Hey guys, In this Post we are going to review the Mgid ads network. In this Mgid review, we try to explore every possible aspect of the Mgid ad network as “what is Mgid ad Network?, What is CPC of Mgid?, What is CPM of Mgid?, Requirements and many more. Let’s start the discussion on the Mgid review.

What is Native Ads?

Written or other online material similar to the editorial content of the publication but paid by an advertiser to promote an advertising product or service is Brodarly Known as Native Ads.

MGID is an ad network providing native ads (the following sections discuss the native ads)..

Introduction To Mgid:

mgid review

The MGID Ad network was established in 2004 and has a head office at 1149 Third Street # 210, Santa Monica, CA, 90403 by a private company named MGID.inc. MGID has become the global pioneer and world leader in the field of indigenous advertising. This is today, when Mgid becomes one of Native Advertising’s most innovative platforms.

Let’s start


MGID provides publishers as well as advertisers with native advertising, but we will focus on MGID publishers review for half of this Review. Mgid uses to displaying advertising, to monetize their traffic or to recirculate visitors, in two ways.

Many publishers may be familiar with the first, but recirculating visitors can send traffic to a different website and send traffic back to their own websites in return. By placing the sponsored content widget on the bottom of your posts, MGID can do this. These content is user-friendly and easily mixed with your website as like they are mixed up with refered UI of your website. Both Mgid and your website gets syncronized with same interface and improve your CTR.

Prohibited Content from MGID:

During our Mgid review we find mGid Has prohibited these contents. MGID reserves the rights to block and prohibit publishers who use their websites to promote the following content and products:

  • Dating services encountering sexual content
  • pornography
  • illicit or digital drugs
  • malware , phishing or spam
  • Material that is abusive, discriminatory, exploitative, harassing, hateful, intolerant, obscene, offensive, threatening, violent, or vulgar
  • products or services claiming to predict the future
  • terrorism , nicotine and tobacco products
  • weapons and explosives
  • and lastly Violating third party rights: copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights

How to Get Approved as Publisher in Mgid:

The process of authorisation for MGID takes about 3-5 business days. The process is manual because the Moderators of MGID will review your site and notify you via email whether they have accepted it or not. You are free to log in once you’ve been approved and immediately begin to display your ads on your website. Until you violate any of the above terms and conditions of your publisher, you should not have any problem with your ad network.

Payment Methods and Payout Threshold of Mgid:

The threshold for a MGID minimum is 100 dollars and the NET 30 model is running. The publisher will be paid on a monthly basis, so the next month after you reach the $ 100 threshold, your payment request for this month is answered. MGID really works well with news and viral websites, with its ads in such sorts, they make good revenues.

As payment methods, MGID uses the transfer of Paypal and Bank Wire. If there is a problem, there are personal account managers.

Mgid Payment Proof:

While our Mgid review we have find that Mgid is Legit and Pay to the Publisher for the ads shown in the publishers website.

mgid payment proof
NameFeesMinimal PayoutPayment Schedule
PayPalNormal PayPal fees apply$100NET 30
Payoneer Prepaid card$3$100
Bank Transfers
Payoneer bank transferReceive bank transfers through Payoneer payment platformFor all US and non-US bank accountsLocal Bank Receive payments in your local currency* – 3 USD For non-US bank
accounts – 15 USD
Tipalti bank transferReceive bank transfers through Tipalti payment platformFor all US and non-US bank accountsFor payments above 1000 USD: n/a$1000
ACH bank-to-bank transfersBeneficiary’s bank is located in USAFor payments above 1000 USD: n/aAdditional Fees may apply by the recipient’s bank, if he has it installed on the receipt of funds$1000
International bank-to-bank transfersInternational wire transfers (Beneficiary’s bank is located outside USA)For payments above 1000 USD: n/aAdditional Fees may apply by the recipient’s bank, if he has it installed on the receipt of funds

CPC and CPM of Mgid:

During our MGID review, we find that Mgid CPC for tier 1 is approx .2-.3$ while Cpm is approx 3-4$.

For tier 2 traffic CPC goes down to .01-.1$ where as CPM is approx 1-2$.

For tier 3 traffic CPC goes down to .001-.01$ where as CPM is approx .5-1$.

MGID review For Advertiser:

How to Signup in MGid as Advertiser:

While our Mgid review we find MGID has these process to signup. It’s pretty easy and simple to register with the MGID promotional platform. Just enter your email and agree to its terms. If you are not able to register with them, your social login option (Facebook) can be used.

Mgid Advertiser payment Methods:-

Your MGID dashboard is going to be seen. I would request that you first add funds before you can start creating your ad campaign. There is a minimum fund requirement of $ 100, which I believe is necessary even if your ad campaigns are to be tested. Just type in the box for $ 100 and choose your method of payment. WebMoney, PayPal and Credit Card are available for payment. You can track your balancing history with the Transaction button on the right. These are the Data we find during our MGID ADVERTISER REVIEW.

How to Create ads campaign in MGid Advertiser’s solutions:

You can start building your first campaign ad, which is quite simple and not too many details you can not understand. Just click on Add campaign and you’ll be taken to a new page called Adding a New Campaign. You can start creating your first ad campaign.

Fill in your name, campaign type, such as “product promotion” or “content promotion” on the screen. You can select your target for the ad campaign from a number of options. You can choose GEO, browser-based, Device-based and more targeting. The data below are shown to schedule your ad campaign as soon as you click the “Continue” button. You can track with tags, set your everyday budget, and set your conversion sensor for Google Analytics too.

Best Mgid Alternative ad Network:

In this section of the article, we come up with the best and most effective alternative ad network of Mgid. These alternative ad network are listed below:

  • Outbrain: Outbrain is a NEW YORK based Content Discovery Publicity network founded by David Kostman. Now a day, OutBrain has a reach of Approx 48% of the world population with a office at 8 Locations and more than 850 employees. OutBrain has revenue of More than 1B$.
  • Ezoic: Ezoic is AI (Artificial Intelligence) based platform that simplifies complex Internet infrastructure like ad optimization, Layout Testing, CDN and Revenue optimization for Publisher. Thus, Ezoic helped you by saving your time in doing these tasks. The primary focus of the ezoic AI-based platform is to provide a great experience to your user while Increase in Revenue to the Publisher or Webmaster. Thus, both of you will have a win-win situation.
  • Revshare: Revshare is a CPA based Affiliate Network based in the USA whereas established by Revshare LTD in 2010. Revshare mainly offers LINKS of Affiliate Product, Content Locking, CPA, CPS and Many types of Affiliate Earning.
  • Content.ad: Content.ad is a CPC and CPM based self-serving ad network established in 2004 by Content.ad LTD in the USA. During Content.ad Review, we find it only offers ads in Native as well as Push Notification.
  • Earnify: Earnify is a Queensland based native DSP AD network. It offers ads meditation to more than 35 ads network. The best alternative to earnify is mgid. it is too hard to manage more than two ad network for the publisher as well as advertisers. It provides you with a solution like precise customer targeting to gain high CTR, depth analytics, conversion optimization and fraud prevention. all of these features will save more a great chunk of money.

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