Hey guys, are you planning to establish an ad network or affiliate program network, or are you a webmaster with significant traffic but lacking in-house technology to support these activities? If so, Voluum’s ad network can greatly assist you in optimizing your campaigns and tracking cross-device performance. Let’s delve into a detailed review of Voluum.

What is Voluum?

Volumm Review

Voluum is a third-party ad tracker solution for AD houses. Its key features include Direct Tracking Pixel, Impression Tracking, Traffic Source & Affiliate Network Templates, Custom Conversion Tracking, Tracking Domains with SSL, Multiple Cost Models, Manual Conversion Upload, Manual Cost Update, and Lander Protection Script.

We can analyze reporting in voluum through Extensive reporting, Data Grouping & Drilldown, Traffic logs, Mobile apps, Dashboard, Reporting API, and Multicurrency.

We can enhance reports in Voluum using Traffic Distribution AI, Rule-based Targeting, A/B Testing for Flows, Notifications, IP/UA Filtering, Conversion Cap, and Redirect Webhook.

We can expand our campaigns or network by using an Anti-Fraud Kit, Shared Reports, Workspaces, Multi-user, and Listicle Tracking.

How you can track your campaign through Voluum:-

Voluum is an ad tracking provider for the ad network and affilates as it tracks your campaign through Direct Pixel Tracking. It tracks your campaign without coming with initial redirecting. The most interesting thing I found during the Voluum review is “Voluum track your campaign or impression without redirecting to the third party domain or software”. This helps to decrease the Response time of your Website. For Example, My website is hosted in Cloudways.

Voluum will also Provide you with Custom Tool Optimization for your Conversion Tracking. Voluum will also Provide SSL for your domain to give good security during your Tracking.

Plans Offered by Voluum:

Voluum Pricing

Voluum offers four plans: Discover, Profit, Grow, and Agency. The pricing ranges from $69 to $999 per month, with data retention varying from 3 to 24 months and support for 20 campaigns to unlimited campaigns.

Who USE Voluum:

Many users utilize this ad tracking tool for their ad network or affiliate network, as discovered in the Voluum review. Some well-known networks using this tracking platform are listed below:

This list of ad networks or affiliate networks, which we discovered during our Voluum review, instills confidence in us to consider using this tracking tool for our upcoming projects.

How Voluum Works:

It serves as an ad source for tracking and engaging with visitors and advertisers. It utilizes dependable server-to-server postbacks to acquire conversion data, differentiate between different conversion types, and transmit them to your traffic source!

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