This is 2024 when more than 40% of sales used to be done through digital channels through online stores. Marketing has also changed from billboards to online ads.

More than 90% of total purchasing decisions used to be done online. After taking the decision, the user may choose to visit offline stores or buy the same from an online store.

DuKaan Review Detailed Guide

After building more than 200+ stores backed by many store builders starting from Dukaan, Shopify, bigcommerce, woo-commerce, payhip, and more for myself or for my clients. I think I am eligible to review this digital e-commerce provider.

So, in this Dukaan review, we are going to touch on many aspects like “what is Dukaan?”, features, alternatives, pricing, support, and many more. Let’s start the detailed review of dukaan:

What is Dukaan?

Dukaan homepage review

Dukaan is nothing but a platform that helps small and medium businesses that let create their online store and start selling online cost-effectively in a few clicks within a few minutes. Till today, it helps more than 10 lakh+ dukandaar(Small Shop Owners) to set up local stores to become digital and use WhatsApp or similar massaging apps to sell their products.

Dukaan is the most effective for those who don’t have lots of capital or technical skills to host their store online. As it use to offer everything you need to host your store.

Some of the big brands that use dukaan as their primary store are BigBazzar, NONSense, Patel Perfume, Thyrocare, Humus, and many more. It is a Bengaluru-based company launched in the year 2020 by founder and CEO, Mr. Suumit Shah.

Pricing: Dukaan Review

dukaan pricing review

During our detailed review of dukaan, we find three plans starting from INR 4000 per year to INR 40000 per month. This plan is almost 70% cost-effective in comparison to the big-ecommerce stores’ providers like Shopify, and bigcommerce.

The big difference between the pricing is because of “how they sell their plans?”. Dukaan used to sell their plans organically through SEO or word of mouth while Shopify or payhip used to sell theirs through ads and affiliate programs.

Let us dive into these three plans in a very detailed manner:

Silver Plan:

The silver plan is the most basic plan of the dukaan. The plan will cost you INR 433 per month or INR 4000 per month. Things you get in silver plans are listed below:

  • 2.99% Transaction Fee on Dukaan Pay
  • Android + iOS Partner App
  • Additional Pages
  • Dukaan Credits
  • Dukaan Delivery
  • Dukaan Marketing
  • Discount Coupons

Gold Plan:

It is the most cost-effective plan of the dukaan that will cost you INR 1000 per month or INR 9000 per month. Things you get in gold plans are listed below:

  • 1.49% Transaction Fee on Dukaan Pay
  • 0% Additional Fee on other Payment Providers
  • Web Partner App
  • Store APK File
  • Premium Themes
  • Custom Domain
  • Store Analytics
  • COD RTO Optimizer

Platinum Plan:

It is the most useful plan of the dukaan that will cost you INR 3500 per month or INR 29999 per month. Things you get in gold plans are listed below:

  • 0.99% Transaction Fee on Dukaan Pay
  • Store AAB File
  • Free Whitelabeled WhatsApp Subscription
  • Free Abandoned Cart Automation Messages
  • Account Advisor
  • 10 Multi-Warehouse Support

Video on Dukaan Review:

How to Get Started as a Seller in Dukaan?

In this section of the dukaan review, we are going to learn the most effective way to get started as a seller through this platform. Let’s start the journey:

Step:- 1: How To Signup

To Signup, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Go To Home Page of Dukaan – Link
  2. Click on “Start Free Trial”
  3. Login through Mobile Number or Google or Facebook
  4. Now Enter Your Store name

Step:- 2: Upload Your Product

In this section of Dukaan review, we are going to learn “how we can upload a product to dukan?”.

To upload the product, you need to fill the following details:

  • Name of the Product
  • Category of the product;
  • Original Price and Discounted Price
  • Prodcut Descriptions
  • Images, Inventory, and some other like shipping – Taxes.

After uploading these basic details you have just uploaded a product and started to sell the product. To add more products to need to above step again and again.

Thus, you started to sell your product through digital channels.

Features: Dukaan Review

In this section of dukaan review, we are going to deal with features of dukaan in a very comprehensive manner. Let’s start the discussion:


Dukaan Payment

Dukaan use to offer three type of payment gateway to the users. These three payment gateway are:

  • Dukaan Pay: Dukaan pay is the basic payment gateway which use to be offered by the dukaan. under this payment method, Sellers have to pay flat 3% upon each transaction.
  • Razorpay: It is one of the biggest and most reliable payment gateway provider in India. While using razorpay, sellers have to pay in a range of 1% to 3% depending on payment method upon each and every transaction.
  • Cash on Delivery: No need to pay a single penny.


dukaan delivery

Dukaan use to offer two methods to ship products to your clients. These two methods are Dukan Delivery powered by DElhivery and Xpressbees and Self Ship under which you can use any delivery partner.

Marketing Campaigns:

dukaan marketing campigns

You can advertise your store from method you want either adword, facebook, or native ad networks like taboola or any other methods. The biggest thing that makes it unique is “They house advertising professionals which will optimize ads for you”.

These optimization can only be done through SMS broadcasting, Whatsapp Broadcasting, Facebook ADs, Instagram Ads, and App Download.

As the optimization done through them use to offer great conversion-to-cost ratio.

Dukaan Analytics:

The analytics offered by the dukaan is great, you will get basic details like AVERAGE ORDERS PER DAY, AVERAGE ORDER VALUE, AVERAGE SALES PER DAY, TOTAL SALES, SALES BY TOP REGIONS, and TOTAL SALES.

You can also integrate your store to the Microsoft Calrity, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixle and any other through the plugins it use to offer.

Pros and Cons:

During our detailed review, we found the following pros and cons of dukaan. These pros and Cons are listed below:


  • Very Reliable For India – India Centric
  • Indian Payment methods are accepted
  • Cleaner UI
  • Easy To start
  • Well defined Documentation


  • Very less Coustmizations
  • Can’t able to integrate HTML texts

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