Hey guys, today we are going to review Ezoic an AI-based Platform to simplify Publisher. In this Ezoic Review, we will try to conclude every segment of Ezoic as like Ezoic CDN (SITE ACCELERATOR), Monetization (Adsense Integration), Layout Tester, and many more.

Let’s start the Ezoic.com Review:

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic Review in Detail

Ezoic is AI (Artificial Intelligence) based platform that simplifies complex Internet infrastructure like ad optimization, Layout Testing, CDN and Revenue optimization for Publisher. Thus, Ezoic helped you by saving your time in doing these tasks. The primary focus of the ezoic AI-based platform is to provide a great experience to your user while Increase in Revenue to the Publisher or Webmaster. Thus, both of you will have a win-win situation.

How to Signup for Ezoic?

If you want to signup into Ezoic Platform, You must have to follow the following steps:

  • Go To Its Official Website – Link
  • Find login or Register button there
  • Fill the Form
  • verify the Email. Thus, you are a member of this community

The next, step is to integrate your website with the Ezoic Platform.

Ways to Intregate Ezoic with your Website:

During my Ezoic.com review, we find this is the most important part as most web publishers can able to configure their websites with this platform. Let us find out the way to configure Ezoic with your website. All ways are listed below:

Ezoic website Intregation

As a Web publisher, you can connect your website with the Ezoic.com platform through Name Server, WordPress plugin, and Cloudflare. Let us discuss these Ezoic Integration methods one by one:

Name Servers:

NameServer integration is Quite an efficient method for integration to the Ezoic Platform. If you want to Integrate through Name Server, you must have to change your name server from the existing one to new Nameservers prescribed by Ezoic Platform.

For Example:-

The old Name Server of my website is bob.ns.cloudflare.com and lola.ns.cloudflare.com which will be changed to chameleon.ezoicns.com, and crocodile.ezoicns.com after integration of your website.

Thus, your website has been integrated into the Ezoic platform through Name Server Change Method. The name Server integration is the only method to integrate your website with Ezoic’s CDN.

WordPress Plugin:

This is the most popular method of Integration in the Ezoic Community. If you use the WordPress platform as your CMS. You have to signup on the Ezoic platform. Then, you have to go to the add New plugin Section of your website or simply go to the wordpresss.org platform and download the Ezoic Integration plugin from there.

Now, You have to login into the Ezoic Integration plugin. After successful login, you are good to go. Your Integration with the platform has been completed through this method.


Integration of your WordPress CMS based website with Cloudflare is just like cutting the cake. Most of us use Cloudflare for the security and speeding of our website. If you have active Cloudflare for your website, then you have to just Go to the setting tab of the Ezoic. Find the Cloudflare option there. After, finding Cloudflare option there, just login in that with Cloudflare login credential (Login Id or Password).

Feature’s offered by Cloudflare:-

During my Ezoic review, I find it mostly offers four types of features to any Webmaster. These features are listed below:-

  • Monetization
  • Speed
  • SEO
  • Analytics

We are going to discuss these features one by one;


Many of us came to Known Ezoic when we are Searching about the ways to Improve Ads Revenue With Adsense or without Adsense. Ezoic is well known for improving user experience as well as revenue enhancer for the publisher. With the help of Ezoic, any publisher can enhance their revenue with the help of it. Let’s preview the Requirements.

Requirements of Ezoic:-

In this section, we are going to review the Ezoic platform for monetization. When completed the Ezoic review, we find these basic requirements are needed for a publisher to be part of the Ezoic Community. These basic terms and conditions are listed below:-

  • They use ask any pageview as requirements.
  • Every web page of Your website must be Pilgrimage Free
  • Must follow each and every content policy of Google Adsense.
How much Revenue can be Increased By Ezoic?
Ezoic Review Revenue optimization

With the help of Ezoic, we get a milestone as our revenue has increased from 5$ to 15$. We even get Surprised by this outcome. This outcome helps me to understand the actual potential of revenue you get from the search engine or any source. For using the Monetization feature of Ezoic, you must have 10% of your revenue to the ezoic.


Ezoic provides inbuilt caching for your website. These cached versions of your website are located in the servers of the Ezoic platform. Thus, this plan helped you to optimize your website with AI and saves a lot of time for you. Here is a video on the ways to enable ezoic on your website. – Link


SEO Ezoic

You can optimize the SEO of a website with the help of Ezoic as it helps you to integrate your website with the search console. It also helps you with Tag Testing.


Ezoic will help you to understand every segment of your website with the help of Big Data Analytics, machine learning and ad tester. This Analytics is one of the biggest alternatives of Google Analytics. All of the features like User Experience, traffic Source, Technology, site Speed, Seo and many more can’t be listed here.

Ezoic Level UP Program:

Ezoic Level up Progam review

Level-Up Learning is an optional program for Ezoic customers designed to help publishers grow their sites more efficiently by receiving access to invaluable information. Courses happen in one-month intervals and include educational exercises, coaching, product walk-throughs, and community discussion.

For details: – Click on this URL

Way Forward:

Implementing ezoic in your website will bring the best user interface that is highly recommended for any webmaster around the globe. For the best outcome, you must have to integrate your website with an AdSense account and make ezoic work for you.

However, after all, test I must conclude this platform must cost what it pays to you. That’s all for now.

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  1. ezoic has great Ui and monetization feature. it increases the our revenue by more than 250%. Thank you newsbuddy and ezoic. Thanks for detailed review…..

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