The skill which lacks in most people is communication skill. And notably, it is one of the most important skill to have.

Most of us focus only on those skills which will help them to fill the stomach. But it is evident that a good communicator has high productive value. They not only stand out from society but people love to hear them. I believe that some person have good communication skills from their birth but also I know that one can master this skill from practice.

By keeping some points into the mind and continuously practicing it could improve your communication skills.

1. HAVING AN EYE CONTACT: Watching into eyes while speaking is considered a must-do thing. Watching into eyes softly and with a smile will give a positive sign from you. It will make the person in front of you feel that you are actually listening to him. By just applying this small tip your conversation will lasts long and the person with whom you are talking will share more than he thought of. So apply this effective tip.

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2. A GOOD BODY POSTURE: Just assume a motivational speaker speaking while laying on the bed or lying backward on a chair. You will fill bored and you don’t want to see him. The same case applied while speaking with a person. So you would ask what does good posture means? So basically you just have to be straight, keeping your chest little outward and keeping your neck in a comfortable position. That’s it.

3.VOICE MODULATION: Having a bold and little loud voice attracts the ear. Having bold and loud does not means you should shout or trying to be someone else. Just increase the pitch of your voice a little higher and try to speak clearly.

4. OPEN ARMS: Don’t interlock your arms while speaking because it gives a sign that you are not interested in the conversation. While we speak we try to add values into another person’s life and by just opening arms it could be seen. What you speak try to elaborate it from your hand, it also means like try to speak from your hand. By just sitting or standing straight and opening arms gives a positive response.

5. BE A GOOD LISTENER: It is the must having skill for a good communicator. Just assume the person in front of you didn’t let you talk while speaking with you. I must say you won’t like to talk to him again. Great communicators listen intuitively to the other person’s story, asking questions, and searching conversations for depth.

So always be patient while listening to others, don’t try to cut them while he speaks. Put your point and let others too keep their points and listen carefully to what does he speaks.

6. HAVE PAUSE BETWEEN THE LINES: Don’t be in hurry while speaking. Don’t try to let others feel that you have to catch the train. Have a pause between lines. While having pause it will let you think what you have to speak next and it will also help the people in front of you, what you have said till now.

7. SMILE WITH YOUR EYE: Everyone could capture your fake smile. So whenever you smile, smile from inside. Be happy from inside. Don’t always try to laugh just to impress others, it looks fake. When you will smile from inside it will create a positive environment and the person with you will consider you a safe person.

8. BE REAL WITH YOUR FEELINGS: As I already said that don’t try to look happy but be happy. Simply meant that don’t try to hide your feelings. Say what you want to say, just be you.

9.READ: Communication skills simply do not emerge spontaneously but it requires focused practice. Study as must as you could because it says that “a good orator is a good reader”. Reading habits will enrich your vocabulary which will help you while having conversation.

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