Hey Guys, In this article we are going to discuss every possible aspect of Hilltopads ad Network. In this hilltopads Review, we try to discuss, “what is hilltopads?, How can you integrate it with your website?, Vertical or Ads Format of Hilltop, CPM or CPC of Hilltopads, its Requirements and many more. Let’s start the Review on Hilltopads.

What is Hilltopads?

hilltopads review

Hilltopads ad network is a regular SSP marketplace based in London established in 2014. In the backend of Hilltopads Exoclick, SALES, YTZ, The Next Ad, Adsimilis, Dafabet, ZenAds, 1XBET, FAVBET, Shakes Mobi, Billy, MoviVista, Adsbays, Vazu, Gamepipe and CPAMATICA works.

Hilltopads is the best ads network for those who want to promote affiliate products like semrush, cloudways, or any other premium product. It use to give a great return in very little or no investment.

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How to integrate Hilltopads with your website:

Integration of Hilltopads with your website can be done in the following easy steps:

  • Go to official website of Hilltopads
  • Fill your Email and click on signup through Facebook or Email.
  • Get your Email verified
  • Open the portal of Hilltopads
  • Submit your website under website column
  • Get you website approved
  • Get the Codes to insert in your website
  • Insert Codes in your website, and publish that.

Hilltopads vertical or Ads format:

During Hilltopads Review, we find the following type of ads Format:

Hilltopads CPC rates:

In this section, we are going to Talk about CPC and CPM of Hilltopads Network. If we talk about CPC, then we find Hilltopads does not offer its publisher CPC ads.

When we talk about the CPM of HILLTOPADS, we find The CPM of Hilltopads is in the Range of 1.5-3$ which is a good CPM rate in this ad Market.

Hilltopads Requirements:

In this section, we are going to discuss the Requirements to join Hilltopads ad Marketpalce. There is a list written below in a list that we find during Hilltopads Review:

  • No Violent images or messages that promote violence;
  • You should not publish content that encourages Promotion of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age;
  • You should not publish content that encourages the Promotion of illegal activities;
  • The webmaster should not publish content that encourages Promotion or display of defamatory, libellous or harmful material or material that otherwise infringes upon the rights of Hilltopads or any third parties, including intellectual property rights and rights of personality;
  • You should not publish Content that is inconsistent with Hilltopads’ policies and/or practices;
  • Spamming of a participant’s users who have registered for the Hilltopads services is highly restricted.
  • No Adult, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, libellous, infringing, abusive, or includes illegal content, does not promote hate or discrimination, facilitates the sale of firearms or illegal drugs, or participates or encourages participation in illegal activities is allowed.
  • Online Gambling. Hilltopads restricts the promotion of the following gambling-related content: Offline and online gambling, gambling-related information, games played for money or prizes,casino-based games, regardless of whether money is exchanged;
  • Every size of the website is allowed
  • No page View or visitors Requirements
  • Language is not a Barrier (All Language is accepted)
  • You need to host your website on paid servers lik bluehost.

Hilltopads Earning:

If you have a good amount of traffic coming from the Search Engines, then you will have great potential For Good earnings.

Hilltopads Payment Method:

During Hilltopads Review, we find the following types of Payment Methods through which Publisher of Hilltopads Get Paid. Hilltopads offer Net7 days Payment Terms for their publisher if you reach a threshold of 50$. These Payment methods are listed below:

  • Bitcoin,
  • Paxum,
  • Paypal,
  • Wire Transfer,
  • ePayments,
  • Webmoney, and
  • ePay Service

Hilltopads Payment Proofs:

In this section, we are going to share a screenshot of Hilltopads payment sent to its publisher as payment Proof. The screenshot is given below:

Hilltopads review and Payment Proof
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Hilltopads vs AdSense:

The comparison of these two ad networks is full of fun as Hilltopads only offer CPM ads while AdSense offers a Bunch of ads Vertical. If we compare rates of Both ad Networks, then we will find the CPM of Hilltopads is approx 60-70% of AdSense CPM rates.

Pros and Cons of Hilltopads:

In this section, we are going to discuss the Pros and Cons of using Hilltopads ad marketplace.


  • All Language are accepted
  • Any amount of Page View is allowed. No minimum page view is Required.
  • Worldwide Coverage


  • Its not a direct ad Network
  • In SSP side, some ad Network are Vulgar

Hilltopads Plugin to connect with WordPress:

We try to find the wordpress plugin through which we can connect the wordpress platform, I can’t able to find the wordpress plugin during our review.

Hilltopads alternative:

  • Wordads: If you are using WordPress, then it is a best alternative to Hilltopads ads Network.
  • Adsense: A Advertising ad network Popularly Known as Adsense is a good alternative to Hilltopads ads Network.
  • Speedyads: Speedyads is a ads network by entireweb. Its CPC is greater than the Hilltopads while comparatively high CTR than Hilltopads Network.
  • Adgebra: India’s Multilingual Ads Networks that mainly focus on the Diverse population of the INDIAN subcontinent.
  • Bidgear: Bidgear is a Vietnam-based based ads network that supports CPC as well as CPM ads and serves more than 5 trillion Impression per month. Now a day, it has been used by 3000+ Publisher Worldwide and offers BANNER as well as Native ads.
  • Studads: Studads is a co-textual ads Network based in the US that monetizes through CPC as well as CPM ads. The publisher gets paid for each and every valid click transferred to studads ad Network.
  • Eonads: Eonads is a US-based Ads Network, works on CPC and CPA based revenue model. They use to review Website before approving them.

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