Hey guys, we are here with the Top 10 Best Hosting Providers in India and the World. These hosting Providers are Awesome. However, we have created a list of Best cloud Hosting around the Globe. The List has two parts namely Best Unmanaged Cloud Hosting Provider and best-managed Cloud Hosting provider. These two distinctive Solutions will help you a lot in the process of selecting the best hosting solution for your website.

What is the Basic difference between Managed and Unmanaged Cloud?

The Basic difference between managed and unmanaged cloud is server management. In managed cloud hosting, You are hiring someone or some company to manage your server while in the unmanaged cloud you have to manage the server for yourself.

Let’s start the discussion with the list of the best cloud hosting solutions:

Best Unmanaged Cloud Hosting Solution in 2022:

In this section, we are talking about the best Unmanaged cloud hosting provider around the globe. These unmanaged cloud hosting providers are awesome and have a market share of more than 80% of unmanaged cloud hosting around the globe. Let’s start the discussion of the best-unmanaged cloud hosting around the globe.


AWS SES Sendgrid Alternative

AWS stands for Amazon web Service backed by mighty Amazon LTD. It offers two types of servers EC2, Lambda, and AWS Lightsail. This server has a great response time as it has a bandwidth of more than 10k Gb per second around the Globe. AWS captures more than 15% of the market share around the globe while if we talk about its data centre, then we must say it has more than 39 data centres around the Globe. (Here a detailed list Of best AWS alternative.)


microhost review

Microhost is the First and only company in India based company who have their own platform for the cloud computing services founded in 2010. It uses to offer Virtual Private Server for small as big Companies around the globe. Microhost has its 5 Data centre in the three-continent(India, US, and Germany). It is one of the most leading cloud hosting server provider around our mother earth.

Currently, it has more than 160K Clients around the globe. Some of the Microhost Clients are from fortune 500 companies like Yatra.com, Honeywell, Airtel, Saurya, National Board of Exam and many other. (Here a detailed review of Microhost with the detailed alternative.)



GCP stands for Google Cloud Platform. The server has a good response time of 180-300 ms around the globe. It has multiple servers around the globe. The infrastructure you got from the GCP server is the same infrastructure on which search Engine google uses to run. However, the cost of the server is also high in comparison to the other service provider around the globe.


Digitalocean is a top in class VPS cloud servers provider based in the USA. It’s server starts from $5 per month. It offers servers in 13 data centres located in 8 cities from 7 different countries. The response time ranges between 50-300ms around the globe. The website hosted in Digitalocean server is mostly small websites. Signup Now For digitalocean


Linode is a top in class VPS cloud servers provider based in the USA. Its server starts from $5 per month. It offers servers in 13 data centres located in 8 cities from 7 different countries. The response time ranges between 50-300ms around the globe. The website hosted on the Linode server is mostly small websites. Sign Now for linode

Managed Cloud Hosting Solution:

In this section of the article, we are going to talk about the best-managed cloud hosting provider available around the globe. These managed cloud hosting providers use to rule the market of managed cloud hosting solutions around the globe. Some of the most famous cloud hosting Providers are listed below:


memecache Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider was founded by Uzair GaditPere Hospital, and Aaqib Gadit in 2009 and its headquarters is located on the island of Malta in Europe. They also have an office in Dubai as well as Spain. Till now, the staff of cloudways helped more than 15,000 customers around the world to set up 50,000+ servers in the world’s best cloud infrastructure.

It uses to offer the managed servers which are backed by the world’s best Top-Notch Cloud Hosting Providers namely AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, GCP and Vultr. Cloudways also offers it CDN by a Brand Name Cloudways CDN which is backed by  StackPath (formerly known as MaxCDN). (Here a detailed review of cloudways with the best alternative to cloudways.)


bluehost review

Bluehost is a leading managed cloud hosting provider around the globe. Many new website owners use to prefer Bluehost as its hosting provider around the globe. The server response time, and support you get in the Bluehost is Excellent. The service offered by them is great. The servers of the Bluehost is located in the USA. signup Now for Blue Host – Link


LiquidWeb is a Europe-based hosting solution backed by liquid web LLC. based in Europe. The Ping and pricing are Good but for the Europen union audience. So, if you have good traffic in the Indo-Pacific region, then is a very bad choice for you. -Signup now for Liquidweb. link

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