 2010. Upmyrevs mainly offers LINKS of Affiliate Product as, like app download, website visit and Many other types of Affiliate Earning offers to the publisher.


I personally do not recommend Vimmy as it is new in Ad networks and a very low paying ad network with multiple verticles like push and pops. So, It is not the best choice for Advertisers, agencies, and affiliates because the technology doesn’t evolve.

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