Are you a Content Curator or vlogger and want to host your video?

If yes, you are in the place as we are here with the world’s Top 10 Best Video Hosting Service in 2021.

Here, You will get a list of the most reliable, fast, secure and Simple video hosting services of 2021.

Most of us often get afraid while buying a digital solution for business. Many business owners like us often use video as a part of our omnichannel strategy.

Whom to choose – Own Hosting or Video Hosting Site?

As a business, you must be afraid about whom to choose for video hosting(Your own Video hosting Solution or any other video hosting solution).

A single web page’s weight ranges from few Kilobytes to 2Mb while the weight of a single video ranges between 20MB to a few Gb. Thus, hosting a single video will put a significant load on your server with even little video traffic.

Limited bandwidth is another issue that comes in your route while hosting the video on your WordPress website. As we all know single video play can cost tons of bandwidth.

Latency is another setback you are going to face while hosting videos on your website. The latency of video ranges between 300ms to 2000ms in WordPress while 400ms to 2000ms in Shopify.

More often Hosting a video in WordPress cause a invalid JSON error in your website.

So, it’s a very bad idea to host the video on your own self hosted CMS or website.

So, where to host your WordPress website?

The answer is very simple to this question, “either you Should host your video on a youtube platform or any content streaming platform”

Why Do You Need Video Hosting?

There is a very great chance, your video is not hosted on the same server the website you have visited or watched the video. Isn’t a very shocking for you, if, you are non-techy.

So, why would the webmaster be selecting another server in place of hosting in its own server? There are various reasons behind this. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  1. You can’t able to encode your website into various video Quality without investing lots of time.
  2. Hosting Video in your own server will make your website slower.
  3. The cost of hosing in your own server is going to strech your pocket.
  4. There will very high demand of the storage as well as Bandwidth.

Best Video Hosting Solution for Free:

Most of us do not have lots of funds to manage and adopt paid video hosting solution for our worpress website. So these video Solution will make you happy in term of revenue for your business while unhappy to your clients as they serve ad to your user. Let’s start discussion on best WordPress video solution for free:


Youtube is a omnipersence Social Media platform backed by the Google and available around the world with more than 200 Crore users.

Nowaday, it become a part of the basic omnichannel strategy of business around because of this huge penetration.

It is much powerful than we think as many of the business has grown from zero dollor to million dollar company due to this platform.

You can upload enormous amount of video into youtube for free of cost and embade that video in your website but there is a high chance the ad may appear on your embaded video that can cause UI distrubance to your visitors.

There is a profit while hosting your video on youtube and the profit you get is huge market size of youtube through Youtube SEO.



Dailymotion is a leading competitors of youtube and almost same platform whose audience is mainly located at Europe. That’s why it a good idea to host your video in Dailymotion as it help you take a great leverage of European market.



Vimeo is a Video hosting solution exclusively built for business unlike youtube and Dailymotion has been built for last end consumer.

It use to offer four plan named Basic (Free – Contain Branding) Plus ($7 per month), Pro ($20 per month), Business ($50 per month), and Premium ($75 per month). It has also another plan named Enterprise plan for big bulls of market.

The free video hosting plan is good for starter as you can only upload 500 MB per month with the maximum limit of 5Gb per month.

Under the vimeo’s plan, you will get many video creation platform like stock video, photos and many more.

Google Drive:


Google Drive is freemium video hosting solution offered by google. Under this google use to offer 15 Gb of storage for free after completation of 15 gb storage, you have to buy the storage.


Facebook has video streaming platform. You can embed those video hosted in facebook at your website for free cost. If we talk about WordPress, then, you can use WordPress based plugin to host in your platform.

Best Paid Video Hosting Solution:

If you have a financially sustainable business, then, it is the perfect place for you. As in this section of the article, we are going to learn best video hosting solution for any type of Content management system such as Drupal, WordPress or any other CMS. Let’s start the detailed analysis of this list:


hubspot review

Hubspot is a CRM(Customer relationship management) that help the business owner regarding marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software. It also offers almost all features at a cost of zero with its branding.

Hubspot is USA based sales and marketing company founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. Now a day, it has become a giant in the field of Customer relationship management. You can make Hubspot as a marketing strategy either you follow multichannel marketing or omnichannel content strategy.

Hubspot plans

  • Free Plan: Under the free plan of the Hubspot, you will get every features offered under the paid plan but all these contains branding of the Hubspot.
  • Starter: Under the starter plan of Hubspot, you will get Essential marketing, sales, and customer service software. The pricing of the starter plan costs almost 50$ per month. You will get 1,000 marketing contacts, 2 paid users, and many more.
  • Professional: The Professional plan is best and most popular plan of hubspot, You will get Advanced marketing, sales, and customer service software. The pricing of the professional plan costs $1700 per month. Under this plan, you can manage 2,000 marketing contacts, 5 paid users and many more.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is the most powerful plan of the hubspot. Under this plan, You will get most powerful marketing, sales, and customer service software. The pricing of the enterprise plan use to start from $4000 per month. Under this plan, you can manage 10,000 marketing contacts, 10 paid users and many more.

You will have the embedable player of hubspot under all these plans. Take a look at Detailed review of Hubspot with alternative.


wistia video hosting

Wisita is a premium and one of the most advanced tool to host video. It offer many features like Video SEO, powerful analytics, Reach and Retargeting and many more features. It also offers powerful yet highly customizable WordPress plugin for your site.

You need not to integrate Wisita with any type of WordPress SEO Plugin like Yoast, SEOpress, or any other.


Wisita use to offer three type of video hosting plan to its user. These three plans are listed below:

  • Free: Under free plan you can host 3 free videos or podcast episodes to embed anywhere with Wistia branding on the video player.
  • Pro: The pro plan use to cost $99 per month. In this $99 you can host 10 video for free after this 10 video, you have to pay .25 per video.
  • Advanced: You will get some extra limit in comparison of free plan but for the pricing you must have to talk to its customer care.


bunny cdn video hosting

BunnyCdn is one leading and most cost effective CDN as video hosting solution around the globe. It offers storage for your hosted at .02$ per Gb which is very less in comparison to other video hosting solution. While pricing for The bandwidth cost in the range of .01$ to .018$ which is far low and good for beginner.

It also offer a video player to host your video in any platform like WordPress, blogger, shopify or any other CMS.

Currently, I am using bunnycdn to host ad-free video in my website.

You can also embed form to capture leads with the help of bunnycdn.

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