Are you confused regarding the Jquery and vanilla Javascript and get confused totally?

Do you want to get rid of the slow speed of your WordPress website?

If your answer to the above two questions is yes. Then, you are in the perfect place as in this article we are going discuss what is Jquery?, what is Vanilla JAvascript?, Jquery vs Vanilla Javascript, the effect of both technology on your website and many more in a very detailed manner. Let’s start the detailed discussion:

This common slow speed website load is very common in every type of website like article based Blogs or Video hosted blogs that is the most important reason for this comparison.

What is Jquery?

Jquery is nothing but a Javascript library used to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation, as well as event handling, CSS animation, and Ajax.

It is a open-source software made by MIT which is a USA based university. As of now, more than 80% of WordPress websites use this technology.

You often see Jquery Migration error or delay at Google page insight or while checking core web Vitals.

What is Vanilla Javascript?

Vanilla Javascript is also a javascript that refers to its purest form or without any additional library.

In a current scenario, many webmasters make a joke about it but it can solve many problems like slow website speed caused by Jquery, the Better user experience, more customization and many more.

Jquery Vs Vanilla Javascript: Which is Fast for wordpress

Jquery vs Vanilla Javascript

A fast wordpress website depends on many things like super fast hosting, Which plugin or theme you have installed on your website?, Do you host the video on your website or not? and more features.

A website must need any type of Javascript for its website for each and component.

100% of websites use to face speed issues when using Jquery without a proper content delivery network like BunnyCDN, BlazzingCdn (Detailed review of BlazzingCDN) with a proper caching system.

If I talk about myself, I must say my Core Vital score was 50 when using Jquery in my theme but I shift to Astra which is a Vanilla based wordpress theme. My Core Vital score has enhanced to 90.

Thus, A Important factor of the SEO or SERP ranking in the different search engines has been done.

How to get rid of Jquery in your wordpress website?

There are too many to get rid of the slow websites in the wordpress website. Some of these ways are listed in a very detailed manner:

  • You can shift Jquery based wordpress theme to Vanilla Javascript based wordpress theme like astra. or
  • You can shift to the CDN which offer Preload Jquery Migration like ezoic.
  • or You can shift to the hosting which offer preload Jquery like Cloudways (Detailed review of Cloudways).

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