Are you a webmaster and wants to use Constant Contact? If yes, you are in the best place as in this article, we will review Constant Contact. In this Constant Contact Review, we are going to touch on many aspects like “What is Constant Contact?”, Features, Pricing, the alternative to Constant Contact, and many more. Let’s start the detailed review:

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an Email Marketing Solution that helps businesses to engage with their clients through beautifully created Emails. It is based in Waltham, MA and Loveland, CO.

Constant Contact helps you to create Logos, Highly Interactive Ads for Google Ads or any other ad network. It also offers High converting popups to capture the leads for your websites and many more things I found during its detailed review.

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Pricing: Constant Contact Review

Currently, Constant Contact use to provide two plans named Email Plan and Email Plus plan. These two plans of constant contact are good and reviewed below in a very detailed review:

  • Email: For small businesses and organizations looking to create professional emails, build customer relationships, and drive real results. The pricing of email is $20 per month. At this price, you can send unlimited water to your clients.
  • Email Plus: For small businesses and organizations ready for even better results with automated emails and other powerful features that engage their audience. The pricing of email is $45 per month. At this price, you can send unlimited emails to your clients with more advances features in respects to Email plan.


There are too many features that are currently offered by the Costant contact. These features are review in this very detailed review:

Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation helps you drive sales by keeping your audience engaged and building relationships.

  • Welcome email for new subscribers
  • Triggered email series
  • Contact segmentation
  • Resend emails to non-openers
  • Powerful list-building tools


Our email marketing for eCommerce tools is built to help your online store grow. Find new customers, keep them engaged, and keep them coming back for more with segmented and automated emails. We offer everything you need to turn leads into contacts into loyal customers.

Social Marketing:

You will get Social Posting, Inbox, Scheduling, and Analytics with performance matrix and many more.

Facebook and Instagram Ads: Create social ads that drive brand awareness, website traffic, and sales. Optimize your ads with detailed metrics and insights as you go.

Contact List Management

Upload contact lists from Excel, Outlook, Salesforce—or wherever you store your contacts—and our easy-to-use email marketing tools handle the rest. Add new contacts in-person, on your website, through social media, and more.

Tracking Tools

Our real-time email tracking tools let you see who’s opening, clicking, and sharing your emails.

Alternative: Constant Contact Review

When we reviewed Constant Contact, we find a very alternative to it. These best alternatives are only listed below:

HelloBar: #1 Constant Contact Alternative

Hellobar is nothing but a service for the websites to create high CTA banners backed by Neil Patel. Hello Bar uses to offer different types of Popups, It helps you to increase the rate of conversion of the visitors into Potential Customers of yours. During our HelloBar Review, we find, it uses to offer the exact number of tools a webmaster requires to boost its revenue. (Here a detailed review of HelloBar with its best alternative.)

Converkit: #2 Constant Contact Alternative

Convertkit is one is a Email marketing platform that helps you to find your audience, turn them into true fans, and earn a living as a creator with Convertkit’s audience building and email marketing software. (here is a detailed review of convertkit with the best alternative.)

Mailmunch: #3 Constant Contact Alternative

Mailmunch is a email marketing and Leads Generation CRM platform for the business with headquarters in Canada. The platform offers popups, Landing Pages, Autoresponders, forms and many more. These all features combinedly makes it a deadly CRM around the globe and give a competitive over others. (here is a detailed review of mail munch with the best alternative.)

KEAP: #4 Constant Contact Alternative

Keap is a CRM (Customer relationship management) platform formally Infusionsoft which is developed and managed by Infusionsoft Ltd. with headquarters in Azerbaijan and established in 2001. (Here is a detailed review of Keap with the best alternative.)

Hubspot: #5 Constant Contact Alternative

Hubspot is USA based sales and marketing company founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. Now a day, it has become a giant in the field of Customer relationship management. You can make Hubspot as a marketing strategy either you follow multichannel marketing or omnichannel content strategy. (Here is a detailed review of HubSpot with the best alternative.)

ActiveCampign: #6 Constant Contact Alternative

Active campaign is a USA based company established in 2014. Mainly, it is a CRM that concentrates mainly on the conversion of the potential client into a full-fledge client through cloud-based automation for the small-to-med-large company around the globe. Currently, its main consumer base is located in India with more than 850 employees spread around the globe. (Here is a detailed review of the active campaigns with the best alternative.)

AWS SES: #7 Constant Contact Alternative

AWs Alternatives

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable email service that enables developers to send mail from within any application. You can configure Amazon SES quickly to support several email use cases, including transactional, marketing, or mass email communications. Amazon SES’s flexible IP deployment and email authentication options help drive higher deliverability and protect sender reputation while sending analytics measure the impact of each email. With Amazon SES, you can send email securely, globally, and at scale. Here a detailed review of Amazon Web Services with the best alternative.

MailChimp: #8 Constant Contact Alternative

The Mailchimp is a USA based Email Marketing solution that offers transactional email as well as an Email Marketing tool for webmasters around the Globe. Mailchimp has been founded by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius in 2007. (Here a detailed review of Mailchimp with best alternatives.)

Campaign Monitor: #9 Constant Contact Alternative

Campaign Monitor is Nashville, Tennessee, USA based Email Marketing solution offer Email Marketing tool for the webmasters around the Globe. Dave Greiner has founded by campaign Monitor in 2014.

Campaign Monitor is a powerful yet simple automation solution offered to e-commerce, education, non-profit etc. With the help of this tool, you can create a dynamic workflow of events, and schedule to send emails that are automatically triggered on a specific date, time or event, or maybe by particular user activity. (Here a detailed review of the campaign monitor with the best alternative.)

MailerLite: #10 Constant Contact Alternative

Mailerlite is an Email Marketing solution based in Vilnius but more than half of its employees are located in the USA, France, Germany, Thailand, Mexico and Bali. The Mailerlite has been established in 2008. Since, then, mailerlite is the fifth fastest-growing Saas based Email Marketing Solution. Its revenue in the very first year was approx 1800$ while It has grown to a million-dollar company within 3 years of business. (Here a detailed review of milerlite with the best alternative.)

Mailjet: #11 Constant Contact Alternative

Mailjet is a Email marketing automation software established in 2010 by Pathwire LLC. Using the Mailjet platform webmaster around the world use to send more than 2 Billion emails on the monthly basis.

During Mailjet review, we find Webmaster around the world can integrate Mailjet use to offer more than 80 integration around the globe. The platform available for integration is Google Platform, Magneto, Azure, Ongage and many more. (Here a detailed review of mailjet with the best alternative.)

Moosend: #12 Constant Contact Alternative

Moosend is an email marketing solution based in the capital city of England is London. It uses to offer many features like Email automation, Creative Email which has very high CTR in comparison to other Email Solution and many more which we are going to learn in this article. (Here a detailed review of Moosend with its best alternative.)

HelloBar: #13 Constant Contact Alternative

Hellobar is nothing but a service for the websites to create high CTA banners backed by Neil Patel. Hello Bar use to offer different types of Popups, It helps you to increase the rate of conversion of the visitors into Potential Customer of yours. During our HelloBar Review, we find, it uses to offer the exact number of tools a webmaster requires to boost its revenue. (Here a detailed review of HelloBar with its best alternative.)

Sendgrid: #14 Constant Contact Alternative

Sendgrid is a Email Delivery service offered by Twilio founded in 2009 based in Denver, Colorado-based a customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email. The company was founded by Isaac Saldana, Jose Lopez, and Tim Jenkins.

During our detailed review of Sendgrid, we find Sendgrid use to offer two types of products to its consumer base. The First Product is Rest-API based while the second product is made for the Newsletters. Both products are good, but not best for the webmasters who are non-technical. As they offer okay-okay types of support to their customers. (here a detailed review of SendGrid with its best alternative.) #15 Constant Contact Alternative

The is one of the finest transactional Email Service in 1998 by Matt Mankins headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It has more than 100k+ business is using its service. use to offer a 98% delivery rate and 99% uptime which is very far less in comparison to other Transactional Providers. The pricing of is very high in comparison to  Constant Contact Email Marketing Solution. (Here a detailed review of with its best alternative.)

Sendinblue: #16 Alternative to Constant Contact

Sendinblue is an Email Marketing Solution changing the way a webmaster uses to think about email Marketing Solutions. It offers many more tools in respect of other email Marketing Solutions. This is a unique and first Email Marketing Solution that offers unlimited Subscribers for Free, I found during the email Marketing Solution Review. Ui is Pretty Good, while the pricing depending on the Email sends per month, not on the number of Contacts, you have. (here a detailed review with the best alternative to Sendinblue.)

Clever Reach:#17 Alternative to Constant Contact

CleverReach is a Email marketing platform developed to transact Emails in a form of Transactional emails or Newsletter Emails. The UI of the newsletter emails backed by the clever Reach is Just Good. The platform Clever Reach has been founded in 2007 in Germany. Nowadays, it has more than 3,50k customer including customer like BMW, Spotify, DFL, and many more Big Brands. (here a detailed review with the best alternative to Clever reach).

PostMark: #18 Alternative To Constant Contact

The Postmark is the fastest email(Newsletter and API) founded by Europe and USA based Email marketing network founded in 1946. Postmark use to offer a newsletter and API for the transaction of the emails. The UI during the Email setup is pretty good. The most Exciting facts of the postmark is “It offers the highest speed of the delivery of emails in case you send SMTP based emails or Newsletter Emails”. (Here a detailed review of PostMark with the Best Alternative To It.)

Mailgun: #19 Alternative To Constant Contact

Mailgun is a transactional and API based Email Marketing Solution developed by Developers for Developers based in San Antonio in 2010. The Mailgun has a ability to send more than 15 million Emails every Single Hour. Currently, it is used by more than 2.5 Lakh Companies around the globe. I found Mailgun Email marketing Solution as one of the most advance and interesting Email Marketing Solution. (here a detailed review of mailgun with the best alternative to it.)

Sendlane: #20 Alternative To Constant Contact

Sendlane is an Email-based Transactional Service for Ecommerce websites. It offers seamless integration with the platform like Shopify, Woocommerce, Miva, and Clickbank. There are thousands of documentation for the platform to support the webmaster. You will also have Real-Time analytics for your Transactional Email send by E-commerce Website. (here a detailed review of sendlane with its best alternative.)

Pabbly: #21 Alternative To Constant Contact

Pabbly is an Email Marketing, Subscription Billing, Form Builder, and Email Verification solution offered to all webmasters as a All in One Solution. While Pabbly founded in mid-2011 by Pankaj & Neeraj Agarwal. It is very unique Email Solution in comparison to other Email Solution provider. It uses to power by the Amazon SES. Pabbly is not for the publisher but it for the company or business which manages multiple email accounts. (here a detailed review of pabbly with the best alternative.)

Sendy: #22 Alternative To Constant Contact

Sendy is a SaaS-based solution for companies. It uses offer API based email solution for the Companies. Many of the API and Newsletter Email Services provider use Sendy’s API solution for their service. You can integrate AWS SES with the Sendy. This integration will reduce your price from $200 to $1. (here a detailed review of Sendy with the best alternative.)

Mailpoet: #23 Alternative to Constant Contact

Mail poet is a plugin for the WordPress website. Basically, it is used to create newsletters and emails. It’s really easy to use and very intuitive. Especially for your blog audience or if you have any type of WordPress website it is really perfect for that. Honestly, this is a reliable solution for those already using the WordPress website. (here a detailed review of mailpoet with the best alternative.)

Mautic: #24 ALternative to Constant Contact

Mautic began with a single focus. Equality. The Mautic community believes in giving every person the power to understand, manage, and grow their business or organization. Mautic is focused on helping this belief become a reality by getting powerful marketing automation software into the hands of everyone. (here a detailed review of mautic with the best alternative.)

OntraPort: #25 Alternative to Constant Contact

Ontraport is a marketing software that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses. you are getting astonishing results and able to analyze each aspect of your business because of this brilliant CRM and project management software. (here a detailed review of ontraport with its best alternative.)

Simplycast: #26 Alternative to ConstantContact

Simplycast is a fully-featured multi-channel marketing automation software. It can help you to connect with customers. with the help of simply cast you can easily discover what your customers are interested in and where they come from anonymous tracking. – Detailed Review of simplycast with best alternative.

Mailster: #27 Alternative to Constant Contact

Mailster is a wordpress plugin based email marketing solution for a webmaster who use to host their website on the wordpress cms platform. You need to access SMTP services like AWS SESSMTP.COM, and many more to integrate your website with mailster. (Detailed review of Mailster with the best alternative.)

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