In this era of Online Earning, everyone must be heard about Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, SERP, Affiliate Marketing and many more. So, we are to discuss with Affiliate Marketing and it’s the outcome as like Passive Income, Popularity and many more. When Everyone thinks about Passive Income, the first thought came to your mind is Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is nothing but the working for the commission which publisher get by Advertising other’s product.

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Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Source: Wikipedia

While initiating affiliate marketing, you must have to consider about benefits and losses, Publisher may face during the promotion of other’s product.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

Relation Between Advertiser, Publisher and Consumer

Affiliate Marketing: Advertiser

There are too many benefits of using Affiliate Marketing for a company. Some of the benefits of using Affiliate Marketing are listed below:

Affiliate Marketing: A Performance Based Ads

Affiliate Marketing support’s conversation-based Ads, conversion help you to maintain the cost spends on any product. Thus, Affiliate Marketing will increase your sales, maintain your cost and ensure fixed revenue on any product.

Affiliate Marketing: Broaden Your Audience

Affiliate Marketing help you to broaden your audience as this increases the chance of collaboration between you and company with different niche’s.

Affiliate Marketing: Scale your Sales

With the sales-based ads, company can scale their sales within the minutes with constant ads spending.

Affiliate Marketing: Publisher

Affiliate Marketing is most beneficial for the Advertiser. Some of the basic benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Publisher are listed below:

Affiliate Marketing: Easy to Approach

Being a billion-dollar industry, every person can initiate to success in this industry. In this industry, anyone approaches an unlimited number of offers in any niche.

Affiliate Marketing: Unlimited Earning Opportunity (Passive Earning)

Passive Earning is the thing for which everyone in this world wants to join the the world of Affiliate Marketing. WEBMASTER get paid for each conversion, the payment can be recurring or one time. This recurring payment might go for lifetime. Thus, it created a lifetime opportunity for lifetime.

Affiliate Marketing: Be Your Own Boss

Publisher can work Independently, he/she also have Flexibility and Convenience on the working hours. Webmaster have full control on his/her working conditions.

Affiliate Marketing: Techniques and Strategies are limitless

Publisher or WEBMASTER have infinity number of ways to consider. He/she have number of the ways to starts Affiliate Marketing. Webmaster may choose the way how to promote other’s product. They can create their own content or start a blogs/website’s to promote others content.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

Publisher Don’t Control Affiliate Marketing Programs

Publisher do not control the rules and regulations of the Advertiser, he/she must have to promote and respect the rules and regulations of the Advertiser. Rules and regulations changes periodically, these changes can diversify the income of WEBMASTER.

WEBMASTER Can’t Establish their Customer Base:

It is clear that if you refer any product to any of the visitor, visitor signup to the product. Repeating visitors buy the product directly from the merchant. So, you don’t have the control over future of affiliate marketing.

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