Node.js is a highly efficient, cross-platform runtime environment that’s built on Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine. It’s basically an open-source environment used to build real-time applications.

It’s an apt choice among developers as the Node.js platform is scalable, lightweight and lets you build the backend of most web applications. It’s undoubtedly the best option to choose dedicated servers for heavy web projects.

Also, Node.js has a large number of open-source libraries and ranks among the most widely used frameworks and libraries. After developing your application, how can you skip hosting? It’s because your website/app will be accessible to users. To host your Node.js application, you need Node.js hosting.

So, are you looking for a web hosting provider that can deploy your Node.js application? Here, I have a recommendation for you MilesWeb. You get an efficient Node.js hosting experience with MilesWeb.

Milesweb Nord Js

In this article, we’ll deep dive and know about their Node.js hosting plans and benefits.

Why Choose MilesWeb’s Node.js Hosting?

With MilesWeb, you can run your Node.js websites/applications on their Node.js optimized servers. Additionally, with their Node.js hosting plans, you get ample server resources to boost the performance of your websites.

The loading times of your website will be reduced a lot with a CDN network. Their regular caching technique makes sure that your website never slows down. With MilesWeb, you just have to look after the website and trust them for hosting.

Plus, with MilesWeb’s Node.js hosting plans, 24×7 customer support is included to resolve your queries related to web hosting.

Get excellent Node.js hosting experience with MilesWeb. They have four plans for Node.js hosting: Tyro, Geeky, Rapid and Turbo.

Tyro is the first plan starting at Rs.60/m. And the premium plan Turbo costs Rs.255/m on three years of subscription. You can choose a plan that best meets your requirements and budget.

Best Features of MilesWeb’s Node.js Hosting

Here are the best features of MilesWeb’s node.js hosting:

Hosting Made for Developers

You can host the node.js app without any hassle. At MilesWeb, you get to choose from a broad range of Node.js versions 6.17, 8.17, 9.11, 10.24, 11.15, and 12.21. They also offer a choice of versions of PHP so that your website is compatible with any combination.

Free SSL Certificate

With MilesWeb, you don’t have to pay any additional fees for purchasing the SSL certificate. Its included for free with their Node.js hosting plans. An SSL certificate is highly important for websites, as it keeps them secure from threats and malwares.

Secure Email Accounts

You can make use of IMAP/POP3 for creating email accounts for your domain. You can even customize spam filtering, and configure settings with the most popular webmail application.

One-Click Installer

Installing your favorite applications is now very easy. With our Node.js hosting plans we include a one-click installer that lets you install applications within just a single click. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and 400+ same applications can be installed with ease.

Pure SSD Storage Drives

Now get speedy performance to your websites/applications. At MilesWeb, we store your websites on a server with built-in 100% SSD drives. It offers the highest level of speed and performance to your Node.js application. The SSD drives are faster than conventional meaning traditional HDD drives.

Free Domain Name

A domain name represents the identity of your business online. At MilesWeb, they offer a domain name for free with their Node.js hosting plans. The domain name you get will be free for the first year, and renewal charges will be applicable from the second year.

cPanel Node.js Hosting

You can manage your node.js hosting account with the user-friendly control panel. With this tool, you can handle or manage the server resources, as well as the email, domain, and settings. Plus, there are no extra charges for your cPanel account as they are included with your Node.js hosting plans.

Website Migrations for Free                       

Want to migrate your website? MilesWeb offers website migrations at no additional cost. They have a dedicated migration team that carries the migration process for you. Their team will help you to move your existing site to MilesWeb’s server without incurring any downtime. With MilesWeb, the process of migration is not at all a daunting task.

Uptime Guarantee 99.95%

It’s necessary to keep websites online on the web at all times. As if your website is down even for a few minutes, you might skip on potential customers. MilesWeb takes great care and makes sure your websites are online 24×7. For this, they promise a 99.95% uptime guarantee. The company has a Tier-4 data centre having a highly redundant and secure infrastructure to keep websites functional at all times.

Getting Started with MilesWeb’s Node.js Hosting

When you sign-up for MilesWeb’s node.js hosting plans, your account will be set up instantly. This means you don’t have to wait for long hours and hours! Also, their support team is ready to guide you if you have any queries or questions.

Get started today and experience the fastest speed, performance and the wide range of benefits Node.js hosting offers.

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