Hey guys, In this article, we are going to review the Smartadv ads network. Let’s start the Discussion about Smartadv through Smartadv review, we will discuss Smartadv’s CPC, CPM, REQUIREMENT, ALTERNATIVE, Payment Proof, Smartadv Vs AdSense and many more. Let’s start the discussion through Smartadv review:

What is Smartadv?

smartadv review

Smartadv is an International ads network that serves more than 140 countries worldwide and is one of the best growing ads networks in the world. It is also a ads Network that used Machine Placement for Ads Placement in the ads networks. The CPA affiliate ads are highly tested ads.

Smartadv CPM:

The CPM of Smartadv ranges between 1.2-1.8$ for Its Native ads. For all-around analysis of Smartadv about its CPM. Cpm relates to the Tier of countries Traffic originates. As like, Tier 1 countries have High CPM in respect of Tier 2 as well as Tier 3.

Smartadv CPC:

The CPC of Smartadv ranges between .01-.05$ for It’s Native ads. For all-around analysis of Smartadv about it’s CPC. CPC relates with the Tier of countries the Traffic originates. As like, Tier 1 countries have High CPC in respect of Tier 2 as well as Tier 3.

Smartadv Requirement: 01 Major Requirement

There are many Terms and conditions to be a part of smartadv Network. Some the Non-critical terms are written below:

  • They don’t accept Free hosting as well as domain. (we recommend Cloudways for managed wordpress hosting.)
  • They requires high TDL domains.
  • The website Doesn’t contain any exotic content.
  • They only need a website hosted by you.
  • They need a Website of more than of 1 Million of Alexa Rank.

Minimum payout: Smartadv

The minimum payout threshold of Smartadv is $100. The payment cycle is NET 20 days. So the payment can be taken on the 20th day. NET 20 days is way better than some other option that gives a NET 45 days option for publishers.

Smartadv: PAYMENT Proof

During our Smartadv review, we find Smartadv is a Legit paying ads Network. To Proof that we have some payment proof listed below.

Smartadv: Payment Method

The options for publishers to get the payment from Smartadv are

Smartadv Ads Network: Keynotes

  • Smartadv on sites that have good tier one traffic since they’re quite strong in that market.
  • Ensure there is a smooth user experience and keep an eye on the performance reports.
  • Give at least a week’s time so that the algorithms analyze your traffic and optimize the campaigns and placements accordingly. You should see a rise in your CPMs.
  • Should definitely use them if you have a traffic volume in the range of 1k-100k and primarily tier one.

Smartadv: Alternative

There are too many alternatives to Smartadv. Some of these are listed below for mainstream Websites:

  • Traffic Masters: Traffic Master is a Simple but intelligent ad network established in 2008 as a Pop Ad network for desktop websites. Currently, it is offering five plans for advertisers. These Five plans are great in themselves.
  • Adsmain: Adsmain is an affiliate marketing marketplace where the advertiser uses the platform to get the sales while the publisher gets the links of affiliate products to promote. The top brands behind the adsmain affiliate program are AMAZON, WORLD OF TANKS, JAMESTER, AS SEEN ON TV, NETFLIX, DISNEY, CREDIT REPORT, FACEBOOK, EBAY AND 24OPTION.COM.
  • Plugrush: Plugrush is Marketplace based in Norway. It is popular for Pops. Nowadays, it serves more than 50,000 websites, 20 million monthly Unique visitor, 2.5 billion ads serves thus becoming the leading ads Publisher marketplace in the world.
  • Followads: Followads is an ads Network for both Mainstream as well as Adult ads Networks. It is a popular ads network based on Pops established in 2017.
  • Cpark: Cpark is a very very versatile affiliate network as it uses to offer its product around the globe. CPARK is a Digital Performance Marketplace of pay-per-action programs. We successfully bring together the interests of advertisers and publishers by giving them excellent support and strong market expertise to maximize the mutual profitability of every deal.

Smartadv Vs ADSENSE

During my Smartadv Review, When we compare Smartadv and AdSense. Then we find Smartadv is comparatively a low CPC as well as CPM ads Network but have a high CTR than the ADSENSE. If then we compare Earning from both ads Network, we find the Earning from both ads Network is approximately equivalent with each other.

Video: Smartadv Review

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