The FameDollars adult affiliate network appears to be one of the best at first glance, with niche sites and high-quality studio content. However, a further examination of the sites, galleries, and tools exposes some drawbacks that preclude us from recommending this otherwise excellent product to the average adult webmaster – particularly, those who primarily own and operate websites.

Those who mostly own and operate pornographic blogs, to be precise. The FameDollars programme consists primarily of adult studio-specific websites, with a few speciality sites thrown in for good measure. As a result, the majority of the content is non-exclusive, albeit a tiny portion appears to be made exclusively for certain of the programme sites.

Quick Fact: FameDollars Review

  • Payment Structure: 50% RevShare, $35 PPS
  • Payment Schedule: Biweekly
  • Payment Methods: Check, Paxum, and Wire.
  • Payment Minimum: $50

While the bulk of the adult affiliate sites in the FameDollars programme update, we were struck by the lack of any significant unique text. Although the titles and descriptions in the galleries or RSS feeds provide enough information for the diligent affiliate to create their own content, what is more noteworthy is the lack of scene description language on the sites.

The majority of the sites resemble tube sites, with surfers able to explore all of the latest updates and watch streaming movies to get a taste of what’s available in the members section. It should be noted, however, that canonical linking is used by the majority of sites in the FameDollars adult affiliate network.

Canonical links, for those who don’t know, are used to prevent duplicate content by telling search engines which URLs to index, in this case URLs without the affiliates ID. Because so many programmes now use canonical linking, it’s possible that this alone may be forgiven.

We believe that the FameDollars adult affiliate programme is not perfectly suited for the average affiliate – ie, bloggers – due to the lack of original material and the usage of canonical linking. Affiliates who own and operate high-traffic linklists, tube sites, TGPs, and/or MGPs will surely benefit the most from this scheme.

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