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If yes, then, you are in the perfect place as in this article, I am going to share my 3 years of experience. In this detailed review, we are going to touch following aspects like “What is IONOS?”, Features of Ionos, pricing, alternatives, How to set up an account in Ionos?, and many more. Let’s start the detailed review of IONOS:

What is Ionos?

ionos review

Ionos is a Web hosting company founded in 1998 in Germany and currently owned by the United Internet. It is commonly written as 1&1 IONOS, formerly 1&1 Internet.

It use to offer unmanaged and managed WordPress hosting, Cloud computing, VPS Hosting, WordPress PRo, and Dedicated hosting Solution to its customers which we are going to discuss later on in this article.

The IONOS use to offer the most painful WordPress hosting as it is very difficult to configure the website for the very first time. While the WordPress hosting offered by the IONOS is a really Superfast Solution in respect to other hosting solutions like GoDaddy, Hostinger.

All these hyperspeed to your wordpress website come at a very low cost in comparison to big bulls Like WPEngine, GCP, AWS.

This all speed of your WordPress website occurs due to the many features offered by the Ionos.

Features: IONOS Review

There are too many features are being offered by the ionos. Some of these features offered by Ionos that we found during our review are listed below:

  • NGNIX Powered Server: All the server offered by the IONOs either unmanaged or managed are being powered by the NGNIX which is proven to be more than 30% faster in comparision to other wordpress server like Lite-speed server.
  • SSD: The storage of the server offered by the ionos are fully powered by the SSD which is more than 10x faster in comparision to the HDDs.
  • MariaDb: State-of-the-art database technology for an increase in performance and speed.
  • Cache: Ionos use to offer its own cache plugin for wordpress websites. Cache everything from server-generated HTML and REST APIs. CDN caching makes sure that data is routed to the nearest of 40 edge locations while cache coherence guarantees that content is updated globally in 150 ms. Other features include dynamic blocks, browser caching and dynamic content caching.
  • Optimized network: Thanks to service workers, HTTP/2, tuned TLS and improved TCP, all resources are transmitted over the network efficiently and effectively. Other features include automatic session resumption, OCSP stapling, record sizing, ALPN and API-based periodic refreshing.
  • 3rd-party optimization: Speed up third party resources like fonts and scripts and dependencies, by processing multiple input/output events over the same connection as the actual page itself. The WordPress pro platform also allows you to browse your site offline thanks to PWA.
  • Safety first: Malware protection by ImunifyAV is an intelligent antivirus and security monitoring tool for websites with one-click automatic malware cleanup, domains reputation monitoring and blacklist status check. Combined with a free SSL certificate(Only for one WordPress website), your website is safer than ever.
  • Green-Energy: IONOS is committed to the responsible use of resources and reducing our environmental footprint. From the use of green energy to sourcing the most energy-efficient technology available for our data centers, sustainability is at the heart of our world-class WordPress hosting solutions.

Pricing: Ionos Review

There are more than 5 WordPress plans are being offered by the IONOS. Some of these plans are being explained below:

WordPress Hosting:

ionos wordpress hosting pricing

IONOS’s WordPress hosting is a shared version of the WordPress hosting at the IONOS. While a shared hosting, these three plans are much more powerful than many WordPress hosting providers like Hostinger, Godaddy.

The essential plan can manage 300 visitors, the Business plan can manage 500 visitors, and unlimited plan can manage approx 800 visitors at a time.

I have tested all these plans, all these plans are similarly powerful and fast.

If we talk about the pricing of all these plans, we must say the price ranges between $4 per month to $16 per month while for the first year the pricing of the business plan ranges between $1 to $10 per year.

So, this introductory plan of business plan makes IONOS the most powerful and pocket-friendly Hosting for new businesses.

WordPress PRo:

ionos wordpress pro pricing

The WordPress pro plan of the ionos is a highly managed WordPress come up with the dedicated resource to the webmasters. This plan is primarily customized for the agencies. The plan used to start from $18 per month for 1 website and goes up to $120 per month for 10 WordPress websites.

VPS Hosting:

The VPS hosting offered by the IONOS is the most cost-effective VPS hosting as its price is much less than the big bulls of Unmanaged VPS Hosting like vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean, AWS. The pricing used to start from $2 per month.


The TTFB of the WordPress websites hosted at the IONOS WordPress hosting solution use to offer 700-1000ms for Shared Hosting while 200ms for VPS and Cloud Hosting solution. This raw data states it is a really fast hosting solution.

Alternatives: IONOS Review

No WordPress Hosting solution matches the server speed to price ratio of IONOS but we tried some of the best alternatives of IONOS to you guys. Some of these alternatives are listed below:

  • KnownHost: Knownhost is a fully managed website hosting solution like other solutions like CloudwaysSitegroundChemicloud and many others with headquarters in the USA. It use to offer Shared Web Hosting, Unmanaged VPS Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Managed WordPress Server and Managed dedicated Server.
  • Siteground: Siteground is a web hosting solution powered by the Powerful Server of Google and its own servers for very low latency and SEO. The Pricing of Hostclub99 is pretty high in Comparison to Hostclub99.
  • Cloudways: Cloudways is one of the best-managed cloud hosting provider which was founded by Uzair GaditPere Hospital, and Aaqib Gadit in 2009 and its headquarters is located on the island of Malta in Europe. They also have an office in Dubai as well as Spain. Till now, the staffs of cloudways helped more than 15,000 customers around the world to set up 50,000+ server in the worlds best cloud infrastructure.
  • Easywp: Easywp is a Managed WordPress Hosting Solution backed by Namecheap’s Cloud server located in United States. According to Easywp, Easywp has a latency is almost .7s which is totally wrong as it offers TTFB around 0.7s which is pretty high.
  • Microhost: Microhost is the First and only company in India based company who have their own platform for the cloud computing services founded in 2010. It uses to offer Virtual Private Server for small as big Companies around the globe. Microhost has its 5 Data centre in the three continent(India, US, and Germany).
  • Bluehost: Bluehost has become so important and well-known Brand in Website hosting for the last 15 years. Bluehost started its journey in 1996. Now a day, Bluehost use to offer shared, VPS as well as a dedicated hosting plan to host websites around the Globe. It was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. It has more than 800 staff working around the clock(24*7). The Servers of Bluehost are only located in the United State of America. (Here’s a detailed review of Bluehost with the best alternative.)
  • HostingDarte: Hostingdart is a low cost managed WordPress hosting provider. It uses to offer Shared hosting Services, VPS Hosting, reseller hosting and domain.
  • Intechdc: Intechdc is a Mumbai based Hosting company founded in 2019. It uses to offer low cost Managed and unmanaged VPS as well as cloud hosting to the clients. All these plans come with 1GBPS bandwidth speed. During our detailed review, we find it used to offer more than 50 plans to its customers. Let us the detailed plan:

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