Do you need a personalized event book system? If yes, then, you might be a digital service provider, doctor or professional who wants to schedule his or her meeting when your client is available to talk freely.

This all heavy weight lifting of your tasks can be done through an impressive platform named dotcal which we are going to review in this article from a professional point of view.

In this Dotcal review, we are going to touch on many aspects like “what is dotcal?”, features, plans, alternatives, My journey through it and many more. Let’s start the detailed review of Dotcal:

What is Dotcal?

dotcal review

Dotcal is a personalized event booking platform that use to offer meeting or event booking page along with the integration with the webSite through embeds and integration with cloud software like Google Calender, Microsoft calender and their docs along with personalized links to book the events.

It is pretty new in this ever changing market but it positioned itself as a gamechanger. Dotcal has a great UI and a user friendly even for beginears.

The wide variety of beautiful booking templates from boho chic to minimal and modern offer a polished booking tool to help anybody make a great first impression.

Plans: Dotcal Review

dotcal review - pricing
dotcal pricing

There are three plans which use to offered by the dotcal.

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan

These three plans are great according to the usage of the user. So, let’s discuss these three plans one by one:

Free or Starter Plan:

Free or Starter plan of the dotcal is the entry level plan and built for the person who doesn’t want to invest and in the initial phase of event scheduling the meetings and many more. Under this plan, you will get a chance to integrate only one calender with the branding of the dotcal.

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Pro Plan:

This is entry level paid plan of the dotcal built for those people who can afford to pay. The plan will cost $8 per month but here is a offer for you – You can use dotcal pro for $4 a month by using this link.

The pro features of the dotcal that is being offered by it are listed below:

  • Unlimited booking pages
  • 2 calendar connections
  • Include coworker availability
  • Hide Dotсal branding
  • Custom calendar invite titles
  • Accept payments

Ultimate Plan:

This is the ultimate plan that use to be offered by dotcal. The plan will cost $12 per month but here is a offer for you – You can use dotcal pro for $4 a month by using this link.

The pro features of the dotcal that is being offered by it are listed below:

  • All of the Starter + Pro features
  • 6 calendar connections
  • 24/7 support
  • URL redirects on meeting confirmation
  • Training and onboarding


During dotcal review, we find lots of features. Some of it’s features are compratively useful and out of the box. These features are listed below:

  1. Personalized booking links: A custom URL and booking experience.
  2. Unlimited meetings: Zero restrictions on the amount of meetings you can book.
  3. Meeting Templates: Create unique meeting templates for every occasion.
  4. Calendar connections: Connect up to six calendars at once with our enterprise plan.
  5. Custom embeds: Add DotCal directly to your website.
  6. Accept payments: Require payment before a user can book a meeting.
  7. 24/7 support: We’ll always be available to answer questions and help navigate DotCal.

Best Alternative to Dotcal:

In this section, we will deal with the best alternatives to dotcal. These alternatives are very similar to the dotcal. These alternatives are listed below:

  • Eventbookings: EventBookings is an affordable and powerful event ticketing platform for event organisers, promoters, and managers. Easily create, promote and sell tickets to your events of any type and size.
  • Simplybook: Design a professional and customized look for your booking website. Choose from our beautiful brand new fully responsive templates to fit your company brand. You can even choose the most convenient way for your clients to see your booking availability such as by class, time or staff.

Way Forward:

I am currently using this platform and booked more than 500+ event by shifting from the eventbooking platform.

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