Hey guys, As a webmaster, we are facing a lot of Problem that is Conversion. While Getting Thousands of user every Month you can’t able to convert those users to your customers or making revenue from them. This is the major problem all of us usually face.

If I talk about this blog Newsbuddy, I faced a lot of problem on this issue. Then plugin like HelloBar come into action. Hellobar increases our conversion rate of .00001% to 2% which is a very sales conversion rate. Let’s Begin a detailed review of Hellobar with the best alternative:

What is Hellobar?

hellobar review

Hellobar is nothing but a service for the websites to create high CTA banners backed by Neil Patel. Hello Bar use to offer different types of Popups, It helps you to increase the rate of conversion of the visitors into Potential Customers of yours. During our HelloBar Review, we find, it uses to offer the exact number of tools a webmaster requires to boost its revenue.

However, if talk about the setup process. Then we must say, Hellobar use to offer a very Simple setup process despite having lots of tools. Let us learn how we can setup HelloBar:

How to Signup For HelloBar?

Hey guys, During our detailed review. we find these methods primarily used by every one of us. These methods are listed below:

  • Go to the official website – Link of HelloBar
  • Now Enter your domain in the box and click on Create Free Account
  • Enter Email Id and Password,
  • Thus Your account has created, You will get a Verification Email
  • Verify The Email, Thus Your Account of Hello BAr is Fully approved.

After This, you and I must Have to Learn the Methods to Setup the HelloBar tool in our website.

Methods To Install Hello Bar in Websites:

Here a video, published by HelloBar officially, to illustrate the method of integration of your website with the HelloBar and Hello Email. Let’s discuss these methods of Integration of your website in very detail that we found during Hello Bar Review;

Step 1: Integration of HelloBar with Your CMS

HelloBar Integration
Hellobar CMS Integration

There are almost three ways to integrate your website with hello Bar. These methods depends on the CMS (Content Management System). Let’s discuss these three methods with its CMS are listed below:

Integration of WordPress with HelloBar:

hellobar CMS WordPress

If you want to integrate your website with WordPress hosted on any platform like cloudways, Plesk, Chemicloud or any hosting, you must have to follow these steps. These steps are listed below:

  • Go to the Administrative panel of the website, then
  • Go to the Plugin Section,
  • Search the HelloBar in the Plugin Section of Your Website
  • Install HelloBar, Active the WordPress Plugin of HelloBar
  • Now You have to Get Code named “Site Snippet
  • Thus, You Connected Your Website with HelloBar
  • Now, You have to Create Forms in the HelloBar that we are going to illustrate forward.

Integration of Wix with HelloBar:

wix hellobar

If you want to integrate your website with Wix, you must have to follow these steps. These steps are listed below and shown in the image listed above:

  • Go to the administrative panel of the Wix based website, then
  • Go to the Setting
  • Click on Tracking and Analytics
  • Get the HelloBar Add-on
  • Paste the Site Snippet
  • Thus, your website is integrated with the platform
  • Now, You have to Create Forms in the HelloBar that we are going to learn in the upcoming section of this article.

Integration of Hello Bar with any CMS:

This is the first method listed in the hellobar installation method that we fined during this detailed review. Under this method, you will get javascript from the platform. You have to install this Javascript in the body section of the website. Thus, you integrated the hellobar into your website.

Let’s talk about the tools and its specification of these tools offered by the HelloBar.

Tools Offered under HelloBar:

There are two tools offered under the brand name of Hello Bar. These tools are Hellobar and an integrated Email Marketing tool named Hello Email without any extra charge. HelloEmail is a new tool and in the beta phase, So, we will discuss this tool in the upcoming days, when it will be open for the public.

Step 2:- How we can create Popup in HelloBar:

In this section, we are going to learn the steps to create different types of popups from the HelloBar platform. Let’s start the methods in this detailed review and guide of Newsbuddy. The Methods are listed below:

Login to the HelloBar > click on Menu BAR > CLICK ON Create New POPUP, now you can design the perfect popup for your website. Let’s design a perfect popup for our website that really convert users to customer.

Select Your Goal:

hellobar Pick Your Goal
hellobar Pick Your Goal

In this section, you can select your Goal of the popup campaign You are going to create. These goals are listed below:

  • Collect Email: This Goal is very important as this help to increase the Email List on your website. Thus, you get a genuine userbase with a lot of the Potential
  • Get Phone Call: This option will enable visitors to call you with one click. Thus, you created a direct connection to your visitors.
  • Social Traffic: Through this goal, You can drive a lot of traffic in your Social Media Account like Facebook, Twitter, and many more.
  • Target a Url: Through this Goal, you can drive a lot of traffic to any section of your website. Thus, you can drive potential to your website.
  • Announcement: You can announce a number of deals through your hello bar hosted on your website.

Types of Popup offer by HelloBar:

There are almost 5 type of the popups can be build by the HelloBar. These all five type of popups are listed below:

hellobar bar

This is the most famous popup in the Hellobar. Through this popup webmaster can make announcement, drive traffic to a specific section of website, drive traffic to social media and many more. Almost 95% users of hellobar use this popup.

popup in the center of website

Modal is nothing but it is a popup that usually appears in the centre of the website. This popup mainly created to bring email subscription to the website. You can also integrate with email marketing tools like moosend, Campaign Monitor, or any other.

slider hellobar

Slider are the sticky popup use to capture email, announce deal and many more. This type of the popup can change revolutionary change to the users.

Page Takeover:
page takeover hellobar
page takeover hellobar

This Page Takeover is a type of the popup usually created for the existing users. This will help you to decrease bounce rate of your website. low raanking will help you to get Good Ranking in the website.


Alert is something to deliver instant massage to your website and deliver great news to the website as this use to increase conversion by more than 80%.

Design Your Popup:

design your template

You can customize your popup, the way you can. This customization will help to grow the website.


setting HelloBar

Through the settings, You can customize the popup as like when the popups are shown, You can also integrate sound, and many more.

Step 3: Publish the HelloBar Popup

After all customization, You can use these steps to publish the HelloBar Popup. These steps are listed below:

  • You will get a button called Publish button on your computer.
  • Click on that button,
  • Now you have to integrate your website with the codes,
  • This can be done by putting sit snippets on the website.

Pricing offered by HelloBar:

In this section, You and I are going to learn about the pricing of the Hellobar that we found during hellobar review. Let’s talk about the Pricing of the HelloBar:

If we talk about the pricing of HelloBar, then we will find that HelloBar use to offer four type of plans to its users. These plans are listed Below:

hellobar pricing

Free HelloBar Plan:

The HelloBar use to offer a free plan to its users. The free plan has a limit in the page view that is a 5,000-page view while you can only create 10 popups. Note:- It comes with the branding of HelloBar in the free plan that I found in the hellobar review.

Growth HelloBar Plan:

The growth plan is a white label plan that starts from $29. It has a limit of 50,ooo page view and you can integrate it with unlimited websites. This Plan is pretty good for a website that has moderate traffic.

Premium HelloBar Plan:

The growth plan is a white label plan that starts from $49. It has a limit of 150,ooo page view and you can integrate it with unlimited websites. This Plan is pretty good for a website that has moderate traffic.

Elite HelloBar Plan:

The growth plan is a white label plan that starts from $9. It has a limit of 500,ooo page view and you can integrate it with unlimited websites. This Plan is pretty good for a website that has high traffic.

Alternative: Best HelloBar Alternatives

In this section, you and I are going to review hellobar in the process to find the best alternative to HelloBar. This hellobar alternative is as good as hellobar. These alternative are listed below:

Free HelloBAr Alternative:

In this section, we are going to find the best free Hello bar alternative. These free hellobar alternative are listed below:

WP Notification:

WP Notification Bars is a custom notification and alert bar plugin for WordPress which is perfect for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click-throughs to other pages and so much more. It is backed by mythemeshop. Some of its features are listed below:

  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight
  • Create Unlimited Notification Bars
  • Responsive
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Fixed or Absolute Position
  • Add CTA Button
  • Add Custom Code
  • Control Font Size
  • Show on HomePage / Posts / Pages
  • Only to Google Visitors
  • Show only to Facebook Visitors
  • Translation Ready
  • 24/7/365 Support

Sumo – Boost Conversion and Sales

Sumo is the most powerful tool to grow your email list, increase conversions, and generate more sales for online businesses. More than 37,000 online businesses use Sumo to convert more purchases and delight their customers. Some of the features are listed below:


Grow your email list by collecting email addresses with high-converting opt-in forms as visitors browse your site so you can follow up with them later and turn them into customers.


Send a welcome email to your subscriber as they join your email list and further build the relationship with them by sending them a one-off campaign or automated email drips.


Add share buttons on your website effortlessly and allow your visitors to share your content and products with their circles on social media.


Sumo seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce to create unique offers and discounts along with beautiful forms that help you increase your average order value and reduce cart abandonment.


Have questions on how to increase conversions and sales for your online business? Your success is our success. Our dedicated Customer Experience team will make sure your business is growing and you’re getting the most out of Sumo.


Compliant with GDPR and the latest SEO guidelines from Google so you can convert more visitors and make more sales.


Get set up in minutes and use Sumo completely FREE.

WordPress Notification Bar:

A quick and easy notification bar and call to action for your site backed seedprod. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Quick & easy setup
  • Custom message and call to action button
  • Sticky Notification Bar
  • Choose any colour to match your site
  • i18n Support
  • Multisite Support

Fluid Notification Bar:

Fluid notification bar plugin adds the cool responsive notification bar with call-to-action button on the top of your website. This notification bar uses catchy animation for the text to grab visitors attention. It can be used to-

  • Welcome your blog/website visitor
  • Announce the giveaways for your website or blog
  • Link to your blog post or particular page in your website
  • Say an important message such as server downtime or website maintenance alerts
  • Now you can add Social Media buttons

New Features of Fluid Notification Bar

  1. Customizable animation effect for text
  2. Action button to navigate to a link
  3. Social media buttons (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Linkedin)
  4. Customizable font size, font color as well as background-colour
  5. You can set the interval for the notification bar
  6. You can set a delay for the notification bar
  7. Works well with Bootstrap’s fixed navigation (support for navbar-fixed-top)

Easy Heads Up Bar:

This plugin adds an easy to use notification bar to the top of your WordPress website.

  • Customizable color schemes
  • Create multiple bars, as many as you want.
  • If there is more than one bar then the bars will display randomly
  • Schedule when your bars show up by setting an start and end date.
  • Choose where to display bars, eg:
    • All pages
    • Only the interior pages
    • Just the home page
  • The Bar can be set to expire on a specified date
  • This Bar can be set to start on a specified date
  • The Bar can be set to run between on a specified dates
  • The new bar management screen
  • New bar editor
  • No limit on bar height, it will just fit your content
  • No limit to the amount of text or links in a bar
  • Add images to bar
  • Use another plugin’s shortcodes in the bar
  • Choose between the top or the bottom of a page to display your bar
  • Allow your users to hide or show the Heads Up Bar

GetsiteKit: Best Free HelloBar Alternative

It is the most perfect alternative of HelloBar, it use to offer almost everything the hellobar offer but free of cost without any limit. It has a drawback, the major drawback is that it always come with the branding of the Getsitekit.

Paid HelloBar Alternative:

In this section, we have reviewed Hellobar to get its best alternative. These Paid alternatives are listed below:


justuno review

Justuni uses to offer almost the same feature in comparison to Hellobar that I found during its review. But it has some setback, the setback is that the support system is a very rude one.


It use to offer almost same feature the Hellobar but it offer very far less features the Hellobar use to offer. The support is good but not perfect as like hellobar.

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