Hey Guys, in this article, we’re going to review Oktopost, we will try to cover all the possible aspect of Oktapost in the following article. I hope the detailed discussion in this post would help you with enough information about Oktopost. Please read this article till the end so that you don’t miss anything. Stay tuned and visit our website for other informative content like this.

What is Oktopost?

oktopost Review

Let’s first discuss what is Oktopost before getting into detail. Oktopost is a social media marketing tool, if you are owning any business and you are trying hard to take your business online, as well as offline therefore you need social media marketing so that you can target your customers online too. That’s when Oktopost steps in. It manages your multiple social media accounts and put them in sync at once.

In other words, Oktopost is a pretty decent tool that helps you to promote your business online. It’s not just limited to distributing your content on social media rather it helps you to engage your targeted audience with your business and is helpful in boosting revenue and profit.

Additionally, I’d like to add that it provides data security in order to protect your data as per compliance.

Oktopost Review: How to sign up?

Just like any other tool or software that provides online services, you will require an account on it in order to avail of its services. follow the below steps for sign up.

  • Go to Oktopost official website, there you will see it in the top right corner as book a demo click on it.
  • In the next window, you have to fill in some personal details such as your first and last name, email ID mobile, etc.
  • Once you get registered then you can able to use Oktopost with a free trial and a paid version too.

Oktopost review: Prices

Prices are not disclosed on the website, they are offering the first free demo to use Oktopost once the free demo ends then you have to pay the prices. I believe you can reach out to them directly via email or any contact details available on the Oktopost website in terms of prices. They might help you.

Oktopost review: Features

As we have already discussed that Oktopost is the best tool for the B2B model. The one who’s owning any business and trying to do online marketing then Oktopost is pretty useful for you. There are three main three features included if I summarize them.

  • Social Media Management: When it comes to promoting business online you know we have to target every social media platform to outreach your targeted customers, in this scenario Oktopost is a quite well versatile tool. It will surely take care of all of your accounts and place them in sync so whenever you post something you don’t need to go one by one rather you can just hit all the social media platforms at once. It applies automation to your social media accounts.
  • Social Media Analytics: Oktopost is also capable to analyze your social media accounts as well as each one of your business posts so that you can provide the best and most organic content about your product or service in which regards you are posting. Oktopost keep an eye on your post’s performance and let you know the accurate result related to how many people like or dislike your post also how many people reach on it. It also helps you to outreach relevant customers.
  • Social Media Marketing: Well social media marketing includes all the aspects such as your posts, contacts, content curation, Keyword selection, etc. Oktopost will surely help you to provide the best service to promote your business online.

Oktopost review: Pros and Cons


Oktopost provides a great service to its users. I would highly recommend you to get this toll if you are owning any business because it is quite an amazing tool for the businessman or woman. Oktopost is a highly efficient tool in order to manage all your social media accounts and pt them in sync but that’s not enough. Oktopost is also tracking all your social media posts and providing the accurate performance of every post that which post generates more revenue and which needs to be modified. It definitely going to help you a lot in terms of social media engagement.


Oktopost has nothing very much except a few things and just like every other tool or service it has some cons as well. It is a bit expensive if your organization is not working on a large scale otherwise it is worth purchasing. The second point that comes to my mind while researching is that once you paid or the trial version gets expired it does a little confusing how would it be reworked again but you can reach out to their customer service they will help you in this scenario. Apart from these two points, I don’t see any downside here so in my opinion, it is not a big deal to reject Oktopost.

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Oktopost review: Alternatives

Well, there are other options also available in place of Oktopost. These oktopost alternative has almost the same features in the comparison of this Social Media Optimization Tool. That’s why I’ve summarized those alternatives are listed below.

1st Oktopost alternative: Ninjaoutreach

Ninjaoutreach is also one of the great options you have, I mean provides you more than Oktopost. as it sounds by its name outreach so it’s the best tool in terms of reaching out to your targeted audience as well as it is useful in content curation. Here is the detailed article on this Ninjaoutreach.

2nd Oktopost alternative: # Semrush

Semrush Review

The second good alternative is Semrush. it is nothing wrong to say that it is one of the competitive tools for Oktopost. it provides you many benefits along with the market strategies such as SEO marketing. We have a detailed review on it do check out Semrush.

3rd Oktopost alternative: Scoop.it

Scoop.it review

The third option in place of Oktopost, I would suggest the scoop.it. I mean it also provides you with the same features just like Oktopost provides you. It is also useful in creating good content for your niche. Go check out the detailed article on Scoop.it one as well.

4th Oktopost alternative: Contentstudio

The content studio is also a very good alternative for Oktopost, I mean it has the same amount of features that Oktopost has. I believe both are good competitors with each other. Contentstudio is more beneficial in order to content curation. But much familiar like Oktopost.

5th Oktopost alternative: # Sproutsocial

Well, Sproutsocial has many similarities likewise. It is also best in social media audience engagement. Sproutsoical is a highly competitive tool for Oktopost. I would recommend this tool as well if you are owning any business.

6th Oktopost alternative: # Buzzsumo

buzzsumo chrome extension

Buzzsumo is a master tool, I mean it is being used by many bloggers and content marketers doing online business. It is a way more classy tool than any other tool is out there right now. Please read the detailed article to know more about Buzzsumo.

7th Oktopost Alternative: Rank Active

Rank Active is an SEO management platform offer tools like content Curation, Website Audit, Backlink audit, a content analyzer in a single point of time. All of these tools make Rankactive best alternative to The Rankactive.

Way Forward: OktoPost Review

Just to summarize Oktopost review, It is nothing wrong to say that Okptopost is a cheap and one of leading tools for social media marketing and social media influencer finder tools for any business or brand. You should give it a try and the most amazing part of it is that it is giving you 30 days free trial. so go ahead and test it your own before investing money into it.

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