Are you new to web industries, Experience too much difficulty to generate revenue as your AdSense is either not approved or your application has been disapproved(rejected)? To ease these problems we are here another ad Network Popularly Known as Adpump with Adpump Review.

In this article, we try to conclude every aspect of Adpump ad Network with respect to its 360 degrees review as like CPC, CPM, CTR, ALTERNATIVE and requirements.

What is an adpump?

adpump review

Adpump is a New York-based only publisher focus ads network. Currently, it has a reach of more than 10% of internet users around the globe. It primarily focuses on the Publisher revenue and pretends to increase the revenue.

Features of Adpump: Advertisers

There are too many important feature’s of Adpump, some of the important feature’s of Adpump are Listed Below:-

  • Adpump’s CPC offers range from 0.008- .02$ for all Tier countries. thus, the basic costs for clicks are very low.
  • Adpump owns there own click fraud detection service, thus, ensure high-quality traffic to the Advertisers.
  • In their Terms, there are no arguments for commitment for Publisher while Advertisers offers their own ads on their own terms like CPC and CPM.
  • Adpump also offers CPA(Affiliate Ads), these Affiliate ads can be used anywhere without a limitation of your ads.
  • The Adpump system is easy to start and easy to use to create both text ads and ads with images for the same CPC cost. The conversion percentage of Adpump is high.
  • According to Clickbank members, it is as high as 80 per cent. Click fraud is at zero risks. They filter all unfair traffic and click in real-time with a state-of-the-art technology system and 24/7 human monitoring. No clicks that are determined to be fraudulent are paid for.

FEATURE’S OF Adpump: Publisher

There are too many Grand features of Adpump Networks. Some of the Feature’s for Publisher are Listed below:

  •  Adpump ads can go side by side with Google Adsense without affecting your AdSense account.
  • Adpump pay 80% that is the highest in the industry.
  • Adpump pay monthly through, Moneybookers / and Alertpay
  • The minimum payout of Adpump is $10.
  • Adpump ads are keywords targeted just like AdSense.
  • Design your ads display to blend ads with your website.

How to signup in the Adpump Network?

During my Adpump publisher’s review, we find the publisher must have to follow the steps that are listed below:

1- Sign up for a free account.
2– Copy some JavaScript code we give you.
3– Paste the JavaScript in any blank space in your website or blog, wherever you want to show ads from Adpump.
4– Watch your income growing day by day.

Payment Proof: Adpump Review

There is too many Payment Proof for Adpump which shows it is a Legit ads Network. Let’s see Payment Proof:

We are currently working with the Adpump ad network. So, when we get paid we will paste right here.

Adpump Vs AdSense:

Comparison of both ads Network Adpump with AdSense will bring you on a comprehensive dialogue. As AdSense is the most paying, popular, with the highest CPC as well as CPM and a reach of all around the Globe. While, when we talk about Adpump, we find Adpump has the most advanced anti-fraud click technology Which makes it the best Adword alternative to Publisher. It’s low CPC makes it a bad choice for Publisher in respect of AdSense.

Adpump Review: Requirements

During our Adpump publisher review, we find the following simple Requirements are needed to join this ad network. These requirements are listed below:

  1. Highly authoritative TLDs domain. (We Recommend Bigrock for purchasing the domain)
  2. They do not accept free hosting (Blogspot) (we Recommend Cloudways for the managed hosting of your website as it provides top-notch hosting at a very low price. – (Here a Detailed unbiased review of Cloudways.) and Siteground while we recommend Microhost and Kamatera for Unmanaged Hosting.
  3. Video streaming sites are not accepted for Native Ads (other allowed)
  4. No faucet sites/ illegal websites
  5. They will not allow download sites for Native Ads (other allowed)
  6. No excessive advertising
  7. Unknown pageview Uniques /day (5000 pages per day for Native)
  8. All language accepted
  9. Traffic from all countries
  10. Google Analytics Installed

Alternative Ads Network: Adpump Review

Though Adpump is a brilliant ads Network for both Publisher as well as AdSense. Thus, we recommend the following lists of ads Networks to be chosen by Publisher as it’s Alternative ads Networks:

  • A4D Affiliates: A4D is an affiliate marketing marketplace where the advertiser uses the platform to get the sales while the publisher gets the links of affiliate products to promote. They use to work on long-term goals while it has been established in 2008.
  • SmartyAds: SmartyAds is a USA-based Publicity ads network for both publishers as well as Advertisers. It offers Banner as well as Native Ads on the basis of CPC AND CPM with around a world presence.
  • Adscpm: AdsCpm is a USA-based Publicity ads network for both publishers as well as Advertisers. It offers POP-UPS, POPO-DOWN, and Pops on the basis of CPM with a world presence. (Here a detailed review to adscpm with its best alternative.)

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