In this article, We are with a Moosend EMAIL marketing Solution. In this Moosend review, we are going to deal with many facts as like “what is Moosend?”, “What are the free and paid alternative of Moosend?”, “What are the Feature offered by Moosend?” and many more. Let’s begin the detailed review of the Moosend Marketing Solution.

What is Moosend?

moosend review

Moosend is an email marketing solution based in the capital city of England that is London. It use to offer many features like Email automation, Creative Email which has a very high CTR in comparison to other Email Solutions and many more which we are going to learn in this article.

Although, Collectively these features make Moosend a standalone email Marketing Solution with respect to Other Email Marketing solutions.

How to Sign up for Moosend?

During our review, we find that the moosend offers the following ways for its users. The ways listed below will very very beneficial for you and these are listed below:

  • Go To The official website.
  • Fill out The Form or log in through Google
  • Verify Your Email
  • Thus, You have created an account in the Mighty Platform of Google.

Pricing: Moosend

While our detailed review, we find that there are three that used to be offered by the Moosend. These three plans are free plan, custom Plan, and Pro Plan. Let’s discuss these three plans one by one:

Free plan of Moosend:

The free plan of moosend is only available for the first 1000 Email subscribers with very limited features. You will also get brand correlation with their pop-ups.

Pro plan of Moosend:

The Pro Plan starts from Zero subscribers and goes limitless. These features use to provide are great. The emails are white-label. The Pricing of moosend used to start from $10 per month. This pricing is low in comparison to other Email Marketing solutions like Mailerlite.

Custom plan of Moosend:

This is a very unique plan, we find in an Email Marketing Solution around the Globe. Through this plan, users have to pay for that exact feature they need.

Features Offered By Moosend:

In this section of the moosend review, we are going to illustrate the best features of the Moosend. The best feature of the moosend are listed below:

  • Email Marketing – Engaging newsletters that convert
  • Marketing Automation- Automate your marketing with a click
  • Landing Pages – Convert them at first click
  • Subscription Forms – Collect data effortlessly
  • Newsletter Editor- Create amazing newsletters
  • Ecommerce AI – Blazing hot sales
  • Personalization – Email marketing for humans
  • Tracking – Take actions based on hard data
  • Reporting & Analytics – Every manager’s dream
  • Integrations – Elevate your marketing stack
  • API – Make API call From your own dashboard

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Creation of Events at Moosend:

Campaign Creation at Moosend
Moosend Review: Best Email Marketing Solution Ever 4

It is very easy to Start an Email Marketing Campaign with Moosend. The UI enables you to reach your goal. When we signed during our Moosend Review, we find it helps me with the Creation of an Email List, Import of subscribers from Existing.

Moosend Alternative:

In this section of the moosend review, we are going to review this email marketing solution for the alternatives. Let’s start the detailed discussion of moosend alternative:

MailChimp: #1 Moosend Alternative

Mailchimp is a USA-based Email Marketing solution that offers transactional email as well as an Email Marketing tool for webmasters around the Globe. Mailchimp has been founded by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius in 2007. (Here a detailed review of Mailchimp with best alternatives.)

Campaign Monitor: #2 Moosend Alternative

Campaign Monitor is Nashville, Tennessee, the USA-based Email Marketing solution that offers Email Marketing tools for webmasters around the Globe. Dave Greiner has founded by campaign Monitor in 2014.

Campaign Monitor is a powerful yet simple automation solution offered to e-commerce, education, non-profit etc. With the help of this tool, you can create a dynamic workflow of events, and schedule to send emails that are automatically triggered on a specific date, time or event, or maybe by particular user activity. (Here a detailed review of the campaign monitor with the best alternative.)

MailerLite Review: #3 Moosend Alternative

Mailerlite is an Email Marketing solution based in Vilnius but more than half of its employees are located in the USA, France, Germany, Thailand, Mexico and Bali. Mailerlite has been established in 2008. Since, then, mailerlite is the fifth fastest-growing Saas based Email Marketing Solution. Its revenue in the very first year was approx 1800$ while It has grown to a million-dollar company within 3 years of business. (Here a detailed review of milerlite with the best alternative.)

Mailjet Review: #3 Moosend Alternative

Mailjet is an Email marketing automation software established in 2010 by Pathwire LLC. Using the Mailjet platform webmaster around the world used to send more than 2 Billion emails on the monthly basis.

During Mailjet review, we find Webmasters around the world can integrate Mailjet use to offer more than 80 integration around the globe. The platform available for integration is Google Platform, Magneto, Azure, Ongage and many more. (Here a detailed review of mailjet with the best alternative.)

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