As a webmaster, we use to face SEO problems (keyword Research, Authority building, and many more) on day to day basis.

There are lots of tools are tools are available to overcome these problems. These tools are Semrush, Rankactive, mangools, and many more.

Out of these tools, there is a tool that stands very unique in SEO Optimization is SERPtimizer. So, in this article, we are going to review the serptimizer.

Things to Read:

In this SERPtimizer review, we will try to explore every aspect like “What is SERtimizer?”, features, plans, alternatives and many more. Let’s start the detailed review of SERPtimizer:

What is SERPtimizer?

serptimizer review

SERPtimizer is the ultimate All in one SEO optimization toolkit for webmasters based in Germany. It offers lots of SEO optimization features that help you to hack the SERPs ranking growth at SERPs.

Under SERPtimizer, you will get many tools like Rank Tracking (Detailed Ranking Overview, SERP Supervisor), Analytics Tracking, Competitor Inspectors, Site Auditor, Top Analyzer, Keyword Finder, and many more.

SEO Tools: SERPtimizer Review

While our detailed review, we found there are mainly four tools are being offered by it. These four tools are the SEO Audit tool, Keyword Rank Tracker, Backlink Checker, and Link Prospector. Let us discuss these four tools in a very detailed manner:

SEO Audit tool:

Through SEO audit, SERptimizer let you check your site for errors and keep track of everything. The SEO Audit Tool also enables webmasters to configure tools according to their needs.


  • 10 projects are already in free package
  • Supports multilingual websites
  • Email Alerts
  • Report Designing
  • Checking all important onpage parameters

Keyword Rank Tracker:

It enables you to track and optimize your keyword ranking with daily updates from multiple locations and on all major search engines available across the globe.


  • Daily updates in keyword rank tracker
  • All Search Engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex
  • Local keyword search from any location
  • Rank tracker for desktop and mobile
  • Displayed parameters in our rank tracker

Backlink Checker:

SERPtimizer helps you to monitor your backlinks. Find out who is linking to your website. And which backlinks you have lost. Get email reports about your weekly changes.

Main features of the Backlink Checker:

  • New & Lost Backlinks
  • Follow / No-Follow
  • Email Reports
  • Top Anchor Texts
  • Top Links
  • TLD Distribution

Link Prospector:

Link Prospecting is the act of finding and evaluating suitable sources for potential backlinks for your website. It is a major key part of the link building process which in itself is the best way to sustainably build your visibility, organic traffic and domain authority.

The Link Prospector allows you to get the most out of your link building analysis by showing you the most relevant pages for your selected keywords. You could, of course, enter keywords directly in the search engine and laboriously click through from one link to another. But the Link Prospector can do much more.

Within seconds, it evaluates a list of keywords and displays them sorted by the number of links to your competitors. Of course, you can also display the list according to keyword relevance or keyword SERP rank and filter it according to other keywords. Each link can be marked so that you can recognize links you have already visited.

Using the Link Prospecting Tool

Enter your desired keywords into the Link Prospecting Tool and watch the Link Builder take up its work. This tool will provide you with the web pages that create the most links relevant to the selected keywords.

All this information is listed on the Link Creators tab. There you will also find the title, URL, number of outbound links to your competitors, the SERP rank of the keyword, the relevance of the links to the keyword, and the number of do-follow and no-follow links.

The Competitors tab shows you the competitors for the keywords used. These are the pages that receive the most links within this analysis. The title, URL, SERP rank and number of links received are displayed.

URL Import

Did you collect backlinks from your competitors? Then you can insert them into the URL importer and evaluate all links in no time at all.

Filtering the results

The Link Prospecting Tool offers a variety of filter functions. You can use these filters to restrict the search results. This includes searching for specific links and link types, including Follow/No-Follow. The Prospecting Tool also allows you to filter results by entering a search term in the URL or title. You can also sort the results by different search preferences such as the number of links, relevance, keyword rank, etc.

Broken Link Scanner

The broken link scanner finds faulty links. The Broken Link Scanner displays the number of broken links after completion. By clicking on the number, a detail popup with URL, result code and error description appears. This way you can significantly increase your chances of a link through the so-called “Broken Link Building Strategy”:

Broken Link Building Strategy in a nutshell
  • Find a web page with a broken link
  • Check if you can replace the broken link with one of your web pages
  • Reach out to the author
  • Ask him to replace the faulty link with your link

Relationship Management

Our Link Prospecting Tool helps you to keep track of a large amount of data. Once you have found a page, you can mark it as a favourite, contacted or linked. You can also leave a comment and by clicking on the delete icon, the link will no longer be displayed in later analysis. The “Relationships” menu item will show you the list of all the relationships you have. Here you can update the status of existing relationships at any time.

Pricing: SERPtimizier Review

SERPtimizer pricing

In this section of the SERPtimizer review, we find three plans. These three plans are discussed below:

Free: Basic Plan

The free plan is the most basic plan of the SERPtimizer. Under this plan, You will get the following benefits:

  • 10 Projects
  • Crawl 500 pages / project
  • Re-Crawl anytime
  • Report Designer

Basic: Most Demanding Plan

The basic plan is the best selling plan of the SERPtimizer. Under this plan, you will get the following features:

  • 10 Projects
  • Crawl 10.000 pages / project
  • Re-Crawl anytime
  • Report Designer
  • Keyword Tracker: 120 keywords / day
  • Domain Keyword Finder: 50 searches – 1.000 keywords / domain
  • Backlinks
  • Link Prospector: 100 searches

Professional: Ultimate Plan

The professional is the ultimate plan of the SERPtimizer. Under this plan, you will get access to the following features:

  • 20 Projects
  • Crawl 25.000 pages / project
  • Re-Crawl anytime
  • Report Designer
  • Keyword Tracker: 250 keywords / day
  • Domain Keyword Finder: 100 searches – 2.500 keywords / domain
  • Backlinks
  • Link Prospector: 250 searches

Alternative: SERPtimizer Review

During our detailed review of SERPtimizer, we found lots of alternative SEO tools with respect to SERPtimizer. These alternative SEO tools are listed below:


Semrush is an SEM tool that can help you to optimize your website for various Search Engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google or any other search engine that is available around the world. Though semrush has been founded by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov in 2008. Now a day, it has more than 6 million userbases with a database of 20 Billion keywords, 810 million Domains in around 140 GEO databases (Countries). (Detailed review of SEmrush with the best alternative.)


SERanking is an SEO research tool that helps Webmaster or Content Creator to rank in the SERP of the search Engine through Keyword research, Backlink Research, Competitive Research, Report Builder and many more for mainstream SEO as well as Adult SEO.

It is USA and UK based Company established in 2013. Now a Day, it has more than 5 offices around the globe with more than 1 LAkh client spread around the globe. (Detailed review of Seranking with the best alternative.)


Kwfinder is a keyword research tool backed by mangools established in 2014 by Peter having headquarter in Slovakia, EU. Mangools use to offer many tools like Kwfinder, SERPchecker, SERPwatcher, LinkMiner, and Link Profiler.

Out of these four SEO optimization tools offered by Mangools Kwfinder is a highly efficient and most popular Search Engine Optimization tool which makes webmaster’s rush toward mangools. (Detailed review of Kwfinder with the best alternative.)

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