If you are running your business website then you need to send emails and messages to your customers. Totalsend provides the best services for push messages and emails to the customers. Totalsend is easy and free to use. It is integrated with the email marketing automation system. So let’s start the Totalsend review.

What is Totalsend?

totalsend review

Totalsend is an email marketing automation software. It is a powerful and reliable software for email sending and making good relations with your customers. In this software, we can create different campaigns and lists to send emails and information to our customers.

Totalsend is a multi-channel communication software company that was established in 2011. And the founder of this company is Luke Wingfield Digby. The headquarters of Totalsend is in London,England, United Kingdom.

Pricing of Totalsend 

Let’s talk about the pricing part of Totalsend. According to our research Totalsend has not provided exact pricing details yet. But we have a starting package of Total Send email marketing automation software. So let’s discuss the pricing of Totalsend. 

Totalsend subscription is starting from $25.00 per month. And only a single user can use this software, multiple users cannot use it. And the special thing about this software is that it has a free trial and free version. Some of the email marketing software cannot give a free version but Totalsend is one of the best platforms for sending mails and messages. You can get your packages as per requirements. 

Features of Totalsend 

In this section of Totalsend review. We have listed the main features of Totalsend. So let’s discuss its features.


Auto-Responders are basically emails that go out of certain criteria. So you can create new auto-responders for emails. You give it a name to recognize what the responder do so this would be like a welcome mail or thanks for signing up. So you can set the email and triggers on the customers. If someone clicks on a link in one of our campaigns. Then we send our email to them. If you can send celebrations emails to any person then choose an autoresponder to create a certain email.

Scheduling campaigns 

Scheduling campaigns is a stage where we decide whether we want to save this as a draft. And come back to it later and send it immediately. Schedule it for another time so that’s basically just choosing and setting the particular date & time, and click save as draft. You can see your scheduled email in the draft section with the name that you created for sending. You can see all the details in the overview of the email. You can also get edit options and send them to your list.

Creating segments 

Segments are basically segmenting our list. So if we upload all of our subscribers in a single list but we want to target our subscribers based on their certain behaviour. Then we create segments with their behaviour. I am creating emails for anyone to open but as soon as someone opens these emails or any email that I send them. They will be added to this segment and then we can start sending them differently because they have now engaged with our emails. 

Campaign folders 

If you enter the Totalsend’s dashboard then you will notice that in the campaign section. you have got a couple of folders. You see in any sort of email client. You have got your sent folder that all your emails available that you send it out. Your outbox has sent emails and draft emails that you scheduled.

Creating custom fields

If I want to send an email with any sort of personalization, that means that I need to have a custom field for that information. So you can create a custom field within just simple clicks for your lists. On the dashboard you have two options, one is to create custom fields and the other one is browse custom fields. You can easily add any information outside the emails.

Creating lists

Create a new list by clicking the button available on the overview section. You can easily create your list with just filling in all the information in all the fields.when they click that link it will take them to a white label which will allow them to enter the email address. And provide them all the information that you allowed them. So link is the preference of subscriptions and the last stage is to click on create list.

Adding subscribers 

In the section on adding subscribers, we have four options found. The first one is copy & paste. In this option basically, we can copy a bunch of emails and paste them into this section. The second one is subscriber forms, this section is used to emulate the subscriber forms. The third one is file upload, you can upload any type of file in this section and the last one is an external MySQL database that holds all your data safe and relevant.

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