Do you in search of the best and one of the most affordable SEO tools around the globe. If yes, then, you are in the right place. As in this article, we are going to learn one of the most affordable SEO research tools is SE Ranking.

In this SEranking review, we are going to touch on many aspects like what is SERanking?, features of SERanking, Pricing of SERanking, alternatives and many more. Let’s start the review:

What is SERanking?

SERanking is an SEO research tool that helps Webmaster or Content Creator to rank in the SERP of the search Engine through Keyword research, Backlink Research, Competitive Research, Report Builder and many more for mainstream SEO as well as Adult SEO.

SERanking is USA and UK based Company established in 2013. Now a Day, it has more than 5 offices around the globe with more than 1 LAkh client spread around the globe.

It is also a powerful tool called Lead Generation tool, which is highly comparable to Hubspot, KEap like CRM Platform.

Pricing of SE Ranking:

SEranking pricing review

In this section of the SERanking SEO review, we will deal with the platform’s pricing. So, there are almost three plans which use to be offered by the platform. Let’s discuss these three plans in a detailed manner:

  • ESSENTIAL Plan: The essential Plan is a most basic plan of SE Ranking. Under this plan you can manage 10 website, Website Audit for 40,000 pages, Monitoring for 6,000 backlinks, Check backlinks for 20 domains/day, Marketing plan and many more.
  • PRO: The pro plan of SEranking is a moderate level plan of the SEranking. Under this plan, webmasters use to get much more features in comparision to the Essential plan. Under this plan, you can manage Unlimited number of websites, 1000 keyword tracking, Website Audit for 250,000 pages, and many more.
  • BUSINESS: If you are freelencer or a business owner. Then, it is the best plan for you as in this plan, you have access of Unlimited number of websites, Website Audit for 700,000 pages, Monitoring for 90,000 backlinks, and tracking of 1000 keyword on three day interval.

Feature: Seranking Review

Seranking uses to offer almost four types of features under four verticals. These four verticals are SEO Tools, Competitive Research, B2B and Social Media Management. All these four features make it a beast SEO Research platform in comparisons to tools like semrush, Kwfinder, ahref or any other tool. Let’s start a detailed review of Seranking in four verticals:

SEO Tools:

SERaniking uses to offer many SEO optimization research tools like Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Grouping Tool, Marketing Plan, Website Audit, On-Page Checker, Keyword Rank Tracking, and many other tools. However, the Indexation of the raw data in the database is very very slow. So, always take care of that.

Competitive Research:

Under the Competitive Research section of SERanking, you can research or find the leading competitor of your business. The Competitive Research tool of Seranking is pretty and have a high rate of indexation.

B2B Feature:

If you are a Digital Agency, then, this is the best feature of SEranking. Through this feature, business owners generate White level Report, White Glove SEO Reports, Access, roles and a success-driven environment and many more.

Social Media Management:

The webmaster can manage its Social Media accounts through Auto-post, social media rankings and engagement, and many more.

SERanking Alternative:

There are many good SEO Tool that helps you to optimize your search Engine’s SERP. So, these good alternatives of SERanking are listed below:

  • Semrush: Semrush is SEM tool that can help you to optimize your website for various Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google or any other search engine that is available around the world. Though semrush has been founded by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov in 2008. Now a day, it has more than 6 million userbases with a database of 20 Billion Keyword, 810 million Domains in around 140 GEO Database (Countries). (Here a detailed review of semrush with best alternative.)
  • Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo is a powerful content marketing tool made especially for content marketers to Get a close insight at the competitor’s website or any Topic that has proven historical data. In this powerful content marketing tool can help us to get great content ideas for their upcoming post. Nowadays, Buzzsumo offers a beta tool for keywords to new signups. (Here a detailed review of buzzsumo with the best alternative.)
  • KWfinder: Kwfinder is a keyword research tool backed by mangools established in 2014 by Peter having headquarters in Slovakia, EU. Mangools use to offer many tools like Kwfinder, SERPchecker, SERPwatcher, LinkMiner, and Link Profiler. (HEre a detailed review of kwfinder with the best alternative.)
  • Rankactive: Rankactive is all in SEO platform built for the Business owner, SEO Agency, and SEO Expert. Through the Rankactive SEO platform, you will many tools like Rank Tracking (Detailed Ranking Overview, SERP Supervisor), Analytics Tracking, Competitor Inspectors, Site Auditor, Top Analyzer, Keyword Finder, and many more. (HEre a detailed review of rankactive with the best alternative.)

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