Hey Guys, In this article we are going to discuss every possible aspect of Trafficforme ad Network. In this Trafficforme Review, we try to discuss, “what is Trafficforme?, How can you integrate it with your website?, Vertical or Ads Format of Trafficforme, CPM or CPC of Trafficforme, it’s Requirements and many more. Let’s start the Review on Trafficforme.

What is Trafficforme?

trafficforme review

Trafficforme is a premium ad space buying and selling marketplace based in Europe. In Trafficforme, we can manage our Campaigns in the process of Increasing our Profitability.

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How to integrate Trafficforme with your website?

During my Trafficforme review, we find a following method which is required in the process of integration of your website with the Trafficforme. These methods are listed below:

  • Go to the official website of Trafficforme
  • Fill your Email and click on signup through Facebook or Email.
  • Get your Email verified
  • Open the portal of Trafficforme
  • Submit your website under the website column
  • Get your website approved
  • Get the Codes to insert into your website

Trafficforme Ads format:

The ads format in Trafficforme, we get the following types of ads format. Actually, they use to manage your ads in the different different types of ads network as like Google Ads, Facebook Audience Network and so on.

Trafficforme Requirements:

During sovrn Review, we find the following basic requirements for the approval. These Requirements are listed below:

  • No Violent images or messages that promote violence;
  • You should not publish content that encourages the Promotion of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age;
  • Publishers should not publish content that encourages the Promotion of illegal activities;
  • You should not publish content that encourages the Promotion or display of defamatory, libellous or harmful material or material that otherwise infringes upon the rights of Trafficforme or any third parties, including intellectual property rights and rights of personality;
  • You should not publish Content that is inconsistent with Trafficforme’s policies and/or practices;
  • Spamming of a participant’s users who have registered for the Trafficforme services is highly restricted.
  • No Adult, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, libellous, infringing, abusive, or includes illegal content, does not promote hate or discrimination, facilitates the sale of firearms or illegal drugs, or participates or encourages participation in illegal activities is allowed.
  • Online Gambling. Trafficforme restricts the promotion of the following gambling-related content: Offline and online gambling, gambling-related information, games played for money or prizes,casino-based games, regardless of whether money is exchanged;
  • Every size of the website is allowed
  • No page View or visitors Requirements

Earning Potential: CPC and CPM

During my Trafficforme ad review, we find that Trafficforme uses to offers midrange CPC and CPM. The range of CPC is in the range of .006-.08$. The CPM of the Trafficforme is in the range of .03-1$. These CPM rates give the high potential of earning to the ad publishers.

Trafficforme Payment Method:

Trafficforme offers payment twice a month after reaching a threshold of 100$ through PayPal, WebMoney and Paxum. This low payment threshold help publisher to attain Good terms of Payment.

Trafficforme Payment Proof:

The screenshot shared below is a proof of payment and also described Trafficforme is a legit ad network.

We are currently working with the Traffic for me ads network for getting payment. So, when we get paid we will post the Payment proof here.

Trafficforme CPC rates:

During Trafficforme ad Review, we find it doesn’t offer CPC ads whereas it only offers CPM ads. The CPM of Trafficforme ranges between 1$ to 2$.

Trafficforme vs AdSense:

Comparison of AdSense and Trafficforme is waste of time as AdSense is boss in this field while Trafficforme has a very low marketplace. One major profit of using Trafficforme is publisher has full control of CPM rates of ads in Trafficforme.

Pros and Cons of Trafficforme:

In this section, we will discuss pros and cons of using Trafficforme ad network. Let’s find the pros and cons:


  • You have full control of the CPM rate of ads.
  • worldwide Coverage.
  • Easy Approval
  • Constant Earning


  • Advertiser may determine your website fit for their campaign or not.
  • CPM rates are highly moderate

Trafficforme Plugin to connect with WordPress:

Till now, Trafficforme does not offer any type of plugin to connect it with WordPress.

Trafficforme alternative:

In this section, we will try to explore every possible alternative of Trafficforme. All Trafficforme alternatives are listed below:

  • Ezoic: Ezoic is AI (Artificial Intelligence) based platform which simplifies complex Internet infrastructure like ad optimization, Layout Testing, CDN and Revenue optimization for Publisher. Thus, Ezoic helped you by saving your time in doing these tasks. The primary focus of ezoic AI-based platform is to provide a great experience to your user while Increase in Revenue to the Publisher or Webmaster. Thus, both of you will have a win-win situation. (Here a detailed Review of Ezoic AI-based Platform.)
  • Clickadu: Adsterra is a Premium ads network established in 2003, serving more than 25b Geo-targeted ads around the world. Before Covid, they only approve website which has more than 1 Lakh page view per month but nowadays, they are approving small website with Quality Traffic. The headquarters of adsterra is in Cyprus.
  • Adnow: Adnow is an Ads Network which was Introduced in 2014 by the Bunch of some Digital Marketer and Big Data Analyst. The ad Network started to Work from 2015, they are becoming smarter day by day as from there they updated their Algorithm more than 15 time. From 2015, Adnow is a Hub of more than 150k publishers and serves more than 4B impression on daily Basis. These are the Data given by Adnow. ( Here a detailed review of Adnow ad Network.)

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