Are you a webmaster and in the search of the best and most perfect CRM(Customer Management Platform) tool for your business? If yes, then, you are in the perfect place. As in this article, we are going to review Active Campaign.

In this Activecampaign review, we are going to touch on many aspects like what is an active campaign?, Pricing, features, alternatives and many more. So, let’s start the detailed review of the active campaign:

What is Activecampaign?

Active campaign is a USA based company established in 2014. Mainly, it is a CRM that concentrates mainly on the conversion of the potential client into a full-fledge client through cloud-based automation for the small-to-med-large company around the globe. Currently, its main consumer base is located in India with more than 850 employees spread around the globe.

However, ActiveCampaign uses to offer its SAAS product for E-commerce companies, B2B companies, and B2C companies. When I joined the active campaign from another solution, then, my conversion has boosted more than 15%.

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ActiveCampaign Pricing:

activecampaign pricing review

The powerful SAAS tool ActiveCampaign use to offer four plans which we find during its review. The feature offered under these four plans are good and discussed in a very detailed manner.

  • Lite: The lite plan of ActiveCampaign is most basic plan as it lacks many important features of automation like Facebook Custom Audiences, Marketing Attribution, and many more. This plan is best for those who have started. The monthly pricing of this plan is $15 per month.
  • Plus: The plus plan of ActiveCampaign is for those webmaster which need moderate features. The monthly plan of ActiveCampaign’s plus plan is $70 per month.
  • Professional: The professional plan is also called as Agency Plan. Under the Agency plan, you will get access to many feayutres like Win Probablity, Sales Automation, and many more. The pricing of Professional plan use to cost $159 per month.

Features: ActiveCampaign Review

While our ActiveCampaign review, we have it has mainly four features. These features are Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM and Sales Automation, and Service and Support. All these four features combinedly make it a beast. Let’s discuss these four features in a detailed manner:

Email Marketing:

The webmaster who are using Active Campaign as a Email Marketing Solution, you will get access to Broadcast emails, Triggered emails, Targeted emails, Email autoresponders, Email funnels, and Scheduled emails.


The webmaster can create a click funnel through automation and create great automation and enhance sales. This is most beneficial for me. You can segment your email, dynamic email content, A/B test flows, and make your drip campaigns more effective.

CRM and Sales Automation:

Sometimes mundane, manual tasks eat at your calendar. Other times contacts slip out of your funnel. When you can automate contact management, score leads, monitor deals and pipelines, and track tasks, the time sinks disappear. A sales automation CRM keeps your entire sales process moving smoothly.

Alternative: ActiveCampaign Review

When we reviewed Active Campaign, we find a very alternative to it. These best alternatives are only listed below:

HelloBar: #1 ActiveCampaign Alternative

Hellobar is nothing but a service for the websites to create high CTA banners backed by Neil Patel. Hello Bar uses to offer different types of Popups, It helps you to increase the rate of conversion of the visitors into Potential Customers of yours. During our HelloBar Review, we find, it uses to offer the exact number of tools a webmaster requires to boost its revenue. (Here a detailed review of HelloBar with its best alternative.)

Converkit: #2 ActiveCampaign Alternative

Convertkit is one is a Email marketing platform that helps you to find your audience, turn them into true fans, and earn a living as a creator with Convertkit’s audience building and email marketing software. (here is a detailed review of convertkit with the best alternative.)

Mailmunch: #3 ActiveCampaign Alternative

Mailmunch is a email marketing and Leads Generation CRM platform for the business with headquarters in Canada. The platform offers popups, Landing Pages, Autoresponders, forms and many more. These all features combinedly makes it a deadly CRM around the globe and give a competitive over others. (here is a detailed review of mail munch with the best alternative.)

KEAP: #4 ActiveCampaign Alternative

Keap is a CRM (Customer relationship management) platform formally Infusionsoft which is developed and managed by Infusionsoft Ltd. with headquarters in Azerbaijan and established in 2001. (Here is a detailed review of Keap with the best alternative.)

Hubspot: #5 ActiveCampaign Alternative

Hubspot is USA based sales and marketing company founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. Now a day, it has become a giant in the field of Customer relationship management. You can make Hubspot as a marketing strategy either you follow multichannel marketing or omnichannel content strategy. (Here is a detailed review of HubSpot with the best alternative.)

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