As a Digital Marketer, influencer or company you always need to search and close with your clients. For this tough task, you always need to have a CRM in comparison to the manual approach. So, we are with the best CRM Keap.

So, in this article, we are going to learn a detailed outlook about the Keap through its review. In this keap review, we are going to touch on many aspects like “what is keap?”, features of keap, pricing of the keap, the alternatives of the keap, and many more. Let’s start the detailed review:

What is keap?

keap review
Keap Review: The CRM of the Year 5

Keap is a CRM (Customer relationship management) platform formally Infusionsoft which is developed and managed by Infusionsoft Ltd. with headquarters in Azerbaijan and established in 2001.

Keap’s CRM and sales and marketing platform was built to help you dramatically grow your sales and save time by eliminating business chaos. If I talk about myself, my digital company’s sales have grown by more than 350% within a month.

You can capture leads from your website and social media with landing pages. Tie them directly into your automated sales and marketing campaigns and schedule the meeting with no more time.

Keap Pricing:

keap review pricing

During our review, we find keap use to offer three plans to its user. These all three plans are best in nature and discussed in a very detailed nature and listed below:

  • Lite: The lite plan of the keap is a basic plan offered by the infusionsoft. The pricing of the lite plan use to come at $79 per month. This plan is for solopreneurs and new businesses – core CRM, automation, and email tools to get organized, automate follow-up, and close more deals.The plan ideal for the company which need very few features while handling customers around the globe. You can handle 500 customers under this plan.
  • Pro: The Pro plan of the keap is moderate level plan offered by the infusionsoft. The pricing of the Pro plan use to come at $159 per month. For growing businesses – create automated, repeatable sales processes and marketing campaigns to save time and increase sales. You can handle 500 customers under this plan.
  • Max: The Max plan is highly packed plan which needs automation as well as simplicity. The pro plan use come at $199 per month. For established businesses and teams—use our CRM, secure payment platforms, ecommerce, and advanced automation to optimize your sales pipeline and grow your online revenue. You can handle 500 customers under this plan.


This is the most important section of my review of keap and I like it most. Under this section, we have listed the best and most important features of keap. These important features are listed below:

Sales and Marketing Automation:

Keap helps to save lots of time by simplifying the workflows of the business like client onboarding, upselling, and many more. I have saved more than 10 hours by adopting this platform. When a web form is submitted, keap sends an email on signup, after that you can automate everything until you automated everything.

CRM: Customer relationship management

client management CRM KEAP

Businesses can manage clients through a dashboard offered by the KEAP. These clients can be lead or paying clients. You can capture leads through web Forms through custom lead forms, landing pages, and social media.

Sales Pipeline:

Sales Pipeline Keap

Businesses can open and regulate pipelines for payment. They can work through Leads, Qualifying Sales, and fully paying clients. Stop wasting time with spreadsheets. Get a big picture view of your entire process and easily manage new leads as they move through the funnel. Create multiple, customizable pipelines that sync with Keap’s CRM to automatically turn leads into deals.

Reporting and Analytics:

Visualize traffic, data, or insights using our updated analytics dashboard. Gain the valuable insights your data can provide to make smart business decisions with sales information and stats.

Keap’s marketing reporting software comb through your millions of data points.

  • Conversions by sales stage, lead source, and other criteria
  • Form completion, email open rates, click-throughs, and more
  • Marketing and campaign performance
  • Contact action

Email Marketing:

Keap provides painless migration of your contacts and data with the help of our Expert Coaching team. We make switching over from competitors like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, easy, fast, and seamless. No interruption in your business is needed.

Alternative: Keap Review

During our detailed review of keap, we have listed the best alternative to it. These alternatives are good in nature and are listed below:

HelloBar: #1 Keap Alternative

Hellobar is nothing but a service for the websites to create high CTA banners backed by Neil Patel. Hello Bar uses to offer different types of Popups, It helps you to increase the rate of conversion of the visitors into Potential Customers of yours. During our HelloBar Review, we find, it uses to offer the exact number of tools a webmaster requires to boost its revenue. (Here a detailed review of HelloBar with its best alternative.)

Converkit: #2 Keap Alternative

Convertkit is one is a Email marketing platform that helps you to find your audience, turn them into true fans, and earn a living as a creator with Convertkit’s audience building and email marketing software. (here is a detailed review of convertkit with the best alternative.)

Mailmunch: #3 Keap Alternative

Mailmunch is a email marketing and Leads Generation CRM platform for the business with headquarters in Canada. The platform offers popups, Landing Pages, Autoresponders, forms and many more. These all features combinedly makes it a deadly CRM around the globe and give a competitive over others. (here is a detailed review of mail munch with the best alternative.)

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