A Most successful website or Blogs built on any Content Management system have a similar success path in terms of monetization as initially these websites usually prefer contextual Ads (Adsense, Media.net) and later they all shift to Affiliate marketing.

As it is well known to us – Affiliate Marketing is less risky and user-friendly concerning cotextual ads and it also gives you a great opportunity for recurring passive income.

So, if you have an established userbase that commonly uses WordPress and its tools in its daily use.

Best WordPress Affiliate Programs:

Best WordPress Affiliate Program

The high-paying Affiliate Programs that we mentioned below in this article are categorised on the features and the segments WordPress webmasters use in their entire careers. Starting From Domain, Hosting, Themes, plugins and going up to must-have SEO tools to hack the growth in the SERPs of the search engine.

Before choosing the perfect product affiliate product, you must think about what to choose and why to choose.

What to choose?

Before considering which product you want to promote. Make sure the affiliate product has benefited you and It is going to benefit your users in a very positive manner.

If we talk about the WordPress affiliate products, these program include Domain, Hosting, Plugin, SEO optimization tools and many more. So, you can consider any of these dimensions of WordPress and offer the products.

Why to Choose?

When we go on the process to choose the affiliate product. We must consider the profitability the product is offering in the short as well as long term.

For Example:- A product is good and offers one time 30% commission and A Product is good and offers 15% as a recurring commission. Then, what product I will select, “The answer to this simple question is I will select the second scenario.

Let’s do some maths:-

Test case 01:- A Product is worth of 100 dollars. You will get 30 dollars.

Test case 02:- A Product used to cost 30$per month. You get 4.5 dollars per month and in long term, this WordPress affiliate program is going to give a multifold test scenario of 1. Thus, you are making passive income.

How to Choose?

While selecting a WordPress affiliate program, you must ensure cookie life, quality of the promotional materials, such as banners and how many days are sales tracked for after a visitor has clicked on a link, and any payment thresholds that have to be reached before you receive a payout. In the initial days, you must ignore the high threshold that might mean it takes you a long time to trigger a payout from the program.

Let’s start the detailed insights of the affiliate program:

WordPress Affiliate Program for Domain:

The domain is a very crucial part of anything when anyone wants to go online. When we go shopping for a domain, then, we find it usually in the range of 5$ to 15$ for a year. So, It tends to be impossible to offer an affiliate program for the domain. While in deep research, we find some companies use to offer affiliate programs out of the whole community.

So, some of these affiliate providers for domains are listed below:


namecheap cloud hosting

Namecheap is used to offer every solution like Domain, Hosting, CDN, and many other solutions. It used to offer an affiliate program for all these products but they are king in Domains.

For every successful conversion of Namecheap domains, a webmaster will get 3$ as a commission and there is no limit on “How many referrals you can do every month?”



Many of us including me use a relay on the Bigrock for Domain. It offers domain, Hosting, SSL and many more.

It used to offer affiliate sales of $5 for every 5 domains. You will have one more benefit as these domains are very very cost-effective.

WordPress Affiliate Program for Hosting:

Across the globe, many reliable and trustworthy WordPress hosting solutions use to offer a reliable affiliate program to webmasters with a great cookie life span.

So of these programs may be enrolled by You and this whole section will primarily concentrate on affiliate programs that use to offer recurring revenue to the visitors. Let’s start a discussion of the best WordPress hosting affiliate program:


Cloudways Hosting Review

Cloudways is one of the best-managed cloud hosting providers which was founded by Uzair Gadit, Pere Hospital, and Aaqib Gadit in 2009 and its headquarters is located on the island of Malta in Europe. They also have an office in Dubai as well as Spain. Till now, the staff of cloudways helped more than 15,000 customers around the world to set up 50,000+ servers in the worlds best cloud infrastructure.

It uses to offer the managed servers which are backed by the world’s best Top-Notch unmanaged Cloud Hosting Providers namely AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, GCP and Vultr. Cloudways also offers its CDN by a Brand Name cloudways CDN which is backed by  StackPath (formerly known as MaxCDN). (Detailed Review of Cloudways.)

Cloudways Affiliate Program:

It used to offer two affiliate programs to its webmasters named Hybrid and Slab.

Under the hybrid plan, the Affiliate will earn an upfront fee of $30 and recurring revenue of 7% while under the slab plan webmaster will get an upfront fee of $50 to $200. Both plans of the cloudways make it one of the most useful solutions for affiliate marketers.


chemicloud hosting

The hosting offered by the chemicloud is mind-blowing. The latency offered by Chimcloud is good as the data centre offered by the chemicloud is scattered all around the globe which means users as well as servers will get an average latency of .03s to .8s around which is currently pretty good for the Web servers. – (Detailed Review of Chemicloud.)

Chemicloud Affiliate Program:

ChemiCloud’s affiliate program enables webmasters to earn up to $125 for every referral you send to chemicloud. They have only a churn rate of 5%. You only have to Register to become an affiliate in just minutes.

You need to share your affiliate links with your audience on your website, social media channels, and via email, if you want to bring affiliate sales to chemicloud.


Nestify is new and one of the fastest-growing manged hosting solutions for individuals as well as businesses across the globe. Its CDN is backed by Bunnycdn along with it’s image optimization plan.

Nestify Affiliate Program:

Nestify’s affiliate program is one of the most popular WordPress Affiliate Programs as it offers a $150 per sale. They have only a churn rate of 61%. This low churn rate makes it one of the favourite WordPress Affiliate Programs in the market.

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