As an affiliate Marketer or Advertiser, you always need to track on your Ad stuffs like spending, Conversion, ROI, Which is Working and Which is not, and many more in your whole journey.

This tracking can easily be done with the help of Open Source Platform like Google Analytics, Microsoft Calarity tools. But there is cache with these basic tools, you are not able to dig the data you need to optimize your landing page to get more sales or revenue.

So, the tools like AdsBridge, Voluum, and many more come into play. In our past articles, we reviewed Voluum and in this article, we are going to review AdsBridge.

In this Adbridge review, we are going to touch on many possible aspects like “what is adsbridge?”, Pricing, Trackers, How to integrate Adsbridge with ClickBank?, AdsBridge PromoCode, and many more. One More thing, we have written this article based on our experience while tracking landing pages of ads with AdsBridge.

What is AdsBridge?

AdsBridge review

AdsBridge is one of the leading SAAS-based tools to track, Manage, Analyze, Optimize, and monetize the ads run by Affiliate marketers or Advertisers globally. This tracking of the advertisements lets you run your ads optimally and efficiently to obtain a great ROI (150% to 250%).

Things to Read:

Pricing: AdsBridge Review

Pricing - AdsBridge Review
Pricing: AdsBridge Review

During our adsbridge review, we found it used to offer five types of plans to its users in a adaya to day life. These plans are made for the user which has just started to the users which has more than more million visits per day. Let us discuss all five plans one by one:

  • Trial Plan: When You Signup to adsbridge, you will get this plan for 14 days with 50k monthly visits to test almost every feature of the platform.
  • Starter Plan: The Starter plan is the most basic paid plan. It usually costs publishers $29 for 100K visits with some other basic feature need for tracking and conversions.
  • Professional Plan: This is moderate level of plan of the adsbridge and quiet efficient and enough for a affiliate marketer across the globe.

AdsBridge Tracker

Tracker use to play very important role for advertisers as well as advertiser in optimizing and tracking the landing of a campaign.

Some of the excellent ways to optimize and target (Adbridge Tracker) the campaigns is smartlink.

It works as like “When a user applies for different environments while following one link it seems like a new experience. For example, when you click on a link that is supposed to move you to some app, but you haven’t downloaded it yet. This tends to be broken action because you will be stuck with further steps and your click is left with no response. Sounds awful, right?! Nevertheless, this process might be performed the other more successful way. Users click on Smartlink, which will redirect them either to the app or alternative gateway, for example, browser or app store.”

AdsBridge Promo Code

During our detailed Adsbridge review, we find lots of the promo code are being offered by the AdsBridge. Some of the Primary PromoCode are listed below:

  • Mobidea50 – 50%
  • NewsBuddy – 50%

How to use adsbridge?

To use adsbridge, you need to open an account at adsbridge by clicking the Signup button. After clicking on signup Button, you need to fill the singup form. You are ready to go for the account.

Adbridge – Clickbank

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