Are you a business owner or blogger and thinking of expanding your product in the adult industry? If yes, then, it is the best place for you as in this article, we will talk about the content marketing of Medicine related to the sexual problem or create a blog related to the adult industry.

What does SEO mean for an adult Website?

The SEO is almost the same for the adult website in comparison to the mainstream website.

It is very very difficult to do keyword research for the adult website as many keyword research tools like Google AdWord, Semrush, Ahref, Mangools, RankActive or any other does not offer good data.

One more difficulty will also arise in your way as you can not even do keyword research through Search Engines like Google, Bing, and many other’s SERP. As these search engine does not even auto-complete the Search Queries.

Then, a question arises does the mainstream SEO not qualify to adult stream SEO?

How does SEO for adult stream content differ from mainstream websites?

There are lots of differences in the way we do SEO for these two different prospects. Some of these ways are listed below:

Free and Paid Both are AvailableAdult streamMainstream
Content AvailabilityVery little – Mainly adult website and Some BlogsVery High Availability
CompetitionVery Very LowVery little – Mainly adult websites and Some Blogs
Keyword ResearchVery difficult to DoMany SEO tools are Available
Product MarketingOnly PaidFree and Paid Both Available

After summarising all these Benchmarks, we must say “It is pretty difficult for the webmasters who want to join the industry for a blog or promote a product related to SEX.”. If you want to promote a product related to Sex, you can connect with our digital agency. – Link.

How Big is adult industry?

The adult industry is too big to handle for a single website. There are more than 30 Billion visitors on the daily basis around the Globe. For instance, please think, how much sales can generate by this industry as there is no major player in this industry till now!

So, you can build a lot of business like an e-commerce website, a Sexual problem-solving website and many more. We all know that the desire for sex is raising in an exponential format.

If we talk about our country India, I can say, the product related to this industry has contributed more than 1 lakh crore to the Indian GDP. This estimate is very very big and this industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in The India.

How to do SEO for adult industry based website?

The content selection for your website is very very crucial for you all. As we all known majority of governments around the globe have blacklisted the content that use to offer adult content like aduil stories.

So, you should prefer on the content that use to solve the sexual problem of the website.

Most importantly, the blog which solves these problems is not available on a very large scale. This non-availability of content will help you to expand and scale at a very rapid scale.

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