Many of you started your carrier as a blogger to make money without much investment.

isn’t it? or you may have one of these reasons that may push you into the field of blogging. So, some of the reasons you may have are listed below:

  • You have a passion to pursue;
  • Do not want to be a part of 9 to 5 job
  • Want to live like a nomad, and many more…

The huge earing of bloggers across the globe may also urge you to choose blogging as your carrier.

How much do People earn Money From Blogging?

According to me, passion is one side of the coin while what lifestyle blogging can offer to you is another side.

In this section of this article, I have listed down the five blog owners that build a 5 digit business. These bright minds are:

  • Shoutmeloud: 30k Dollors per month in 2018
  • Bloggerpassion: 20k per month in 2021
  • 2k dollors per month (100k+ visitors)

Isn’t these earning figures are great for you and help you consider blogging as a full-time job.

Currently, there are lots of questions that may arise in your mind about money earning potential through blogging. Some of these questions may be:

  1. What are the various ways to make money from blogging?
  2. Can you make money blogging?
  3. How much can I earn?
  4. Can I talk about my life and make money?
  5. What should I blog about to make money?

Let’s start with the first question:

How to Earn money from blogging in India?

When you search earn or make money blogging on any search engine, then, there are tons of articles are present across the websites. Some of them are very informative in nature while some only promote their products in place of information.

So, we are going to learn the best ways that have helped me to scale newsbuddy’s revenue into a four-digit figure.

Provide your Services:

The website you are visiting now primarily focus on the ad network, SEO tool, and WordPress. I gain more than 4 years of experience in all these fields of digital marketing.

So, I started to sell ads optimization, WordPress optimization and planning to build free SEO optimization tools for our customers.

This is all about a unique case about the newsbuddy. But, you may have a very different case for your blog or website.

A question might come to your mind “Why do I say my case is different from you guys?”

The basic reason for this basic question is “I invested more than 4 years to become an expert in these verticals.”.

Let’s talk with an Example:

I have a passion to work as a digital marketer while you have a passion to work as a stockbroker. Then, you should spend your time learning each and everything regarding the stock market and with 2 to 3 years of expertise, you can launch your own service.

Ad Networks:

adsense review

One of the biggest mediums to monetize or earn money from your blogging is contextual ads like Banners, Pops, Push or anything you acquire from your ad network.

For Example:

You visited a website and you often saw rectangle or square-shaped boxes containing offers from lots of brands. These offers are co-textual ads and a way to earn money from blogging.

There are ad networks are available across India and the globe that will help you earn money from your website. Some of these premium ad networks are discussed below:


Ezoic Review inn Detail

Ezoic is a hybrid CPM based AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled platform which simplifies complex Internet infrastructure like ad optimization, Layout Testing, CDN and Revenue optimization for Publisher. Thus, Ezoic helped you by saving your time in doing these tasks.

The primary focus of the ezoic AI-based platform is to provide a great experience to your user while Increase in Revenue to the Publisher or Webmaster. Thus, both of you will have a win-win situation. (Here is a detailed review of ezoic.)

If you ask me, out of all ad networks – I only recommend Ezoic as it brings you the best of the world – So, Signup Fast and Earn more than $5 per 1000 visitors.


adsense review

Adsense is a mother and Father of ad networks across India and the globe. As it has 65 advertisers out of 100 advertisers. AdSense use to be backed by Google.

Adsense is mainly used to offer CPC ads(offers approx 85%). So, you prefer to optimise based on CPC. review is a YAHOO and BING based ads network. Media.Net’s CPC and CPM are exactly similar to Adsense as both ads network’s CPC range between .01$ to 1.8$ whereas CPM of both Ads Network ranges between .9$ to 6$ based on CTR and No of Ads shown on the webpage.


Wordads Review

Wordads is SSP based meditation ads network backed by the most Powerful person’s of the WordPress community the automatic corporation. It started its business in 2013. Firstly it started as a monetization offered only to but later on in 2015-16, it started working for the whole WordPress community as an Integral Part of the jetpack community


Infolinks Review

Infolinks is Marketplace based in New Zealand. It is popular for Text to link ads. Nowadays, it serves more than 100,000 websites, 240 million monthly unique visitors, 1.5 billion ads serves thus becoming 3rd largest ads Publisher marketplace in the world. (Here is a detailed review of Infolinks)

Sell info products:

The info products include

  • Ebooks
  • Membership sites
  • Webinars
  • Cheat sheets
  • Online courses
  • Reports and analysis
  • Templates and teardowns
  • Live events
  • Live event recording and recaps

you can earn money from blogging by optimizing and monetizing the content from the ad network or affiliate products or Paywalls.

Affiliate Marketing: Best Earn Money Blogging Method

Want to Make Money While Sleep with Affiliate Marketing

Do you hear of a digital service by Google “Adsense“? If yes, you have a basic understanding of digital Advertising. If NOT, please read this complete guide on Google Adsense.

Adsense uses to monetize digital content around the Globe through CPC(Cost Per Click) and CPM(Cost per 1000 impressions) while the advertisers of affiliate marketers use to buy products based on CPA(Click Per Action).

For Example:

You bought 1GB managed WordPress Hosting from cloudways. If You buy this product from a affiliate link then the affiliate marketer earns a net of $30 per sale.

This $30 is huge in numbers but do you know this one sale requires an investment of $25 for the first sales and slightly decreases sales by sales.

Hope you understand well – For a more detailed discussion please take a look at our Affiliate Marketing Guide.

Sponsored Posts/Products:

This option is for those who have already built an authoritative platform (website, social Media Account).

In case of a sponsored post from your website, you will get approx 500 dollars for 100k organic visitors. While social media account brings approx 250 dollars for every 100k followers.

Upsell to the existing customers:

For example, you sell a product to a user in the past. Try to convert your customer as a recurring customer or pitch a new product he definitely needs.

Before, this you must be sure your pitched products must be helpful and easy to use products for your customer. This consideration helps you earn even more money from blogging.

Video Blogging:

Video Marketing is one of the most segments of digital marketing. Currently, youtube brings 24% of the total sales of the internet.

So, you start making videos for brands across the globe and India.

How much Money can you make Money from Blogging?

The simple Answer to the question is “there is no Limit“.

The amount you are earning from blogging usually depends on the methods you are using to monetize your content.

For Example:- You have 100k Indian visitors

For this amount, Cotextual ad networks will give you in the range of 100 dollars to 500 dollars while Affiliate Marketing will give you in the range of 250 dollars to 12k dollars if optimized properly.

Can you blog about your life and make money from blogging?

The simple Answer to the question is “yes“.

The blog about my life mainly works on the video platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion or anything else.

How to make money from blogging in India?

There is almost the same way to earn money from blogging whether you are living in the USA or India or Europe.

Many of the Indian based bloggers use to make more than 50k dollars per month. Isn’t Huge money.

Sharing is Caring,………

If you have any related questions, please ask me below:

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