Are you running a store in Shopify based platform or going to run in the upcoming future. If yes, then, this is the best place for you as we are going to discuss Trust badge Shopify.

In this detailed disscusion on trust badge shopify, we will try to touch every aspect of trust badge shopify like “what is trust badge shopify?”, “what are the best trust badge shopify?”, “How to get trust badges on shopify?” and many more. Let’s start the detailed discussion of the trust badge for shopify:

What is Trust Badge Shopify?

Trust Badge is a tool to improve the trust of visitors who wants to earn buy some kinds of stuff from y0ur website, especially, from Shopify based e-commerce shop. These trust badges use to improve the conversion by more than 500% on the e-commerce website. More important, it is currently a benchmark of trust in most buyers in this digital market.

security concern - Trust Badges Shopify

Do you know trust badge is also a crucial factor of e-commerce website like Core Web Vitals. More than 65% of people do not buy the product from the website due to the security concern of the website. Here is a report which will reflect the same. – Link

How to get your trust badge for your Website?

Getting a trust badge for your website is a easy task. Many of you have already taken your badge for the Shopify website.

There is very very crucial for you and your visitors, how you took your trust badge. As many of you have taken the trust badge by just downloading from many of the websites. This way is a priceless way but a very risky way for you and your visitors.

Where to get original origial Trust badge?

Around the globe, there is many company which uses to provide the security service for any digital company. Out these company, many are popular and many are extremelly popular and good enough.

Some of the prime source of trust badge Shopify are listed below:

  • Payment trust badge: You can get a free payment trust badge Shopify from the transaction providers like visa, Mastercard, Paypal and many more.
  • Return Trust Badge: For a return trust badge, you must have to create yourself.
  • Secure Trust Badge: Getting a Secure Trust badge for an e-commerce website based on Shopify can lead you to spend a lot of money. You can get security badge from the company like Norton, Mcafee, SSLvalue, TRUSTe and many more. These company use charge you on the number of page view you get on your website.
trust badges heatmap source Shopify

How to implement a trust badge on the website?

Each and Every Webmaster use their unique way to implement a unique trust badge on their website. This way ranges from editing codes to using different tools to insert a badge in their Shopify website. But, the most common way is to insert Trust Badge is to edit the website at the footer section of the website.

Recentaly, Shopify has introduced drag and drop feature to insert the security badge on the website.

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