Hey Guys, In this article we are going to discuss every possible aspect of Trafficfactory ad Network.

In this Trafficfactory Review, we try to discuss, “what is a Traffic factory?, How can you integrate it with your website?, Vertical or Ads Format of Trafficfactory, CPM or CPC of Trafficfactory, it’s requirements and many more.

Let’s start the Review on Trafficfactory.

What is Trafficfactory?

Trafficfactory Review

Traffic factory is a CPM and CPC based real-time bidding self-serving adult ad Network based in Israel whereas established by Trafficfactory in 2008. Trafficfactory is a Self-serving ad network for an advertiser which is a unit of Intango.

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How to integrate Trafficfactory with your website?

Integration of Trafficfactory with your website can be done in the following easy steps:

  • Go to the official website of Trafficfactory
  • Fill your Email and click on signup through Facebook or Email.
  • Get your Email verified
  • Open the portal of Trafficfactory
  • Submit your website under website column
  • Get your website approved
  • Get the Codes to insert in your website

Trafficfactory Ads format:

It offers ad network for advertisers, Work as like Adroll, and TrafficJET (A product of Semrush).

Trafficfactory Requirements:

There is a large twist and turns with respect to requirements. The twist is that Trafficfactory does not require any requirement while ad seller can or cannot select your ad space for your their ads. It’s Trafficfactory peace of mind to select your website or not.

Trafficfactory Earning:

Trafficfactory offers a Great CPM as it’s a CPA based ad Network that gives its publisher a great potential to earn online.

Trafficfactory Payment Method:

Trafficfactory offers payment Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly, Weekly after reaching a threshold of 35$ for Cheque, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer,  Payza, Western Union, Direct Deposit as a Payment Method. This low payment threshold help publisher to attain Good terms of Payment.

Trafficfactory Payment Proof:

The screenshot shared below is proof of payment and also described Trafficfactory is a legit and Network.

Trafficfactory CPC rates:

During Trafficfactory Review, we find it doesn’t offer CPC as well as CPM to the publisher. Adwork media only offer CPA and CPS ads to its publisher. The Rates of CPA, as well as CPS rates, are moderate. The rates are .03-.07$ for CPS while 2-15$ for every CPA ads.

Trafficfactory vs AdSense:

Comparison of AdSense and Trafficfactory is waste of time as AdSense is the boss in this field while Trafficfactory has a very low marketplace. One major profit of using Trafficfactory is publisher has full control of CPM rates of ads in Traffic factory. The rates, we get from Trafficfactory is very very Low.

Pros and Cons of Trafficfactory:

In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of using the Trafficfactory ad network. Let’s find the pros and cons:


  • You have full control on CPM rate of ads.
  • worldwide Coverage.
  • Easy Approval
  • Constant Earning


  • Advertiser may determine your website fit for their campaign or not.
  • CPM rates are highly moderate

Trafficfactory Plugin to connect with WordPress:

Till now, Trafficfactory does not offer any type of plugin to connect it with WordPress.

Trafficfactory alternative:

In this section, we will try to explore every possible alternative to Trafficfactory. All Trafficfactory alternatives are listed below:

  • Ezoic: Ezoic is AI (Artificial Intelligence) based platform that simplifies complex Internet infrastructure like ad optimization, Layout Testing, CDN and Revenue optimization for Publisher. Thus, Ezoic helped you by saving your time in doing these tasks. The primary focus of the ezoic AI-based platform is to provide a great experience to your user while Increase in Revenue to the Publisher or Webmaster. Thus, both of you will have a win-win situation.(here a detailed review of ezoic with its best alternative)
  • Mgid: The MGID Ad network was established in 2004 and has a head office at 1149 Third Street # 210, Santa Monica, CA, 90403 by a private company named MGID.inc. MGID has become the global pioneer and world leader in the field of indigenous advertising. This is today when Mgid becomes one of Native Advertising’s most innovative platforms.
  • Revshare: Revshare is a CPA based Affiliate Network based in the USA whereas established by Revshare LTD in 2010. Revshare mainly offers LINKS of Affiliate Product, Content Locking, CPA, CPS and Many types of Affiliate Earning.
  • Content.ad: Content.ad is a CPC and CPM based self-serving ad network established in 2004 by Content.ad LTD in the USA. During Content.ad Review, we find it only offers ads in Native as well as Push Notification.
  • Earnify: Earnify is a Queensland based native DSP AD network. It offers ads meditation to more than 35 ads network. The best alternative to earnify is mgid. it is too hard to manage more than two ad network for the publisher as well as advertisers. It provides you with a solution like precise customer targeting to gain high CTR, depth analytics, conversion optimization and fraud prevention. all of these features will save more a great chunk of money.
  • Taboola: Taboola ads are those Ads that are shown by ‘taboola.com’. These ads are native in nature. Taboola is a local promotion gadget that distributer puts on their destinations to adapt their substance or publicize to enhance their substance reach.

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