Hey guys, Today, we are going to review centro ad network. In this centro review, we are going to discuss “What is Centro?” features offered by Centro and Many more. Let’s start the Review:

What is Centro?

centro review

Centro is a digital Marketing Solution. During It’s Review, we find it offers DSP ads for Publisher as well as Advertiser. Centro also offer Collaboration and Messaging for teams, Universal Reporting and Analytics for your website, and business Intelligence. However it’s dsp ad network offered Private web targeting.

What are the feature’s offered by centro?

During our centro review, we find these are following features that are offered by centro dsp Network:

  • Advertiser’s Bidding through Private Partnership.
  • Hyper-Local Targeting as like sub-division of City.
  • Your ads will be targeted through AI and Algorithm.
  • You can target 2000+ Local MarketPlace.
  • Cross-Device Targeting & Tracking
  • You can target your user through Mobile Advertising, Native Advertising, Audio Advertising, and Video Advertising.

Requirements to Join Centro:

During the review, we find it has very harsh requirements in the Process of joining the centro ad network. These basic requirements of centro are listed below:

  • You should be a part of the top 500 com score publisher.
  • You should have to generate good traffic from the search engine through SEO.
  • Internal Redirect is not Mandatory

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