Hello folks, I hope you all are doing well. Today we’ll be reviewing the Ninjaoutreach tool in this article. We will try to cover every possible aspect of Nonjaoutreach as “What is Nonja outreach? How is Nonjaoutreach beneficial for you? and how does it be different from other Content Marketing software?”. So I would request you please stay connected till the end of this article. Let’s get started with the review of Nonjaoutreach:

What is Ninja outreach?  

Ninjaoutreach is a Content Marketing tool that helps you to get connected with the best social media influencers in your niche in order to compete with them or partner with them. For marketing purposes, you can reach out to your niche influencers through email or social media accounts or you can analyze their work, and make strategies accordingly.

It is going to make your life a bit easy when it comes to marketing research. It is nothing wrong to say that this is one of the best features of this software ever had. Ninja outreach is best for small businesses and digital marketers who are planning to grow their business online or who are looking to promote their business digitally. So Ninja outreach will surely help you in these scenarios.

How to sign up for it?

Well, it is not very difficult to create an account or sign up on Ninjaoutreach. The following steps will surely help you to create an account over Ninjaoutreach. Let me add one more thing here to get a free trial or paid plan sign up is mandatory. So keep this in mind.

  1. Go to https://ninjaoutreach.com and find the sign-in button in the top right corner and click on it.
  2. After you will see a screen pop-up where it will ask you to sign in through Gmail or ID Password but first you need to sign up. See the below screenshot.
  3. Find the below details and fill in the screenshot. Afterwards, you will have an account on Ninjaoutreach. Once you get an account on Ninja outreach then you will be able to get the benefits from it.


There are two plans Flex and Pro as of now you can check out on ninjaoutreach.com. Ninjaoutreach also gives you the opportunity to take a free trial for 7 days before investing any money.

Having said that there are two plans one is Flex and another one is Pro. So there is nothing very much difference if we compare both of them. In both plans, you will have the same features except the quantity(Search Volume).

  • In terms of contact, the Flex plan gives you 1000 contact whereas the Pro plan gives you 3000 contact.
  • The second would be Seat(s) in Flex you have 1 seat, on the other hand, Pro gives you 3 seats.
  • Emails connectivity Flex allows you to connect one email whereas Pro allows 4 emails to connect.
  • The monthly email limit by Flex would be 10000 emails each month whereas as per the Pro plan email range would be 15000.

That are all 4 differences we find in both plans during our Ninjaoutreach review. But in my opinion, it’s fine to go with Flex when we get all the similar features with it.

Let’s talk about the yearly plan first. Ninjaoutreach is giving a huge discount of almost 60 % off for now if you take the yearly plan which costs around Flex $119 per month and for Pro, it is $199 per month.

Whereas if you take only a one-month plan prices will jump high. The Flex monthly plan will become $299 per month and Pro will be $499 per month. Which is a bit expensive in my opinion.


Well, as we said in the beginning that it is user-friendly when it comes to market research about your niche. It will definitely be going to make your life super easy. It saves a lot of time to find your competitors. With just in few filters and searches you will find your niche market influencers so smoothly. For example, if you are looking for Twitter influencers related to your niche all you need to create a list take a look at the screenshot below.

List Name: First name your list let says “Content Marketing Twitter influencers”.

Permitted team members: Next, select any email in your team to whom you want to share this list or who can view your list.

Tag: This is a very good feature over here like specifically what is your targeted social media platform where you can reach out to your competitors. Select accordingly like here I select Twitter because I’m targeting Twitter influencers after that click on the find social leads.

Afterwards, a window will open where you will find Instagram and Twitter as search engines. Go to Twitter and search content writing and now you will have your influencer’s details magically. There are more features like what kind of competitors are you looking for such as bloggers, influencers, executives, the company even journalists. So it is a pretty cool feature as far as I know.


There is plenty of other software that gives you the same amount of features as Ninjaoutreach is providing. Please have a look at them as well.

Ninja outreach alternative #: Semrush

When it comes to the best alternative ninja outreach alternative. Then the name semrush comes as the best alternative to Ninjaoutreach. By subscribing to semrush, you will get Content marketing as well as SEO tools. That’s great. Here a detailed “Semrush Review“.

Ninja outreach alternative #: Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a big brother of every content marketing tool used by almost 30% of Brands and Content marketers around the world. Buzzsumo offers almost the same features that are offered by Ninja Outreach. Here is a detailed “Buzzsumo Review“.

Ninjaoutreach Alternative #: Social Animal

The Social Animal is also a very good tool with almost the same features except the one to reach out to your competitors. The way Ninjareacout gives you this extra feature. So it is worth choosing Ninjaoutreach over Social Animal.

Ninjaoutreach Alternative #: Sproutsocial

Well, it is also one of the good alternatives and has equal features just like Ninjaoutreach. Sprout social is also useful in terms of social engagement. If we talk about pricing then Sproutsocial is a bit cheap than Ninjaout reach. The starting package is $99.

Ninjaoutreach Alternative #: Oktapost

Oktapost is meagerly used in B2B. It is very useful if you have a business and doing market research. Ninjaoutreach has also done smoothly this job too. Both tools are good at their places.

Ninjaoutreach Alternative #: Scoopit

Scoopit is a content curator tool for businesses that helps users to research content, plan, and strategies based on the analysis. Ninjaoutreach is good at outreach to your niche influencers or bloggers whatever.

Ninjaoutreach Alternative #: Contentstudio:

The content studio is also a content maker and planner tool. It is a useful tool for bloggers or influencers who research content for their own websites. It is also quite cheap than Ninjaoutreach. It has a starting package of around $49.

Ninjaoutreach Review: Pros and Cons

Guys in this section, we are going to review ninja outreach for its pros and cons. Let’s start the discussion on ninjaoutreach pros and cons:


Ninjaoutreach is a very good tool in terms of reaching out to your targeted clients. It gears up your outreach in just a few filters that you can set up as per your requirement which somehow going to make your life much easy. It is highly efficient in its job. So it is nothing wrong to say that it is worth spending such money.


Well just like every positive aspect there are a few flaws here. As per my research, I’ve found that many people complained about their terms and conditions policy and their professional behaviour. They have not transparent their contacts detail. There is no phone number on their website where you can reach out to them directly.

Also, there’s a problem with the free trial when it’s over it automatically deduct money from your credit card which is a little disappointed afterwards if you ask for a refund they refused and refer to their terms and conditions, there is no refund policy. So I would suggest being conscious before taking a trial just read the terms and conditions on their website.

Way Forward

Conclusively, based on the research Ninjaoutreach is truly a very good tool for bloggers, influencers, and small businesses. It would be playing a very good job in order to grow your business or market. So go ahead and crack a deal if you find it useful for yourself.

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