Hey Guys, today, in this article, we are going to explore the best caching plugin for Woocommerce.

Many of us use to run WooCommerce stores for our own or for our clients (Join our Ad Agency for Profitability).

We often face issues like slow speed in our woocommerce stores. Sometimes it use to ranges between 3s to 10s if optimized unproperly. After optimizations, the speed comes down from 3s to 1s and 10s to 3s. This is the power of caching.

What is caching?

WordPress Caching or simply caching is a process to store copies of your wordpress pages in your own Server or at the CDN around the globe to give a very good user experience to the visitors. At wordpress, this Caching use to be done by some wordpress plugins. These caching plugins temporarily save or preload your webpages, which ensures servers need not process information every time visitors access a website or application.

There are lots of benefits to caching the wordpress website as caching helps to improve the Speed of the website while saving the resource used to process the query.

How caching works on the wordpress website?

There are almost three ways to cache the wordpress website i.e Client-Side CachingServer-Side Caching, and CDN-side Caching. Let us discuss these three caching one by one:

Client-Side Caching or Browser-Side Caching:

Browser-Side Caching is a last end caching that use to be cached at the browser of the visitors. Every WordPress website has approx 50% of its content is static(images, CSS files, and JavaScript files). No matter which browsers, your visitors are using. Let us discuss with the example:

For Example:

A visitor, when landed at your website, may visit more than 1 page every time and they may visit multiple times. Then, in the ideal condition, visitors should always download webpage from the server but this doesn’t happen. Visitors only download the whole webpage on an only first visit while visitors don’t download it like Logo, CSS, Javascript and many others in the next visit or webpage view.

Server-Side Caching:

The server-side caching includes:

  • Page caching
  • Database query caching
  • Object-based caching
  • Opcode caching
Page Caching:

Page-Caching is a simplest and most used caching in wordpress websites. It uses to save a copy of the webpage in the disk or ram of your server that s going to be served to the visitors of the webpage for a very fast user experience.

Database Caching:

Databases are the backbone of the wordpress website either your website doesn’t have any plugin installed or your website have lots of wordpress plugins. We all know a database query used to take lots of time and energy of your server. To save this time and energy, we often cache this into the RAM.

Full Page Caching:

As Webmaster, we often try to cache the whole wordpress webpage but it tends to be impossible as every webpage is a dynamic webpage.

We have only one way to cache the whole webpage I.e pre-loading. So, we have to consider only those wordpress plugins that offer to preload.

So, during our detailed analysis, we found these caching plugins for woocommerce. These WordPress plugins are listed below:

Best caching Plugin to skyrocket Woocommerce website speed:

Best caching Plugin to skyrocket WordPress website speed

Some of these woocommerce caching plugins are paid one and only supported by their hosting solution. The Caching Plugin of Woocommerce which are listed below can be white labelled and supports dynamic caching that is very necessary.

WP Rocket: Most Popular Cache Plugin for WooCommerce

wp rocket cache plugin

WP Rocket is one of the most popular and powerful woocommerce caching plugin in the world. It will instantly reduce your load time if tweaked with the Redis and Memcache. Over 2,000,000 websites are already boosted by WP Rocket. It’s recognized as the most powerful caching plugin by WordPress experts, and also the best-rated premium caching plugin.

Features of Wprocket:

  • Browser caching
  • GZIP compression
  • Database optimization
  • Minification and concatenation
  • Defer JavaScript loading
  • DNS prefetching
  • Lazy loading

Pricing: WPRocket Cache Plugin

The sprocket used to cost $49 per year for one website while it goes up to $249 for an unlimited number of websites for one year of updates.

WP Fastest Cache: Freemium Cache Plugin for woocommerce

WP Fastest Cache plugin

WP Fastest Cache is a freemium cache plugin with a complex interface. In its paid version, its use to offer it use to offer some silent features. Some of these silent features are listed below:

  • Minification and concatenation
  • GZIP compression
  • Browser caching
  • Cache preload
  • Image Optimization For Free (Webp)

When a page is rendered, PHP and MySQL are used. Therefore, woocommerce needs RAM and CPU.
If many visitors come to a site, they use lots of RAM and CPU so the page is rendered so slowly. In this case, you need a cache system not to render pages again and again. The cache system generates a static HTML file and saves lots of Ram and CPU.

Pricing: WP Fastest Cache

The pricing of WP Fastest Cache used to start from $49 per year along with image optimizations.

W3 Total Cache: Most sophisticated wordpress Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a freemium caching plugin that helps you speed up your woocommerce website with all the necessary tools for beginner, intermediate and advanced WordPress users to accelerate your SEO, User Experience and Search Rankings. It is the most sophisticated wordpress cache plugin.

W3TC is the web host agnostic Web Performance Optimization (WPO) framework for WordPress trusted by millions of publishers, web developers, and web hosts worldwide for more than a decade. It is the total performance solution for optimizing WordPress Websites.

Features: W3 Total Cache

  • Minification
  • Opcode cache
  • Database cache
  • Object cache
  • Browser cache
  • CDN integration
  • Fragment cache

Pricing of W3 Total Cache:

The pricing of W3 Total Cache use to start from 8.85$ per month

WP Super Cache:

Wp Super Cache is a free woocommerce caching plugin developed by the mother of wordpress Automatic itself. This plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After an HTML file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

The static HTML files will be served to the vast majority of your users:

  • Users who are not logged in.
  • Users who have not left a comment on your blog.
  • Or users who have not viewed a password protected post.

99% of your visitors will be served static HTML files. One cached file can be served thousands of times. Other visitors will be served custom cached files tailored to their visit. If they are logged in or have left comments those details will be displayed and cached for them.


  • Exclude specific content from being cached
  • Integrate with a JetPACK or BunnyCDN
  • Enable cache preloading functionality
  • Add browser caching

Cache Enabler:

woocommerce cache enabler plugin

Cache Enabler is a simple, yet powerful woocommerce caching plugin that is easy to use, needs minimal configuration, and best of all helps improve site performance for a faster load time. It is backed by the KEYCDN and costs zero dollars per month.

It creates static HTML files of frontend pages and stores them on the server’s disk. This allows the static HTML files to be delivered instead of generating pages on the fly, avoiding resource-intensive backend processes from the WordPress core, plugins, and database.


  • Fast and efficient cache engine
  • Automatic smart cache clearing
  • Manual cache clearing
  • WP-CLI cache clearing
  • Cache expiry
  • WebP support (convert images to WebP with Optimus)
  • Mobile support
  • Brotli and Gzip pre-compression support
  • Minification of HTML excluding or including inline CSS and JavaScript
  • Real-time cache size display in the WordPress dashboard
  • Custom post type support
  • 304 Not Modified support


sucuri cache plugin

Sucuri is a caching cum best firewall and security plugin. The main motto of this cache plugin is to provide a firewall to wordpress websites and caching as a free add-on to the webmasters.

It’s a must to have a solution for every wordpress website as it offers a firewall at the DNS level. It works almost like Cloudflare with an additional feature “PRe-loading”. This Preloading makes a secure and fastest solution for wordpress websites.

Comet Cache:

comet cache

The Comet Cache plugin uses configuration options that you select from the options panel. Comet Cache -› Options in your Dashboard. Once a file has been cached, Comet Cache uses advanced techniques that allow it to recognize when it should and should not serve a cached version of the file.

By default, Comet Cache does not serve cached pages to users who are logged in, or to users who have left comments recently. Comet Cache also excludes administrative pages, login pages, POST/PUT/DELETE/GET(w/ query string) requests and/or CLI processes.


  • SIMPLE and well-documented configuration (just enable and you’re all set!).
  • Options to control the automatic cache clearing behavior for Home and Posts Page, Author Page, Category, Tag, and Custom Term Archives, Custom Post Type Archives, RSS/RDF/ATOM Feeds, and XML Sitemaps.
  • URI exclusion patterns (now supporting wildcards too).
  • User-Agent exclusion patterns (now supporting wildcards too).
  • HTTP referrer exclusion patterns (now supporting wildcards too).
  • The ability to set an automatic expiration time for cache files.
  • Client-Side Caching (to allow double-caching in the client-side browser).


  • The ability to cache logged-in users too! (VERY powerful, particularly for membership sites).
  • A new improved “Clear Cache” button in the admin bar (along with an option to enable/disable this feature).
  • Options for Automatic and Intelligent Cache Clearing of Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types, Categories, Tags, Links, Themes, Users, and more.
  • The ability to disable Dashboard notifications related to automatic clearing/purging on change detections.
  • ability to clear Markdown-related cache files generated by the s2Clean theme for WordPress (if installed).
  • The ability to run custom PHP code whenever the cache is cleared.
  • The ability to Auto-Clear a List of Custom URLs.

Hyper Cache:

Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is a cache plugin specifically written to get the maximum speed for your WordPress blog. It can be used in low resource hosting as well on high-end servers.


  • Mobile aware: double cache for desktop and mobile site versions
  • HTTPS ready
  • Lots of configurable bypasses: matching cookies, matching urls, user agents, …
  • Comments aware: is able to serve cached pages even to visitors who commented the blog (perfect for blog with great readers paritipation)
  • Cache folder can be moved outside your blog space to exclude it from backups
  • Controls over cache cleaning on blog events (post edited, comments, …)
  • Autoclean to controls the cache used disk space
  • CDN support

Built-in cache: Managed WordPress hosting Solution

We have talked about the leading wordpress cache plugin that is available now a day. But we have not included the best wordpress cache plugins that are being offered by the managed WordPress Hosting providers. So, we have listed down the best cache plugins provided by managed hosting provided. These Plugins are listed below:

SG SuperCacher:

Siteground review

Siteground offers especially for its customers a best in class Cache plugin popularly known as SG cache optimization PLUGIN. Through the SG cache plugin, the webmaster can cache THREE layers of the website. This three-layer are dynamic level, Full Page LEVEL and NGINX direct delivery.

The dynamic-level and Full-page level caching use to be done by the SG cache. So, the SG cache is the backbone of the Siteground’s fast loading time. (Here is a detailed review of Siteground.)

Bluehost Caching:

bluehost review

Bluehost use to offer an inbuilt cache for the website hosted on its platform. This hosting solution is a pretty well Hosting Solution with a high webpage loading speed. (Here is a detailed review of Bluehost.)


Cloudways Hosting Review

The Breeze WordPress Plugin is in-house developed by Cloudways. It offers almost every optimization to your website. It can offer many features like Auto purge varnish, Basic Option, Advanced option (gzip, minification and compression), Database Optimization and CDN optimization. Breeze is compatible with every CDN Provider as Stackpath, Cloudfront, Cloudflare and others. (Here is a detailed review of cloudways).

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