Are you a webmaster, and always affraid of SEO strategy.

If yes, then, you must be in a search of the perfect keyword research tool. You have gone through one of the most popular SEO research tools like Semrush, Ahref, or many others.

But there is a catch, these popular SEO tools are costlier to afford for small digital content creators.

So, we are here with the another SEO reasearch tool named Kwfinder or Mangools.

In this article, we are going to review KWfinder or Mangools SEO optimization tool. In this mangools review, we are going to explore many aspects like “what is Kwfinder or Mangools?”, Tools we get in kwfinder, how to do keyword research with kwfinder and many more. Let’s start a very detailed review of kwfinder:

What is Kwfinder or Mangools?

Kwfinder is a keyword research tool backed by mangools established in 2014 by Peter having headquarter in Slovakia, EU. Mangools use to offer many tools like Kwfinder, SERPchecker, SERPwatcher, LinkMiner, and Link Profiler.

Out of these four SEO optimization tools offered by Mangools Kwfinder is a highly efficient and most popular Search Engine Optimization tool which makes webmaster’s rush toward mangools.

Let’s review mangools all four SEO optimization tools in very detail especially KWfinder.

How to Signup for Kwfinder or mangools?

The KWfinder is a pretty good SEO optimization platform. If you want to signup for the KWFinder. You need to follow this step. These steps are listed below:

  • Go to this link – KWFinder
  • Fill Your Email and Name
  • Verify Email…
  • You have successfully joined Mangools

Pricing: Mangools Review

Mangools is a pretty good SEO tool backed by the data of SERPstat. So, i think duing our inital review the cost of KWFinder must be high. But the pricing i found in Mangools is pretty low. The pricing is listed below:

mangools seo tool pricing
  • Basic: This is the basic plan offered by the Mangools for the KWFinder. This plan uses to cost approx $400 per year. The webmaster will get all features with a low limit of attempt.
  • Mangools Premium: The mangools premium plan comes at the cost of $432 per year. You will get some extra features in comparison to the basic plan.
  • Mangools Agency: It is the ultimate plan offered under the agency plan of Mangools. You will get an unlimited limit under all features.

Features: KwFinder Review

mangools features - KwFinder

Mangools use to offer many features like KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. These tools offered by KWfinder are pretty good. Let’s talk these features in details:


kwfinder feature review

KWFinder is a keyword research tool offered by the Mangools. The webmaster can get insights regarding Keyword Difficulty, Keyword exploration in term of a Single Keyword or by Domain. Let’s start the detailed discussion of the KWFinder.

Keyword Analysis Through KEYWORD:

For Example, we searched The term Keyword on the KwFinder “Best WordPress Theme“. We get the analysis like Keyword Difficuly(Organic as well as Paid), Auto Complete Keyword, Related Questionof that keyword, SERP analysis with backlink analysis and many more.

Keyword Analysis through Domain:

For Example, we searched the analysis for the domain on the KWFinder. We get detailed analysis like Ranked Keyword and the detailed analysis of these keywords in the SERPs.

SERPChecker: Mangools Review

SERPchecker is a tool offered by the Mangools along with KWFinder to get a deep look into the SERPs of any specific keyword. This tool almost offers the same feature in comparison to the SEmrush, Rankactive and many others.

SERPWatcher: Keyword’s Rank tracking Tool

SERPwatcher is a Keyword’s SERP checker and keyword Tracking tool offered by the Mangool along with the KWFinder. You can track the keyword in any location at a interval of Every 24 hour.

LinkMiner: KWFinder Review

linkminer KWFinder Review

Linkminer is one of the most important tools offered along with the Mangools. This tool will help you extract the backlink of the domain. These backlinks will help you to create the perfect strategy to rank your website in the SERPs by improving SEO.


SiteProfiler Kwfinder tool

SiteProfiler is the most important tool that I found during KWFinder review. This tool of mangools use give the insights of your domain like overview, Backlinks, Top-Content(Ranked Keyword), and best competitors of your domain.

You will get the backlink profiler of your website and many more……

Conclusion: KWFinder or Mangools Review

During our detailed review of the KWFinder or mangools, we must say it is a slow SEO optimization tool as raw data of this tool is very slow. If your pocket is hard, then, you must prefer this SEO tool.

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