When I started my journey as a webmaster I have no money or resource to spend on any stuff like WordPress hosting, themes, plugins or anything else to kick start my journey in Affiliate Marketing.

Like me, most of you also have almost the same problem. You don’t have money to start Affiliate Marketing. So, to ease this problem, I have come up with a Guide on “How to start affiliate marketing with no money in 2021?”. Let’s start the detailed discussion:

Before we move ahead, let’s take a look at what is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Do you heard of a digital service by Google “Adsense“? If yes, you have a basic understanding of digital Advertising. If NOT, please read this complete guide on Google Adsense.

Adsense uses to monetize digital content around the Globe through CPC(Cost Per Click) and CPM(Cost per 1000 impressions) while the advertisers of affiliate marketers use to buy products based on CPA(Click Per Action).

For Example:

You bought 1GB managed WordPress Hosting from cloudways. If You buy this product from a affiliate link then the affiliate marketer earns a net of $30 per sale.

This $30 is huge in numbers but do you know this one sale requires an investment of $25 for the first sales and slightly decreases sales by sales.

Hope you understand well – For a more detailed discussion please take a look at our Affiliate Marketing Guide.

Let’s move further on “How to start affiliate marketing for free?”

Before we move ahead let us discuss what we need for a successful affiliate Campaign:

What do We need for a successful Ad Campaign?

While planning a successful Ad Campaign, We must have to consider these three things in our ad campaigns. These three basic things are listed below:

  1. Find Your Audience
  2. Find Perfect Product
  3. The Best Landing Page

Let’s discussed all these basic segments comprehensively:

Find You Audience:

You need to find the niche, you want to work. To find the niche you must have to consider the following things:

  1. Your Expertises
  2. You want to explore
  3. You Enjoy to work hours and hours

For example:

I enjoy learning about WordPress, Ad Networks and affiliate marketing. That’s why I started to work on the Newsbuddy with the prospect to work on these segments with a reference to fast-changing scenarios around the globe for the content creators.

Find the Perfect Product:

Next, you have to find a perfect product in which you have lots of trust, benefit the audience and offers payment on time(I Prefer for Recurring Payment).

In this scenario, all stakeholders of the program are benefited. Your Audience gets best in class products, Advertiser gets a Client, and you get money for promoting the affiliate product.

For Example:

In past, I enrolled with the Ahrefs affiliate program. I refer approx 200 clients to ahrefs, clients get the best in class affiliate product, ahrefs get a new client, and I get net 20% recurring revenue for life.

You Enjoy Working:

In my initial period, I selected to develop the newsbuddy as a News website in the tech industry but can’t able to work hours and hours. So, I dropped this idea and shifted to affiliate marketing in the Blogging niche.

As like my case, you should blog “what you like?” If you blog anything else, you will a example of the failed case.

Let’s come to the heart of the article:

How to start affiliate marketing with no money?

You have learnt “who is your audience?, Which product do you have to promote? and what is the niche you are going to work in?”

Now, you have to engage with your audience.

To engage you must have to create a web space on the internet like a website, Vlog or anything else. But you don’t have any money or very little money to invest.

So, what you should do next?

The answer to this question is very simple “You should focus on the products which are very cost-effective or totally free in nature.

Let’s talk about the cost-effective or totally free products where you can engage with your audience:

Social Media:

Most of the social media around the globe is totally free of cost with plenty of audiences.

For example:


Facebook has more than 200cr+ unique visitors. You can find almost every type of audience on Facebook irrespective of niche.

You can make a group or join a group in order to engage with your audience and make a good amount of sales per month.


Since Facebook is becoming an advertiser oriented platform day by day. If you put a message in the Facebook group, then, the message will only reach 1-2% of the total likes.

If you do not want to miss these opportunities. You must have to redirect all visitors to Facebook to Telegram. As we all know the reach ratio of the telegram is approx 80%. This redirection will help you get 40 times more traffic.


Youtube is the best way to start affiliate marketing with no money or free. I said Youtube is a best way to start affiliate marketing for free because of its huge audience size and the potential to spread your content around the globe.

It also has a plus point You can set up regular or shorts within 10sec.

You create a vlog related to the affiliated product you promote and solve the issue of your visitors while engaging with them. For more details – read our guide on Youtube SEO.

You can also try some other video hosting solutions like BunnyCDN which is going to cost you some penny($1 per month).


You need to create a Landing Page for your affiliate product to enhance the rate of sales. A beautiful landing page leads to up sales of 20%. So, a question must arise in your mind.

The question must arise in your mind “where can I build a landing for my affiliate product?”

The answer to this question is very simple as there are two platforms around the globe which offers server without money. These two platforms are:

Let’s talk about these two platforms in a comprehensive manner:


WordPress.com or simply WordPress is the leading CMS platform made for bloggers. It has almost every features a paid version of WordPress offers from editing to optimization. It is backed by automatic INC.

You can easily buy a powerful landing page with the help wordpress.com with the help of the Gutenberg WordPress plugin.


Bloger.com is a free to use CMS backed by the mighty google. Most of today’s big blogger has started their carrier in this platform.

The creation of a landing page at blogger is full of technicality. If you are a techy person and have basic knowledge of HTML codes, then, it is the best place for you as you can create anythings you want.

Way Forward:

As a newbie in this industry, you might be afraid of the ups and down you are going to face in the affiliate industry. But I can assure you can start through affiliate marketing with no money if you stay for more than 2 years.

If you have any questions, please ask below comment section is yours.

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