In today’s world, everyone needs a hyper-fast website speed. To ease this problem a technology came into play. This technology is popularly known as CDN. This CDN generate a lot of Bills for the webmaster around the globe. To ease this problem we are here with a CDN popularly known as Blazingcdn.

In this Blazingcdn review, we are going through many benchmarks such as what is Blazingcdn?, Pricing of Blazingcdn, How to set up Blazingcdn?, and many more. Let’s start the detailed review of Blazingcdn:

What is CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. CDN referred to the physically distributed network to leverage the Speed of the website. There are mainly two types of CDN mainly PULL and DNS level CDN. However, I mostly like DNS like CDN as it gives the original URL to the search engine.

What is Blazingcdn?

blazingcdn review

Blazingcdn is nothing but a CDN that works on the pull technology of the CDN based in Warsaw. During Blazingcdn review, we find it is very interesting as it offers a flat price in every content. At this price, it offers almost every feature with a latency of 100ms around the Globe.

BlazingCdn Pricing:

In this section of BlazingCdn review, we are going to deal with the blazzingcdn in the term of the pricing.

blazzingcdn pricing

Blazzingcdn uses to offer almost two plans named Flat Pricing and Pay as you Go plans. These plans are very very crucial for the users as well as webmasters around the globe. Let’s discuss both blazzingcdn plans one by one:

Pay On The Go:

Under the pay on the go basis, webmaster have to pay $.005 per GB based in every GEO. This low price makes it a very very affordable for the webmasters around the globe. For this price you will get global POP coverage.

Monthly Plans:

The Flat monthly plans use to start from the $21.25 per month for 5Tb bandwidth and go beyond limits. You have to pay extra for the the storage used under CDN. For storage you have to pay $1.5 for first 50 gb.


Features: BlazingCdn Review

In this section of BlazingCdn review, we will talk about the features offered by the Blazingcdn. Most of these features of BlazingCdn are listed below:

DDOS Protection:

BlazingCdn offers free DDoS protection for your website with a bandwidth limit of 5tbps. The majority of CDN also provider use to offer this level of DDoS protection to their users. However, BlazingCdn uses to offer this at a very low cost.

Gaming Experience:

With a very low latency of the CDN, you can host games in the BlazingCdn. Hosting your games in the BlazingCdn will help you save your budget compared to CDN platforms like Amazon Cloudfront, Fastly, BunnyCDN, Google CDN and many other CDN.

Image optimization:

BlazingCdn will optimize your images for free if you join it. You have only to pay the price of bandwidth and CDN storage charge.

Video streaming:

At the same price, you can host your videos at BlazingCdn which makes it a very efficient CDN in comparison to other video hosting solution.

Dashboard: UI of BlazingCdn

The Ui offered by the BlazingCdn is very good and easy to setup. Even it can be easily setup by the non-technical man.

Best Alternative: BlazingCdn Review

In this section of BlazingCdn review, we are going to benchmark BlazingCdn in terms of alternatives.

There are many alternative of BlazingCdn. Some of these CDN are pretty good while some are very very costly. SO, here a list of the best alternative of BlazingCdn are listed below:

  • Amazon Cloudfront: Amazon CloudFront is a widely used CDN with more than 190+ pops around the globe. It also offers almost the same latency in comparison to the BlazingCdn. The cost of AWS CloudFront is almost 3 to 4 times in comparison to BlazingCdnbut the features are almost the same.
  • Google CDN: Google CDN is a very popular CDN around the Globe. The latency of the GCP CDN is almost 50ms which is very very low in comparison to BlazingCdn. The pricing of the GCP CDN is very very high as it costs 4 to 5 times in comparison to BlazingCdn.
  • Cloudflare: Cloudflare use offer paid and Free plan. The paid plan use to start from $20 per month. It has more than 210+ latency spreaded around the globe. The latency of Cloudflare is almost 65ms around the globe. (Cloudways integrated with Cloudflare to its enterprise plan at a very affordable cost.)

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