Are you running a successful offline business and wants to take it online?

If yes, the major hurdle that arose in your route while the transition is how you accept payment for your business?

To ease this problem, we are here with the best payment gateway business should use in 2021. These Payment gateways are great and listed below:

What is Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is nothing but an online service that handles online Payment for your business. It integrates your platform from multi-channel payment systems like UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card or payment Platform.

Payment Gateway validates customer’s details with Bank to ensure safe transactions by verifying basic details like Card Details(Card Number, CVV, Expiry Details), UPI details, wallet details, and many more. If we talk about it in other words, Payment Gateway works as a middle man between the bank, customer, and the business to process payment.

What are the best Payment Gateway around thye globe?

There are lots of payment gateway are available around the globe. So, we have listed these most handful gateways are listed below:



Razorpay is a Payment Gateway company based in the IT hub of INDIA Banglore. There are more than 50,00,000+ local businesses are using Razorpay. Businesses use to offer more than 100+ payment modes to these businesses.

I got a transaction success rate of the 99.96% In Razorpay which is pretty high for its competitors like PAYU, Paytm Business, and many more.

At PayPal, the markup charge is about 4.5% while Razorpay only offers a markup charge of 3.54% which is pretty low. So, by signing up Razorpay can increase your revenue by 1%. Want a Detailed discussion on Razorpay – Click Here.



PayPal is a international payment Gateway with a headquarters in the Silicon Valley of USA. It has a very high penetration between every type of consumer base. If I talk about affiliate marketing, then, I must say every affiliate marketer will must have Paypal Account from an early age.

Every 2 out of 10 international transactions around the globe use to be done on Paypal. Papal has lots of setbacks as PayPal only offer compatibility with the credit card, debit card, and its own wallet.



PayU is a leading financial services provider in global growth markets. We empower billions of people and millions of merchants to buy and sell online, extending the reach of financial services.

With PayU, you can accept online payments from across all channels and devices, through a single processing platform. You can collect payments on any website, mobile app, tablet or using the social app. While there are many channels of payment acceptance, all your transactions reconcile in one easy-to-use location — the PayU payment gateway.

Also, you can share the PayU payment links (earlier known as PayUmoney payment links) with your customers and collect payments via WhatsApp, Facebook, Email or SMS.


1. Go live within minutes: Why wait for hours when you can get started within minutes. We have designed our account activation process to enable you to start accepting payments in less than 5 minutes

2. Get settlement in your preferred bank account: No need to open a new bank account for collecting online payments. By providing your bank account number and IFSC code you can link any existing Savings or Current account and receive payments in your preferred bank.

3. 100+ Payment Options:

  1. UPI: PayU provides UPI payment mode as a default checkout option so that customers don’t have to share sensitive bank information to complete a transaction.
  2. Cards: Accept debit and credit cards from all card associations. User can save their card details to get a seamless experience when they visit your website/App next time.
  3. Netbanking: Empower your users to pay through 50+ netbanking options from various banks.
  4. Wallets: PayU gives your customers freedom to pay with their favorite digital wallet.

4. Your Business at one Place:

  1. Transactions Management: Manage your transactions, refunds, disputes and settlements from one single dashboard. Download reports across data segments or view real time transactions and take business decisions immediately.
  2. Account Management: Managing your account has never been easy. Edit your business details, bank details, notification settings, webhooks and reporting easily at one single place.
  3. Dynamic Notifications:PayU’s notification system allows you to be always informed about important events and take actions on the go.

5. World-class Security: No need to make your website HTTPS enabled for data security. All your transactions are secured with 128 bit SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. We apply 100+ risk rules for each payment so you can focus on your business and rely on us for data security.


Paytm Payment Gateway enables users to accept payments from anyone, anywhere, from all channels and devices. It is the best Indian payment gateway that lets businesses collect customer payments via website, handheld devices like mobile and tablets, and social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, or via email and SMS.

What more? No matter which channel your customers choose to make the payment, they all get reconciled in one place, and that is your Paytm Payment Gateway merchant dashboard.

Grow Your Business With Paytm All in One Payment Gateway

Our Online Payment Gateway offers the best features to help businesses deliver a great payment experience to customers and retain them forever

  1. Accepts Extensive Set Of Digital Payment Sources By choosing to add Payment Gateway by Paytm, you can offer your customers a wide range of payment sources from UPI to Debit/ Credit Cards, Net Banking, Paytm Wallet, and even EMI.
  2. Secure Payments For Your Business Our anti-fraud technology powers the Paytm Payment Gateway process to keep your business safe and PCI-DSS compliant with 128-bit encryption.
  3. Convenient Checkout With Saved Cards Functionality Our All in One Payment Gateway offers an easy-to-integrate checkout system that lets you save cards across businesses, saves your customers from the hassle of filling their details repeatedly, and enables instant payments.
  4. No Need For Opening A New Bank Account For Settlements With Paytm Payment Gateway integration, you can choose the bank account where you want all your payments settled by simply providing the bank account details.
  5. Powerful Merchant Dashboard Empowers You To Do More Paytm’s powerful Merchant Dashboard is perfect for monitoring the performance of your business. It allows you to view and manage payments received, bank settlements, refunds, etc. With its intuitive interface, you can easily streamline your payment process. Also, it gives you access to critical payment statistics and real-time reports.
  6. Developer-Friendly Payment Gateway Integration Our Payment Gateway for websites offers checkout API integration for your existing website and lets you receive payments seamlessly in your Android or iOS apps.

dd Payment Gateway In your Website

The steps to add a payment gateway in your website vary from one gateway to another. For the Paytm payment gateway, the steps are quite simple and are defined as follows:

  1. Up your online store: Third-party software handles the creation of the ordering page and all the code for transferring payment information to the gateway. Making this code from scratch is an advanced web development task.
  2. Add payment sources: Insert your payment gateway information for the payment source you plan to accept (Visa, Mastercard, etc.). Your payment gateway determines which cards are accepted.
  3. Test the payment gateway: You will typically be provided Sandbox or Test accounts by the payment gateway. These let you make sample transactions to make sure that the process you’ve set for receiving payments is working smoothly. Check your payment gateway’s support site for details on testing your payment gateway integration.

Different Types of Payment Gateway for Your Business

There are several types of payment gateways available for businesses, each having a unique payment mechanism. Some of them are:

  1. Hosted Payment Gateways lead your customer away from your site’s checkout page, i.e., when a consumer clicks the gateway link, they are redirected to the online Payment Services Provider or the PSP page.
  2. In Self-Hosted Payment Gateways, payment details are gathered from the customer within the business website itself. After the details are requested, the details are sent to the payment gateway’s URL.
  3. In API-Hosted Payment Gateways, customers enter their credit/debit card information directly on the website’s checkout page. Payments are then processed using HTTPS queries or an API (Application Programming Interface).
  4. Local Bank Payment Gateway Integration redirects the customer to the payment gateway’s website (the bank’s website) to insert their payment details and contact details and make the payment.

Leverage The Paytm Advantage

  1. Free Payment Gateway Account Setup
  2. Real-Time Bank Settlement
  3. No Annual Maintenance
  4. Online Submission Of Business Documents Supported
  5. 50+ Banks Supported For Net Banking
  6. Email & Phone Support

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