Hey Guys! Today we are going to review the Hootsuite tool. We would try to cover every single such relevant point which might help you to make the right choice. Request to you please be with me till the end of this article so that you don’t miss anything. So, let’s get started.

What is Hootsuite?


Hootsuite is basically a Social media management tool. It has been founded in 2008 and it is one of the oldest social media management tools. Hootsuite helps you to manage your multiple social media profiles such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and etc. It is the choice of millions of people around the world. Hence, it is a social media software for managing social media accounts.

Who needs it?

Hootsuite is basically used for social media marketing. The ones owning a business and aiming to promote its product or services on social platforms, then it is might be for you. Hootsuite will surely be going to handle your multiple social media accounts in order to update your product or services at the same time and help you to reach and engage your targeted audience.

Social media is playing a vital role in the current situation where everyone is using it enormously. People are spending more time on social media nowadays so it is the best opportunity for all small and large enterprises to be synchronized with their audience.

Apart from it, it is not just limited for traders even though Hootsuite is being used by even professional bloggers, Digital marketers etc.

Hootsuite Pricing:

There are four types of plans on their website which are following:

  • Professional plan: this plan gives you 1 user access along with 10 social media accounts handling access and unlimited scheduling. The price is 1260 per month.
  • Team plan: Under this plan, you will get 3 user access with 20 social media accounts handling access and unlimited scheduling. The price is 6600 per month.
  • Business plan: This is an advanced plan for businesses specifically, according to this plan you will get 5 plus user access with 35 social media accounts handling access as well as unlimited scheduling and the price of this plan is 45000 per month.
  • Enterprises: There are no specific details disclosed on the website, if you are interested in this plan you have to reach out to them through emails or contact number available on the website.

Hootsuite sign in:

Now let’s discuss how to sign in on Hootsuite in order to use its services. It is required to sign in on Hootsuite whether you use a free trial or a paid one. below are the steps that will help you to sign in on Hootsuite.

Step 1: go to https://www.hootsuite.com/ and find the sign up option.

step 2: click on the signup and there you will need to fulfill required details such as name, email address, and password.

Step 3: once you signed up, you will get a confirmation email at your inbox.

step 4: Open the link received in your mailbox and confirmed the email. afterward, you will get their promotion and offers email in your mailbox.

Step 5: now you can log in into Hootsuite.com.

Hootsuite Alternatives:

There are plenty other tools or software which gives you kind of same features, so don’t miss out to check them as well before taking final call.

Hootsuite Alternatives: Ninjaoutreach

Ninjaoutreach is a very good alternative for Hootsuite, It allows you many features besides social media management. Ninjaoutreach is being used by professionals and small and large enterprises. It is best in outreach to your targeted customers and helps you understand your competitors’ marketing strategies. you can read the full article here Ninjaoutreach.

Hootsuite Alternatives: Oktopost

Oktopost is a social media marketing tool, if you are owning any business and you are trying hard to take your business online, as well as offline therefore you need social media marketing so that you can target your customers online too. That’s when Oktopost steps in. It manages your multiple social media accounts and put them in sync at once. Here a detailed article of oktopost.

Hootsuite Alternatives: Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a powerful content marketing tool made especially for content marketers to Get a close insight at the competitor’s website or any Topic that has proven historical data. In this powerful content marketing tool can help us to get great content ideas for their upcoming post. Nowadays, Buzzsumo offers a beta tool for keywords to new signups. Here a detailed review of Buzzsumo with its best alternative.

Hootsuite Alternatives: Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a content curation tool that helps in content creation by LINKFLUENCE COMPANY. If you are a content developer, blogger, or owner of small enterprises then you know how painful is to produce content. you know it takes a lot of effort to collect so much information such as keyword research, a topic and many more, after spending too much time on research, at last, you are able to write your content. That’s when scoop.it steps in when it comes to making good content. Here a detailed review of scoop.it with its best alternative.

Hootsuite Alternatives: Semrush

Semrush is an SEM tool that can help you optimize your website for various Search Engine like Yahoo, Bing, Google, or any other search engine available worldwide. Though semrush has been founded by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov in 2008. Now a day, it has more than 6 million userbases with a database of 20 Billion Keyword, 810 million Domains in around 140 GEO Database (Countries). Here a detailed review of semrush with its best alternative.

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