It is very very difficult to find a Good Email Marketing Solution loaded with lots of features for the whole webmaster community at a less costly price. Many of you have to spend a lot of email to our Consumers. This is Good you Known.

So, we are here with an email marketing tool popularly known as Mailerlite which we are going to review today. In this mailerlite review, we are going to deal with “What is mailerlite?”, Specification of Mailerlite, Alternative Of mailerlite, Pricing of Mailerlite, Free and Paid Alternatives of Mailerlite and many more.

Let’s start the detailed review of the Mailerlite Email Marketing Solution:

What is Mailerlite?

mailerLite Review

Mailerlite is an Email Marketing solution based in Vilnius but more than half of its employees are in the USA, France, Germany, Thailand, Mexico and Bali. Mailerlite has been established in 2008. Since, then, mailerlite is the fifth fastest-growing Saas-based Email Marketing Solution. Its revenue in the very first year was approx 1800$ while It has grown to a million-dollar company within 3 years of business.

Things to Read:

How To Signup In Mailerlite?

In this Section of the Mailerlite review, You and I will learn the basic methods through which we can join the mailerlite platform. This method is easy and every one of us must have to follow the steps required to join the platform. These steps are listed below:

  • Go to Its official website – Link
  • Click on the Signup Button
  • Fill Some basic details as like Organisation name, user id, passwords.
  • You will get a email for verification
  • After verification, you are ready to go.

Pricing Of Mailerlite:

In this Section of the mailerlite review, we are going to discuss the pricing and the plans offered by Mailerlite to its users.

mailerlite pricing

The fifth growing Saas based email marketing platform Mailerlite use to offer a plan in two formats. The first Format is Yearly Plan while Second Format is a monthly Plan. For the First 1000 Subscriber, Mailerlite used to offer a free Plan with a limit of 12k email sending Limit. The Annual plan is 30% less costly in comparison to the Monthly Plan.

One more interesting thing, we found in the Mailerlite review, The thing is that they have divided their whole plan into the Slab of every 5 thousand users. The plan starts from $10 per month and goes up to thousands of dollars.

Specification Offered By Mailerlite:

In this section of the mailerlite review, You and I are going to learn about the Specification offered by the mailerlite platform. These specifications are good and listed below:

Campaign Creation:

malierlite campaign creation

An Email Marketing tool Is the most important tool in the campaign creation tool. Each Email Marketing tool offers a different UI or different workflow for Campaign creation. This is obvious as the whole email marketing strategy is based on this. So, In this section of the article, we are going to learn how we can create our first campaign on the mailerlite platform.

There are four methods through which you can create a campaign in the mailer lite platform. These methods are listed below:

Regular Campaign:

regular campigns mailerlite

The regular campaigns are the hierarchical campaigns that are known days offered by most of the email marketing providers around the globe. Through this section of the article, a webmaster can send a custom email to its vast audience around the globe.

A/B testing:

As We all know the test makes a thing perfect – living or object. The mailer lite is used to offer a platform under its campaign platform. The tool is mailerlite A/B testing.

mailer lite a/b testing

In the mailerlite testing section, webmasters can test their email campaigns through three methods. These methods are Email Subject, from the name, and email contact. These testing can help you to grow as these testing will improve the CTR of Your Website.

Auto Resend:

mailerlite auto resend

Under the auto resend section of Mailer Lite, you can send them automatically from the previously send emails. These emails can be scheduled through email subject, Email Subject or personal Personal message or Email subject and Email Content. This feature will give you high precision to get a high CTR.

Rss Campign:

mailerlite rss feed

The primary RSS feed URL email campaign is very important for the automation of the email campaign through the platform. Through this tool, you can create automation. For example, if you published an article, the article is to deliver to your email subscriber.

This can be through a manual way or automatic. The automatic email transaction can only be done through an RSS feed. This feature that will find mailerlite review is very very unique for me and give me a higher edge in comparison to other Email Marketing Solution.


subscriber mailerlite

In this tab of the Mailerlite, you can manage the whole list of email subscribers such that Grouping of users, Cleaning inactive subscribers, stats and many more which is obviously available in its alternative email Marketing Solution.


mailerlite Form Builder

Under this tab of Mailerlite, you can create a popup or Email list Building Form as its alternative. This is obvious as you can build forms for the funnels or sites.


landing page builder

The Landing page for an ad campaign or products can easily be made through this section of the tool.



Automation workflow is a must to have automation workflow to increase the sale of products through online channel around the globe.

Video: Mailerlite Review

Best Paid and Free Alternative To Mailerlite:

This is the most interesting segment of mailerlite review as in the section of the article, we are going to explore the best free and Paid alternative to mailerlite. These alternatives are good and listed below:

Best Paid Alternative To MailerLite:

Some of the best-paid Alternatives to mailerlite are listed below. These alternatives are good and offer great features at a very good price to the publisher.

Mailchimp: #1 Paid alternative To Mailerlite

Mailchimp free Paid alternative

Mailchimp is a USA based Email Marketing solution that offers transactional email as well as an Email Marketing tool for webmasters around the Globe. It has been founded by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius in 2007.

Though almost every one of us must hear and signed up at the early age of our digital career in this industry for free stuff. Mailchimp is a powerful yet simple automation solution offered to e-commerce, education, non-profit etc.

With the help of this tool, you can create a dynamic workflow of events, and schedule to send emails that are automatically triggered on a specific date, time or event, or maybe by particular user activity.

Mailget: #2 Paid alternative To Mailerlite

MailGet Email Marketing

MailGet is an email marketing application that enables you to send bulk emails either by connecting through any external SMTP service or through the inbuilt SMTP.

MailGet manages all your subscriber lists, comes with a drag-drop email builder and allows you to set up lots of automation rules for sending emails. It is a perfect solution to manage your entire email marketing. Just create an account, connect with SMTP and you’re all set to send emails.

Moosend: #3 Paid alternative To Mailerlite

moosend review

Moosend is an email marketing solution as simple and efficient as the Mailerlite email marketing solution. You will get free access to moosend for the first 1000 subscribers. All its properties make it a great Paid alternative to Mailerlite.

Sendinblue#4 Paid alternative To Mailerlite

Sendinblue is a great email marketing platform that offers almost the same product in comparison to the Mailerlite email marketing solution. It offers almost 300 emails for free on the daily basis.

Omnisend: #5 Paid alternative To Mailerlite

Omnisend offer product like SMS, Email Marketing and Many more. Combinedly, these product makers it more superior and a great alternative to mailer lite. It offers almost 15k/month for free after this limit you have to pay.

Sender: #6 Paid alternative To Mailerlite

The sender offers you free 15k emails for approximately 2500 subscribers. They also offer basic automation in the platform. However, these basic properties make it a great alternative to Mailerlite.

SendPulse: #7 Paid alternative To Mailelite

SendPulse offers Email Marketing, Push Notification and many more tools. The push Notification can also be monetized in the platform. However, you will get a free email for 2500 emails.

Zoho Campaigns: #8 Paid alternative To Mailerlite

Zoho is a Compact software that offers almost every feature in the comparison of Mailerlite. The pricing of the Zoho platform is 20% in comparison to Mailerlite making it the greatest alternative to Zoho.

Best Free alternative to Mailerlite:

This section of mailerlite review is very very relaxing to the webmasters around the globe as in this section of the article, we are going to explore the best free alternative Mailerlite. These free alternatives are as good as paid alternatives and Mailerlite. Although most the Email Marketing Solution offers free quota to the webmasters for Email Marketing: or JetPack: #1 Free Alternative To Mailerlite

If you have a wordpress website, You must host your website or In, Your email will automatically be delivered to your subscriber while in you have to install a jetpack to access the free email translation feature.

Pros and cons of Mailerlite:

Some of the Basic pros and cons are listed below that we find during our initial phase of mailerlite review.

  • Cheap Pricing: For the First 1000 subscribers, you don’t have to pay for 12000 emails every month.
  • Beginner-friendly: The UI offered by Maierlite is simple If we compare it with the other email Marketing Solution.
  • Quick Support: Support offered by mailerlite is fast
  • Powerful Tracking & Building Tools: Analytics are leading and detailed
  • No Credit Card Forever Free Plan


  • Rigorous Approval System: It is Very Very difficult to open an account based as they use offer a versatile account opening system.
  • No powerful features such as tag-based international funnelling and synchronizing systems: GEO targeting is not available which gives webmasters a lot of pain when targeting visitors.
  • Account halt system for low open rates and CTR: The account opening rate of mailerlite is very very low in comparison to other email marketing solutions. The account opening rate is 1/3 for Mailerlite that we found during the Mailerlite review.

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