Hey guys, today we are going to review bemob. In this bemob review, we will try to explore every possible aspect of this Link tracking system as like “what is bemob? “, “what is the pricing for bemob?” and many more. Let’s start the detailed review of bemob:

What is Bemob?

BeMob is a performance marketing tracking software for media buyers, affiliate and performance marketers. This cloud-based platform is a reliable product with the complete set of advanced tools to analyze and optimize your advertising campaigns in the most efficient way.

What is the Pricing of the bemob?

bemob pricing

We almost four types of plans which are offered by the bemob during our review. These four plans are very unique limits usefull fr every unique users.

Let’s start the descussion of bemob pricing:

Free Plan:

The free plan is specially built for new advertiser or affiliate Marketer as they have a very low pocket. The Free plan use to come with a limit of 100k events per month. After, this limit the webmaster have to pay $1 per 1000 events and custom SSL for 5 Domains.

Professional Plan:

The Profesional plan is built for the Freelencer or Blogger or Content Creator who has secured very little success in thier life. The cost use to start from $49 per month. For this price, you will get a limit of 1 Million Events Per Month.

Business Plan:

If, We talk about the business plan, then, we must say a business plan is built for the campaign run by the SME company across World. The pricing usually starts from $249 per month. Under this SME company will get a limit of 10 Million Events Per month.

Enterprise Plan:

This plan for those webmaster who use to run multiple Campign with very high volume of traffic. For this plan, they have to pay $499 per month. For this $499 per month, they get a limit of 30 Million events.

Bemob Feature:

We found lots of the feature during our detailed review of bemob. Some of these features are very important for advertiser, Affiliate Marketer, Digital Marketer or anyone. These important features are listed below:


Webmaster can track the conversion with the help of Bemob. BeMob Direct Pixel is at your service to track your Facebook, Google Ads, Bing campaigns, when the campaign link is not accepted. All the traffic data will be displayed in the tracker as though you are using the URL redirect.

With BeMob it is possible to set the required cost model (CPA, CPM, CPV or Revshare) and choose the convenient payout method (auto or manual) to see the most detailed data on profit-based metrics.


BeMob provides the accurate traffic entering to assure that the relevant offer will be displayed to your audience. Avoid day-to-day routine tasks with rules for traffic distribution and improve the campaign performance.

Bot traffic shall not pass when using our fraud detection system. Detect non-human traffic for further optimization on the side of your traffic source. Create your own black & white lists and forward bots to the trash, protect your landing pages from spy tools.


Organize your dashboards and workspaces by flexible customization options. BeMob provides you with basic themes and predefined color themes to assure the most convenient tracking experience.

Our servers are delivering the data on incoming traffic instantly, right after the campaign launched on the side of your traffic source. Due to cloud architecture and our great experience that we have implemented in BeMob no traffic is lost.


Organize the work of your team. Share the elements, manage your teamwork in workspaces and distribute the workload between members. Work with your team by adding users to your account and setting up permissions to the required elements.

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