Starting a hosting company for a global audience is a profit-making and problem taking Idea for every size of the company.

The whole idea includes partnering with the Server Partner, defining Your Brand, acquisition of clients, offering top-notch support, partnering with the billing partner, and many others.

How you will start your Hosting Company?

During our research on how to open a hosting company, we found almost three ways. These ways are listed below:

  • Develop every aspect yourself
  • Partner With Others
  • Resell established Hosting Provider

All three listed above are very identical in themselves. All of them have some Pros and cons that you are going to face when you will start your hosting company. So, let us discuss all these three methods one by one:

Develop Every Aspect Yourself

You must have heard about the brands like Godaddy, Cloudways. These hosting providers use to offer every type of hosting starting from a shared plan and going up to the dedicated plan.

These brands have brought innovation to the market as they offer their own customization to control panels, CMS like WordPress.

These customizations usually help users to improve the latency, TTFB, and many other aspects needed to optimize the servers.

For example, cloudways has brought innovation to its products which leads to a great leap to TTFB and the pricing we get from cloudways is far better with respect to the hosting providers that offer Cpanel or Plesk.

Partner With Others:

Many of us must hear or used the Cpanel or Plesk hosting solutions. These hosting provider usually partners with the server providers and server control providers like Plesk and Cpanel.

They usually merge the offering from different service providers to create a unique hosting solution. These hosting providers are mainly used by webmasters in their initial phases.

Many hosting providers that come in this category are Hostinger, Milesweb, Hostpapa, a2hosting, and many others.

Resell established Hosting Provider:

When you are starting your company it is the most efficient way to start a hosting company if you are unable to create a unique product(Control Panel, CMS).

Many hosting providers across the globe use to offer reseller hosting to its customer this includes billing systems, automatic server provisioning, automatic CMS installations and many more.

So, you only need to buy a domain from any hosting provider across the globe. After creating a successful connection from your domain to the billing system, you are ready to go.

Prerequisites Before Starting Your Hosting Company

In this section of this article, we are going to learn what should be clear before launching your web hosting company. This includes defining your brand, audience, what you offer and many more.

Define Your Brand:

You need to explain who you are and how you can solve the existing problem faced by the users in your current industry.

For Example:

Hostinger use to define itself as a cost-effective hosting solution for webmaster in its very beginning phase.

Cloudways use to define itself as a cost-effective managed VPS wordpress hosting provider while it offers lots of other solutions.

Like these brands, you have to bring your vision “how and for whom you are going to solve the hosting problem?”

For a great success in initial days of hosting company, you need to find the audience that correlates with your brands.

Explore Your Audience:

Now you have to find the audience that corelate with your vision.

For Example:

You are going to offer shared WordPress hosting, you need to find the webmasters that is very new in the blogging industry.

If you feature going to offer feature packed hosting solution, then, you need to find moderate level of webmasters that can spend 100s of dollars on day to day basis.

Create A Buzz:

For initial success, you have to create a buzz “You are going to start hosting company?”

This buzz can be created through Facebook ads, google Ads, affiliate marketing or youtube like solutions.

Out of all methods, I personally prefer affiliate marketing in initial days of company. Affiliate marketing will give you branding while it supports your affiliate through passive income.

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