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What is Knownhost?

knownhost review

Knownhost is a fully managed website hosting solution like other solutions like Cloudways, Siteground, Chemicloud and many others with headquarters in the USA. It use to offer Shared Web Hosting, Unmanaged VPS Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Managed WordPress Server and Managed dedicated Server.

So, its use to offer everything a Web host can offer to its Clients.

Great to Know About Knownhost

Get the Most powerful hosting for your WordPress website

Features: Knownhost Review

There are too many features that use to be offered by the knownhost to its customers. Some of these features are listed below:

  • 3 WORLD-CLASS DATACENTERS: USA(West or East) plus Netherlands are now available. While we recommend Georgia as a first pick, strictly because we have the most variety of plans available, any of our 3 datacenters would be a great choice.
  • 500Gbps+ DDoS Protection: Security optimizations as well as our custom DDoS protection, are preconfigured to your installation BEFORE ever logging into your account for the first time!
  • FREE Data Backups: knownhost gladly offers preconfigure your backups so that, in the event of a failure or corruption, you’ll have a fallback position to restore and resume operations.
  • Web Hosting Choices to Suit: Starting in 2017, we moved to 100% SSD on new hosting accounts. Choose your ultra-high performance platform of choice: Cloud or SSD.
  • 99.99% Proven Uptime: knownhost talk about dependability a lot because it is a core value at KnownHost. We strive to be dependable no matter the customer or plan because that is what our customers deserve!
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Plans offered by Knownhost:

There are five plans that use to be offered by the knownhost to its customers. These five plans are listed below:

Shared Web Hosting:

Shared hosting allows multiple websites to utilize a single server. Packages on these servers have an allotted amount of server resources such as CPU, RAM, Storage, inode and process limit. Our shared hosting uses cPanel with Cloudlinux utilizing account isolation.

This allows your website to operate without being affected by other websites on the same server. We offer plenty of benefits on our Shared hosting such as Litespeed Webserver with LSCache, free SSL Certificates, imunify360 and pitchman (available per account). Offering all of these services into our Shared hosting allows us to craft a premium product for our customers. We recommend starting a little higher, not just buying for cost, but buying quality hosting for what your website needs 6+ months from now as it grows.

Some of the basic features of Knownhost shared hosting Solution:

Features: Knownhost Shared Hosting

  • Fully Managed
  • Powered by LiteSpeed Webserver
  • SSD Cloud Backed
  • Free Migrations
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

Managed VPS:

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is when a web hosting provider takes one or several servers and applies a virtualization method(OpenVZ) that utilizes containers so that it can have several servers within it, each of which can run its own operating system and can be rebooted independently.

With a VPS, each has its own allocation of the physical resources such as disk space, CPU, RAM and premium bandwidth with the freedom of having your own control panel. Our VPS’s are built on 100% SSD Storage infrastructure backed by a redundant and route optimized network.

The benefit of managed VPS hosting is that the web hosting provider is responsible for managing the server including system upgrades and configuration so you can focus on running your business!

Some of the basic features of Knownhost Managed VPS hosting Solution:

Features: Knownhost VPS Hosting

  • Premium Raid Storage
  • Automatic Updates
  • Free Migrations
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

KVM Cloud Servers:

A KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is another type of VPS (Virtual Private Server). KnownHost KVM Cloud Servers operate on a OpenStack cloud platform. This provides full virtualization(not containerization) that is built on storpool distributed storage with enterprise-grade hardware that allows us to provide redundancy while offering the performance that KnownHost is known for.

KVM allows you to operate your own operating system with additional benefits compared to your traditional VPS, such as the ability to use your own kernel version. Not only does KnownHost offer managed cloud servers, but now you can experience an unmanaged KVM Cloud Server on KnownHost’s excellent network backed by our rock-solid infrastructure.

Features: KVM Cloud Servers

  • Fully Managed
  • Custom Packages Available
  • Automatic Updates
  • Free Migrations
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

Pricing of Cloud Server:

The pricing for unmanaged cloud servers used to start from $8 per month but managed cloud server webmasters have to pay $50 per month for a 2Gb server.

Dedicated Servers:

A dedicated server is a bare-metal server with its own dedicated resources available in various builds for your use exclusively. Dedicated servers can be set up for the long term growth of your business or performance for your new application.

Knownhost only utilizes enterprise-grade hardware on all dedicated server provisions. Dedicated servers allow additional features such as software/hardware RAID on top of all of our offered software additions; Litespeed, LSCache, Imunify360, and Cloudlinux, this allows us to help build the best platform for any scenario. KnownHost Dedicated servers are housed currently only at our data centre in Atlanta, GA.

Pricing: Dedicated Servers

For unmanaged dedicated servers, the pricing used to start from $42 per month and for management of the server webmasters have to pay $49 per month.

TTFB or Server Response Time:

In this era of core web vital diameters of SEO has changed drastically. The TTFB or server response time, we found during our detailed review is 920 ms without CDN and 600ms with CDN for the Indian visitors.


Alternative: Knownhost Review

There are too many alternatives are available to knownhost. Some of these alternatives are listed below:

  • DesiVPS: Desivps was founded in 2019 with a simple idea: to provide affordable SSD VPSs with powerful features to DEsiVPS Clients. Though their prices are low, performance is their main focus. They offer the kind of hosting that clients want at the kind of prices clients want to pay with the best quality service and customer support.
  • Hostclub99: Hostclub99 is a Jaipur, India based hosting as well as a domain service provider like another hosting provider. It used to offer unmanaged cloud servers to webmasters around the globe. The datacenters offered by the Hostclub9 is in Northern USA.
  • Siteground: Siteground is a web hosting solution powered by the Powerful Server of Google and its own servers for very low latency and SEO. The Pricing of Hostclub99 is pretty high in Comparison to Hostclub99.
  • Cloudways: Cloudways is one of the best-managed cloud hosting provider which was founded by Uzair GaditPere Hospital, and Aaqib Gadit in 2009 and its headquarters is located on the island of Malta in Europe. They also have an office in Dubai as well as Spain. Till now, the staffs of cloudways helped more than 15,000 customers around the world to set up 50,000+ server in the worlds best cloud infrastructure.
  • Easywp: Easywp is a Managed WordPress Hosting Solution backed by Namecheap’s Cloud server located in United States. According to Easywp, Easywp has a latency is almost .7s which is totally wrong as it offers TTFB around 0.7s which is pretty high.
  • Microhost: Microhost is the First and only company in India based company who have their own platform for the cloud computing services founded in 2010. It uses to offer Virtual Private Server for small as big Companies around the globe. Microhost has its 5 Data centre in the three continent(India, US, and Germany).
  • Bluehost: Bluehost has become so important and well-known Brand in Website hosting for the last 15 years. Bluehost started its journey in 1996. Now a day, Bluehost use to offer shared, VPS as well as a dedicated hosting plan to host websites around the Globe. It was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. It has more than 800 staff working around the clock(24*7). The Servers of Bluehost are only located in the United State of America. (Here’s a detailed review of Bluehost with the best alternative.)
  • HostingDarte: Hostingdart is a low cost managed WordPress hosting provider. It uses to offer Shared hosting Services, VPS Hosting, reseller hosting and domain.
  • Intechdc: Intechdc is a Mumbai based Hosting company founded in 2019. It uses to offer low cost Managed and unmanaged VPS as well as cloud hosting to the clients. All these plans come with 1GBPS bandwidth speed. During our detailed review, we find it used to offer more than 50 plans to its customers. Let us the detailed plan:

Great to Know About Knownhost

Get the Most powerful hosting for your WordPress website

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